Monday, June 18, 2012

The Demigod Has Met His Match

And so, this ancient tale of the defeat and domination of Hercules is finally finished!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this one.  I'm happy with how it all came together and I even managed to sneak in a little twist near the end.

Because this story takes place in Greece and uses the Greek names of Zeus and Ares (instead of the Roman equivalents Jupiter and Mars), I thought about naming Hercules Heracles.  I went with Hercules purely on name recognition and to make it easier on people who were searching for this story.

The Shrine of Zeus is my favorite location thus far.  I'd love to visit a place like that in real life and bathe in its fountain.  Of course, a place like that would be a lot of work to maintain...  If I ever become a millionaire, I'll recreate it!

Hercules' cock is much bigger than I intended!  It's especially noticeable when placed next to his opponent's.  Hercules himself is a few percent points bigger in every way compared to Sergios.

I hope that you guys enjoyed all the work that went into Hercules vs Sergios!  I'll be taking some time off again to think about what to do next (I think I have an idea already *grin*), so be sure to check back in the future.

Oh, before I wrap it up here...  I noticed that there were some of you who really wanted Hercules to win this fight.  Don't worry, in the coming days, you'll get to see what would've happened if Ares never managed to interfere.



  1. I did not comment until the very end
    I really liked this story too and your art.
    5 stars

  2. Bring back Gorg!!! :D