Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 08

As though he were mesmerized, Keln watched as Thud's meaty arm drew back and took aim.  His focus then returned to the ogre's scowling face.

"This what Keln try to do?" Thud asked mockingly and swung!  "GRUH!!"


The back of the mighty brute's hand struck the satyr's handsome face!  He cried out in a bleat and was forced back, where he landed on his furry butt!

Thud chuckled at Keln's dumbfounded expression.  He took hold of the leaking head of his fat penis and massaged it in circles.  It wouldn't be long now, he knew, before he plunged it into the hot confines of his foe's backside.

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