Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Conan Crushed by Ormr (Bonus Panels)

Here are three extra panels for this mini series.  I had the idea just after finishing the first five panels.  I debated whether or not to actually make them -- and even more about whether or not I'd even post them!  I decided to do it on the caveat that I offer a warning beforehand.

With my human/humanoid stories, the result for the loser of the fight is usually slavery or simple abandonment, but this foe is different and it seems very Conan-appropriate, so I figured I would show what happens after such a fight.

Plus, it's Halloween, and we can all use a good scare tonight. *grin*

So with that said, don't click the link below if you're squeamish toward giant snakes or soft vore imagery.


  1. NO, no, no! This can't happen to such a hunky hero. Somehow he has to survive, and tear his way out of this devil. So beautiful a man cannot be consumed this way. Or... perhaps someone manages to quickly rescue him before he suffocates,
    by destroying the monster. His rescuer then brings him back to life, and in overwhelming gratitude, and incredible attraction between them, they mate -- .

  2. I can no longer see the pictures :/

    1. Oh, yes, this was when I had my second site to house the pics. One moment and I'll get it fixed!