Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 05

"Funny goat man get up!" Thud grunted, forcefully lifting Keln by his proud mane.  The satyr cried out in a caprine bleat of pain as he struggled to rise to his hooves.  "Thud want mate!  Thud want fuck!  You give Thud hole to fuck?!"

"Never!" Keln grunted, scowling angrily at the ogre.  Thud snorted as Keln held his beautiful head of hair and wobbled unstably.  He clenched his fists and readied himself to fight to defend his pride!

Thud laughed at his would-be mate's sudden display of cockiness and gave his big belly a few slaps.  "Maybe Thud have dinner of goat man after fuck!"