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My series are usually the most robust of illustration and/or story I offer on the blog.  If what you're looking for is something big and meaty, one of my ever-growing list of series may hit the spot!

Note 1: These series are listed by publication date from new (top) to old (bottom).

Note 2: Due to how the blog is coded, for the multi-post series, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Older Posts" until you find the first panel. Then just work your way backward until the end.

After Hours

Nathan and Deshaun; two big, playful marines; work to build their bodies late at night in Officer Ronnie's gym in Muscle City.  The studly cop's only rule is no sex in his gym.  They'll obey that requirement... right?
The Last Battle: Orc vs Man

The leader of the orcs, Overlord Krag, sets in motion a campaign to thoroughly destroy and enslave the human kingdom led by newly-crowned King Ranzen.

Humanity must overcome their greatest challenge ever or be crushed by the mighty greenskins!
Barbarian vs Olympian

Conan the Barbarian and Hercules, son of Zeus clash on the demigod's homeland in this titanic crossover!  These two musclemen finally battle for honor; only one man may conquer!
Battle for the Gods

Man and ogre clash!  Under the watchful eyes of an unseen audience, Conan the Barbarian and Thul'rog, the Ogre King will fight for dominance!  The winner will receive his greatest earthly desires, and as for the loser...
The Last Battle: Krypton vs Apokolips

When the planets align perfectly, it was foretold that Superman and Darkseid would meet for their last battle together.  One male would dominate the other and enslave his opponent for as long as he saw fit.  Hero and villain clash in this erotic battle of muscle and might.
Rematch: Tarzan vs Jabari

This direct sequel to The New Jungle King brings the former jungle lord, Tarzan, muscle-to-muscle against the only man to ever conquer him. Tarzan soon discovers if he has the strength to take back the crown and regain his pride as a man.
Rematch: Alexi vs Gorilla

One year after his humiliating defeat by Gorilla (see Olympian Knockout), Alexi Volkov, the World Heavyweight Champion, wants revenge and a rematch!  This story has an alternate ending so you can enjoy your favorite wrestler's victory!
The Defiant Prince

Prince Hassan lives a life of luxury and splendor in the Palace of Al Fatih, but there is one thing that he may never experience: wrestling.  Will he obey his father's one command or will he become the defiant prince?

Part 1: Available to read here.
Part 2: Available to read here.
Part 3: Available to read here.
Olympian Knockout

Something strange happened to Alexi during his latest tag team match.  One moment he was in the wrestling ring, and the next... he was in heaven?

Alexi finds out that both Zeus and Hercules exist and are not pleased with some of the boastful comments he (and many other mortal men) have been making.
Muscle City Night Fight

On the mean streets of Muscle City, gang-on-gang turf battles are not uncommon.  So when Butch of the Pythons gang heard about what Jamal from the Brotherhood has been saying, he confronts and fights the black stud!

Be sure to check out the Alternate Ending to this story!
The Cold Wrestling War

When Soviet/American relations reach a fever pitch, and the people are eager for a winner to the conflict, a tournament to find the best pro wrestler from both countries is on!

It's the Battle of the Century when Ryan meets Alexi in the ring to battle it out in this titanic match of muscle and might!
Crush the Dwarves!

Remgo, a pint-sized dwarf from the world of men and orcs, faces off against Urahg, a brown orc from the mountain regions.  Taking place in the same timeline as The Last Battle, this big orc seeks to stop the dwarven menace and teach them all a lesson in orc power!

Be sure to check out the Alternate Ending to this story!
Rutting Season

Rutting Season introduces the first fight of Keln, my satyr, versus Thud, the plum-colored ogre seen once before.  In Rutting Season, Keln must battle an ogre who's hormones are in full swing and protect his backside from the brute's sexual desires!
The New Jungle King

Tarzan, the powerful, white-skinned apeman, has enjoyed his reign as king and protector of the jungles of Africa for quite some time.  But things are not viewed so highly among the natives.  And when his theft of an object of power is witnessed by Jabari, a man whose training was finally complete, Tarzan finds out that he may not remain the king of the jungle for much longer.
Olympian Muscle Wrestling

Back from his brief appearance in Hercules vs Sergios, Ares challenges his little brother, Hercules to a wrestling match high in the sky!  Eager to put an end to Ares' tendencies for war upon the Earth, the demigod hero of man accepts the challenge!
Conan vs Zug

My first Quick Battle involving Conan the Barbarian facing off against my shorter-than-average orc by the name of Little Zug.  Zug, regrettably, got only a little bit of action in The Last Battle, but now he's back to show a certain barbarian the power of the greenskins!
Hercules vs Sergios

Hercules clashes with Sergios, an ordinary man who happens upon a very extraordinary item from Olympus itself.  Fearing the mortals of Earth would lose the will to worship him, Zeus sends Hercules to conquer this man and return him to Olympus for an eternity of servitude to the king of the gods!
Master of Eternia

Having made a He-Man model, I was eager to pit him against my new original character, the son of the Black King Kugo, Bomani!  Bomani hears of Eternia and, with the help of the mysterious shaman, goes to the far away planet to defeat the universe's most powerful man and claim the Power of Grayskull!
The Last Battle

With over 100 panels in all, The Last Battle was easily my most ambitious story ever at Barbaric Brawn.  In this world, the humans must defend their lands and their very freedom against the titanic forces known as the orcs!
Tuskar vs Kugo

Tuskar and Kugo were my very first characters created for the blog.  They can be seen (in their most recent forms) in the header at the top of every page.  They, like all of my men, have gone through drastic changes since I started Barbaric Brawn.

My stories are all of the other tales at Barbaric Brawn that are longer than one or two pictures and/or those that have a bigger story than usual, yet not enough to be called a series.  If you're looking for something quick and dirty, a shorter story may be for you!

Note: These stories are listed in alphabetical order.