Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 45

Hercules leaned back and watched as Sergios put on a display of raw masculinity.  He flexed and posed the muscle that defeated the mighty Hercules.

The demigod couldn't help but look at the human in a new way: as master.  Sergios' smug smile and bouncing pecs hardened his godhood in a way no other being had ever managed.

As the laborer lowered his hand to stroke his meaty cock, Hercules' hole began to twitch.  It suddenly ached for the human's sword!  It longed to be filled with the cock of the man who emerged victorious over him!


  1. Simply magnificent series of fight pannels, darn hot and supprise entry from Ares there. Magnificent as always!

  2. Awesome!!!!!! Thanks for making him beg in the earlier panel..

    1. Thanks much! Begging is probably one of the only ways to know for sure that a proud slab of muscle like Hercules has finally had enough.