Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 48

Sergios placed the head of his cock to Hercules' open lips.  With one swift thrust, he filled the demigod's mouth full with his manly appendage.

"Drink the nectar from my shaft, slave!" Sergios commanded.  He moaned as Hercules' thick, skillful tongue pleasured his throbbing manhood.

"Use your mouth to prepare me!" he grunted, fucking Hercules' mouth steadily.  With no olive oil handy, his slave's saliva would have to suffice as lubricant.

The laborer then noticed Hercules' heaving chest and his plump, succulent nipples.  Sergios took the male buds between his index and thumb fingers and began to twist and pull until they swelled.  Like the cows on his uncle's farm, Sergios milked the tender nipples of his slave.

Hercules couldn't help but moan at such incredible pleasure.  His cock began leaking copious amounts of precum onto his well-defined belly.  The masculine flow trailed down his side and onto the stone bench below.

His defenseless body writhed in sexual heat under the rough touch of his master.

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