Friday, October 5, 2012

The New Jungle King: Panel 48

Once Jabari had had his fill of degrading his defeated opponent, he pulled his throbbing manhood from the muscular butt of Tarzan and commanded the white savage to kneel before him.

Not wishing to face the wrath of his master, Tarzan obeyed.  The ape man, exhausted and humbled, allowed his mighty arms to dangle and kept his eyes closed as signs of respect.

Jabari grunted and struck a double bicep pose just as his cock erupted its load onto Tarzan's face!  His thick, creamy seed spurt in ropes upon the slave's handsome face.  Tarzan groaned at the humiliation of being marked by another man's hot seed.  The black champion's life-giving cum flowed slowly down his face and into his mouth.

The taste of Jabari's potent semen was too much for the former jungle king!  His cock jumped and shot its load onto the ground below!  Tarzan cried out in heat as he orgasmed, and as he did, Jabari sent another load of cum directly at his drooping head.

Kondo, Njau, and Zuberi watched with satisfaction as the white man paid for his theft.  They were eager to continue his punishment well after this -- Tarzan had many years of arrogance to atone for.  They and others throughout the jungle would be certain to help teach Tarzan the lessons he needed to learn.

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  1. oh, to watch the muscle bound jungle stud drowned in the thick rich man cream of the superior male...wanna see these bulls jack off all night...