Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rutting Season: Panel 10

Thud's impatience had finally boiled over and enraged him.  His cock throbbed with need, and this satyr wasn't cooperating as quickly as he had expected.  He drove his big foot down, stomping Keln in the shoulder three times before giving him the kick that forced him onto his side.

"Me want breed NOW!" he growled, applying an armbar to further agonize his opponent's sore shoulder.  "Goat man give up?  Let Thud fuck?!"

The pressure in his shoulder caused Keln to scream out; yet, despite the pain, he refused to allow the brute the pleasure of screwing and humiliating him!  He shouted out his refusal in a loud bleat and kicked at the ground in an attempt to get out of the hold!

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