Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Halloween

On the night of Halloween, when the full moon rose over the horizon, Kzak, the trickster demon, decided to turn his lustful sights toward Zeus, the king of the gods.

As he sat comfortably in his kingdom, Zeus allowed his guard to fall, and he never noticed the demonic portal that came for him.  Unable to struggle for long against its pull, the dark power stripped him of his toga and whisked him away from the clouds to a dark, cold, and eerie place somewhere on the world below.

Zeus immediately tried to return home, only to realize that he couldn't -- his powers were gone!  Forced to wander the grounds in search of a way out, the beefy, naked god never noticed that his demonic captor was slowly sneaking up on him, waiting for his chance to pounce!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I knew that I wanted to use Kzak for this piece, but I didn't know who to volunteer to be his latest victim.  I decided on Zeus because I'd yet to show him in a vulnerable role -- and I think I'll do that again sometime in the future.

Whether you experience tricks or treats this Halloween, I hope you guys have a great one.

And beware... because after he gets done screwing Zeus, that sex-crazed demon might be out there, waiting for you, too!


  1. sounds like one un-godly ruff Halloween for Dear Zeus...