Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 52

Hercules' balls were still filled with the pent-up cum from the fight and his endurance of master's rough loving.  His cock drooled freely and throbbed.  Yet, the demigod knew that if he were to orgasm without Sergios' permission, he would be punished severely.

Sergios sat upon the workbench and patted his lap.  Hercules obediently sat down.

"Please, Master..." he begged.  "Allow me release!"

"Put your hands behind your head," Sergios commanded.  "Do not touch yourself!"

The victorious human began to sensually massage his new slave's chest and abs.  His fingers rubbed and stroked every inch of skin and protruding muscle.

Even though he couldn't read his master's mind, Hercules knew that it was okay to let himself go.

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