Monday, November 26, 2012

Hercules Bound: Panel 3 of 4

Hercules' struggles to contain his lustful urges finally came to an end.  He no longer cared what Slave King or the two bucks under him thought.  He was still half man, and men had needs, after all.  After resisting for hours, nobody would lay blame on him for finally succumbing to the heat of his loins!

But just as he was about to orgasm, Demas grasped Hercules' balls by the base and constricted them, preventing him from cumming!  The hero groaned and whined as he stamped his foot on the ground for satisfaction.  Once his urges had finally subsided, Demas let go, and he and his brother went back to work, once again bringing the big man closer to the edge of bliss...

Slave King stepped back and allowed his young disciples to continue with the breaking of their legendary captive.  At first, Hercules felt relieved by the reprieve of blows to his body, but moments later, he began to feel a strange yearning for Slave King's rough touch!  Despite Aetos' tongue licking up and down his throbbing member, he felt little desire to cum!

The loud sounds of sucking and slurping were all the four men could hear as Hercules struggled to lift his head and look for the muscle slaver whose fists gave him such pleasure.  Slave King was standing a few steps away with his arms folded across his chest.

"Yes?" he asked, a nasty smile on his ruggedly-handsome face.

"Why... why did you stop...?" Hercules asked wearily.  "Why aren't you... still going?"

"Why am I not crushing you anymore?" Slave King laughed.  "Has the mighty Hercules finally realized that he needs his master?  If not, then cum!  Cum and prove that your pride still lives!"

But the hours of punishment inflicted by the evil slavers had driven Hercules beyond the point of no return; he could no longer cum without the cruel hands of Slave King upon him.  He grunted with frustration and moaned as the tongues and lips of Aetos and Demas continued to torture his quivering cock and hole.

"Please... let me cum..." he gasped hotly, looking with defeated eyes at the man who had finally bested him.  "Please let me cum..."

"Await me on the steps," Slave King commanded of his disciples.  Aetos and his brother stepped back and watched their master finish his work.

Slave King approached Hercules and pressed his slave's big, sweat-laced pecs against his own.  He grabbed hold of the demigod's ebony locks and pulled his head back to face him.  Hercules looked into Slave King's hard eyes and became intoxicated by their power.  The sun glowed from around the muscle stud's auburn hair, giving him a godly look.  But Slave King was nothing like an Olympian.

"ON YOUR KNEES!!" he bellowed at Hercules, who then dropped without question.  An evil smirk flashed across Slave King's mouth.  His cock throbbed hotly before Hercules' face, a clear symbol of his virility and masculinity.  The scent of this man's groin aroused Hercules like nothing had ever before.

"Do you know what surrender to me means, son of Zeus?  It means that you will be mine until the day I tire of you.  Your body, your mind, and your spirit will belong to me and only to me.  You will do as I say without question.  And my will shall become your own.  Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes, Master..." Hercules spoke quietly, eyes fixated on Slave King's erection.

"Then suck me, slave, and welcome your new life under the might of the man who has finally defeated Hercules!"

Hercules opened his mouth and willingly allowed his new master to enter him.  With that act, he sealed his fate as the newest and most prized member of Slave King's harem...


  1. love to see a muscle bound stud humbled and controlled through his balls...

  2. I just wish that it were Hercules and me ALONE like that...for all time.