Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hercules Bound: Panel 4 of 4

"The lips of the hero, Hercules, now worship my manhood," Slave King sighed in near disbelief, running his hands through his long, auburn hair.  The demigod's hot, wet mouth sucked clumsily at his salty penis.  It was clear that Hercules had little experience in the submissive act of cocksucking.  "Ungh, fuck yes...  Your skill is lacking -- as expected from a dominant male.  But no matter.  I will train you in the art of sucking men."

"Mmmn," Hercules moaned, taking more of his master's cock into his mouth.  The fat head of the shaft poked against the back of his throat, but his arousal helped to keep him from gagging.

"Man, this is so hot," Demas said, sitting next to his brother on the stone steps.  "Remember all those stories Father told us about Hercules?  If only the old man was here see his hero now."

"It was worth letting him fuck me," Aetos laughed.  "I'm gonna make him see how it feels," he continued, giving his hard cock a few strokes.  "After Slave King's done with it, his ass is mine!"

"That's enough," Slave King grunted, pulling his slickened cock from Hercules' puffy lips.  He slapped the muscle alpha's face with it repeatedly.  "ON YOUR FEET!" he growled, grabbing Hercules by the hair and forcing him up again.

The halfgod swayed wearily on his own two feet.  He wanted desperately to rest, but the overwhelming desire to please his master and to finally cum kept him awake and alert.  Aetos and Demas chuckled cruelly at the sight of the fallen hero.  Hercules heard their snickers, but could only stand there quietly and take it.

Slave King moved behind the defeated stud and pressed his cock against Hercules' butt.  His hips gyrated as he dry humped his new slave, holding firmly onto his beefy hips.  Hercules groaned softly at the humiliation.

"Now I take from you the last shred of your dignity!" Slave King declared, pushing the head of his cock past Hercules' tight anal ring!

The halfgod grit his teeth and thrust his massive chest out.  The slaver's cock felt even bigger there than it had in his mouth!  Pain shot like Zeus' thunderbolts up his back and across his entire body.

The sensations within Hercules' body felt indescribable to the tyrant.  The heat that consumed his sword of flesh beckoned him to hilt himself within the sheath of the greatest conquest ever.

"Auuugh, yes...  It is always a pleasure to tear open the untouched holes of proud men, Hercules.  I live to destroy heroes like yourself," Slave King hissed into the demigod's ear.  The victorious stud's heavy manhood drilled deeper and deeper with short, deliberate thrusts.

Hercules could only moan and mewl like a wounded bull as he was driven to the heights of ecstasy.  Never before had he felt such incredible pleasures within his body.  As a man who enjoyed a life of dominance and unrivaled strength, none had ever dared to touch his most sacred of places.  A part of him felt almost happy to have finally discovered the pleasures of allowing another man inside him.

"I feel you sucking on me so greedily, son of Zeus.  Clearly the king of the gods created you with this destiny in mind!"

"Destiny...?  F-Father...?  Uwaaagh..." Hercules moaned in a drunken heat.

"Why else has he not saved you?" Slave King grunted, screwing the godling's butt harder.  "It was because you were meant to SURRENDER -- TO -- ME!!"

Hercules screamed in shock as the muscle slaver grabbed hold of his big pecs and began pounding his hole with incredible strength!  Slave King's mighty cock unmercifully plowed him like a man possessed.  The tyrant wanted to prove without a doubt that he was the master of this walking slab of muscle and masculinity.  He wanted to prove that his power and authority over the once-mighty Hercules was total and complete.  It was time for the people to worship Slave King instead!

The halfgod's throbbing cock drizzled strands of clear precum all over the ground below.  The young bucks watched with great pleasure as the proud, masculine spirit of Hercules was worn away by their master.  Every thread of precum that he shed was further evidence of his submission.

"Come and give this bitch a sucking he'll never forget, my sons!" Slave King commanded of Aetos and Demas.  The two scrambled over to kneel before Hercules' wildly-bucking body.  Aetos grabbed hold of his wagging cock and heavy pair of balls, keeping them still enough for him to begin.

"Come on, brother!" Demas laughed as Aetos struggled to wrap his lips around Hercules' fat cockhead.  "Surely you can tame the sword of this big beast."

"It was never this big last night!" Aetos gasped as he came up for air.  "He must truly enjoy having Slave King inside him!"

"TAKE MY SEED!" Slave King suddenly growled, thrusting his cock deep into Hercules' hole just in time to unload his manly essence.  "I AM VICTORIOUS!!" he shouted to the sky as his manhood spurt 11 healthy ropes of seed into the body of Hercules.

Just as suddenly, Hercules' manhood bounced in Aetos' mouth and erupted his own semen down the younger man's throat!  Aetos struggled to gulp down the protein-rich semen of the halfgod.

Slave King pulled his cock from Hercules and wiped it clean of cum along his ample cheeks.  Aetos quickly took his master's place and thrust his own cock deep into Hercules!  He held onto the godling's beefy hips as he fucked away at his cum-filled tunnels.

"Auuugh, yeah...  How's that feel, Hercules?" he asked with a deep grunt.  His hips slapped lewdly against his bitch's butt as he fucked him faster.  "Feel good to be taken by a real man?  Answer me!"

"Yes, Master!!" Hercules moaned, pushing back to meet Aetos' advances.  "Please fuck me... please... more...!!"

Slave King stood nearby and watched as his two disciples ravaged the utterly-dominated body of the fallen hero.  He savored every moment of Hercules' quivers and cries and knew that neither he nor Hercules would ever forget this day.

The chains that kept Hercules physically bound to the columns rattled wildly as he was fucked again and again by his new masters.  Their cocks pistoned and pulsated deep within his body and filled him with a heat he'd never known before.  Hercules finally understood how it felt to be taken by another man, and, as he received his fourth helping of cum from Slave King, he knew that he could never go back to the way he once was.

And so, the heroics of the incredible Hercules ended with his surrender to the dreaded Slave King.  Hercules' final battle for freedom was lost against a foe whose sinister talents for enslavement far outshined his ability to resist.  It was a tale that would be told and retold from generation to generation for decades to come.

With Hercules as his muscle servant, the tyrant found himself able to achieve conquests at a much greater speed.  Whole villages fell under his influence, and men who aspired to destroy heroes just as the legendary Tamer of Hercules had were emboldened to become a slave king of their very own.

The End


  1. such a perfectly crafted tale of a magnificent muscle bound god-bull...used and abused as a big stud NEEDS to be...whooped...sexed down hard...LOVE the illustrations...Kudos

  2. Erotic rape - now twist and torment his nipples and rattle his very body with pleasures as the are pierced with huge rings and make Hercules a possession like cattle.

  3. You know whats needed now. Ares coming to the rescue of his 'lil' brother to defeat the Slave king.

  4. Awesome story and visuals. I loved it all. And I love the last sentence, as it makes me imagine men being inspired by his legend to tame heroes in places like the jungle and Gotham City thousands of years later.

    Fantastic work as always. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Alex! Thanks, man, I appreciate that. And that's a great observation. I hadn't thought of that! It would make sense that future bad boys would idolize a guy like Slave King the way the good guys idolize men like Hercules.

      Oh! I read your latest Cave entry last night before bed. Damn, that picture of Cody naked on the sofa with the tablet was so hot -- the caveman-like caption made me laugh. It was nice to see Cody gain a decisive victory after so many beatings. I imagine it would feel like a vacation from work to finally win one against a guy his equal.

      You definitely have a talent for pro wrestling fiction. It's always a pleasure to read your work!

    2. Gonna have to ask where can we read that fiction....

    3. It's at a Google group/site called Sidelineland. I'm not sure which is the right entrance any more, the group or the site.!forum/sidelineland-gay-wrestling-stories

      There are a bunch of stories there, mine being primarily The Cave series in the Wrestle Club section, and the AWL series in the Pro Wrestling Fiction section.

    4. Ta :) it seems to be the 2nd one, requested access :)

  5. Yeah, great story and the images look amazing. You can always tell a great story when everyone is clamoring for more or taking the story in different directions of their own. I really enjoyed the methodical breaking of Hercules, especially his surrender in part 3. That bit alone set me off more than once. Really well done.

    1. Thanks, Mindsweeper. It means a lot to hear that you enjoyed this one. It was my first time doing a chain bondage story, so I'm glad to see that you guys enjoyed reading it.

      I've been reading (sometimes re-reading) your stories via Wayback. There are a lot more than I remember there being, and it's been a great treat to go through them. The Superman tale with Kyl-Zod and Ty-Zor in particular got me several times before I reached the finish. I also loved the Main Event (Captain Marvel vs Superman) saga. You made Superman a completely believable supervillain, and it was a nice twist to see his father there, urging his son to victory as Dark Superman. Excellent work, man!

    2. Thanks. This is a totally self-serving comment, but if you ever want to use any of my stories or characters for inspiration, please do. I'd be more than happy to see your take on any of those ideas.

    3. Thanks, man, that's quite an honor. And of course, I'd be happy if you ever wanted to use mine in your work, too.

  6. Thanks to all of you guys for your comments and suggestions! They're all quite hot and would make great arcs for the story to go off into.

  7. Wow the bodies and everything look so good! What rendering engine did you use (if its something other than DAZ where would I find that?) Also how did you make their skin look so good? Great job as always.

    1. For this set, I used the Reality plugin for DAZ (now also available for Poser) which transfers the data to LuxRender engine. I've noticed that there is a new, much cheaper plugin called Luxus that seems to do mostly the same thing. It's currently 30% off (or 50% if you buy two things from the site's March Madness sale), but I have no experience at all with it.

      LuxRender itself is free to download, but it took quite a bit practice for me to make things look right. That and the renders take around 2-3 hours on my machine to look smooth enough to post.

      The results can look really nice, depending on how skilled you are. I'm still learning the ins and outs of it (and DAZ, for that matter), but I really enjoy how much more lifelike it can make my guys appear.

      Thanks for your comment!