Saturday, June 15, 2013

Muscle City Night Fight: Alternate Ending

This is the alternate ending to Muscle City Night Fight.

If you haven't already read the original story, do that first, since this one starts near the middle of that story and changes the course of the fight and everything that would happen next because of it.


Butch was pissed.  He snarled and stood ready to fight, his naked cock swaying with his every movement.  The two men's eyes locked as their muscles tensed and flexed.  This was it, they both realized.  The battle would soon be decided...

Butch made a move, but Jamal was quicker!  He dodged the white thug's high kick and delivered a devastating kick of his own right into Butch's low-hanging balls!  The impact swept the Python off his feet and he screamed in agony as Jamal's leg effectively crushed his orbs!

"Got you now!" the Brotherhood member snorted to himself.

Butch fell to the ground and curled up in the fetal position.  He clamped his hands down around his tender balls and gasped and groaned through the pain.

"AUGH FUCK!!" he cried out, quivering on the cold street.  "My fuckin' nuts are on fire...!!"

Jamal laughed and watched with pleasure as the big, bad Butch suffered the results of the low blow.  "You ain't gonna be sowin' ANY seeds after I get done bustin' them balls up good, white boy!"

He raised his booted foot up high and delivered a series of stomps to the downed thug's defenseless back and side!  Butch groaned with the pain and turned to lay on his back.

"Y'know, I always wanted to be a pro wrestler," Jamal grunted, casually dropping his elbow onto Butch's chest.  "But those assholes didn't want a kid with a rap sheet longer than my dick.  Fuck 'em.  I watch enough wrestlin' to know what the fuck to do!"

The black thug kicked Butch's legs apart and dropped his knee directly on the Python's exposed balls, crushing them for a second time.  Butch howled in agony and clutched his tender seed sac with his quivering hands.

Jamal mounted Butch's upper body, trapping his arms by his sides.  With relish, he pulled back and sent his fists into Butch's face over and over again, disorienting and demolishing the musclestud with every punch and jab.

Unable to mount any resistance, Butch's heavy body was hoisted up by Jamal and laid across his broad shoulders.  The black stud clamped down around his foe's neck and knee before rocking his entire frame up and down in a pro wrestling torture rack!

"GIVE THE FUCK UP OR I'LL BREAK YOUR FUCKIN' BACK!!" Jamal shouted over Butch's screams!  Every nerve in Butch's body felt electrified with pain as he was put through the brutal submission hold!

Just when Butch was about to give in, Jamal halted the attack. He effortlessly lifted the white gangster's beaten and pulverized body up high in an overhead lift.  The black champion had easily proven his strength to this big-mouthed boy, but he wanted more.  He wanted a verbal submission!

Without another word, Jamal turned Butch upside down and grabbed hold of his inferior's lower back.  Had Butch been more aware of what was going on, he would've been more terrified than he currently was.

Just like his favorite pro wrestlers on TV, Jamal leapt high into the air and delivered a devastating piledriver right there on the cold, asphalt of the back alley street.  Butch's head and shoulders were rocked in the powerful attack, causing him to fall limp in his opponent's firm hug.  Before he let Butch go, Jamal pulled his head back and thrust forward, headbutting the white thug's balls.  But Butch was too out of it to do anything more than grunt.  His balls numb and his body busted, Jamal dropped him to the ground.

When the world finally came into focus, Butch could see Jamal again towering over him, his arms wide and his powerful body surging with testosterone.  He knew that if he didn't submit, he'd likely be killed!  Swallowing his pride, the Python raised his hand in submission and gasped, "No... no more...  I surrender."

Jamal laughed and pounded his pecs.  "That's right you surrender, bitch.  The Brotherhood just STOMPED your fuckin' Python ass!!"

Butch knew he was right.  He'd been beaten for the first time he could remember.  He moaned as he watched the black thug flex his powerful muscles in a series of bodybuilder poses.

"Yeah...  You Pythons ain't shit.  Knew it from the beginning.  Now here you are, on your back, butt fuckin' naked, about to get your worthless ass fucked!  Pathetic."

Jamal slid his trunks down and tossed them into the street, allowing his heavy ebony cock to spring free into the night air.  He gave it a few strokes and chuckled to himself.  He had used that cock to make many men burst into tears.  He'd enjoy doing the same to this one.

"Eat my black ass, bitch!" Jamal shouted, suddenly pushing his hot butt down on Butch's face!  He wriggled and bounced his ebony rear, working his muscular cheeks around Butch's face and burying the white man's mouth deep between them.

Jamal laughed out loud, unable to believe that he had a high ranking Python licking at his tight hole!  He took his time and fully enjoyed Butch's tongue upon his puckering ring.  He ground himself back, gliding the skin between his buns all around his new bitch's face, marking him with his scent.

Satisfied with Butch's performance, Jamal stood up and let the defeated Python get some air.  Butch gulped it into his lungs and lay still, hopeful that the Brotherhood thug would leave him to lick his wounds in peace.  But Jamal was only getting started.

The black stud hoisted his bitch's body over his bended knee and pulled his arm back, ready to dole out a bit more punishment while the opportunity was his.  Butch moaned in confusion, his arms and legs dangling to the ground.  While he understood something was about to happen involving his butt, he had no idea what was to come.

"You best learn real quick who's in charge, fucker," Jamal declared confidently, his voice deep and commanding.  "Before I fuck this ass, I'm gonna destroy it!!"

Jamal brought his hand down swiftly on Butch's bubble butt, causing the cheeks to jiggle and sound a sharp snapping.  Butch could only lay there and moan as the second, then third, then fourth strikes came.  The black stud rained a pride-demolishing spanking on the arrogant Python, shattering his ego that night.  With every smack, Big Butch learned that his place was truly under this powerful Brotherhood thug.

By the time Jamal had finished, Butch's ass was red and sizzling-hot.  Butch was dropped to the ground, but the stud chose to keep his butt hiked up in the air, hoping a cool breeze would come to cool his burning back flesh.

Jamal knelt down and took those disciplined globes in his strong hands, spreading them wide apart to expose the defeated Python's pucker.

"Ooh yeah," the black thug cooed, using his thumbnail to scratch gently at the big man's soft entrance.  Butch moaned out his arousal to the touch.  "I was right, bitch.  This is a sweet ass."

He could feel Jamal's long, fat shaft poking between his aching butt cheeks, pressing right up against his tight hole.  The precum that flowed from his shaft smeared all around the hidden flesh.

Butch groaned and bit his lip as the victorious thug finally pushed inside.  Butch groaned at the indescribable feeling of being penetrated with another man's cock.  He burned with humiliation for losing the fight and winding up with his ass in the air, being violated by a member of the Brotherhood.

"You feel that?" Jamal grunted in his ear, sliding deeper and deeper inside his reward.  "That's my cock goin' DEEP inside your pink hole."  Butch moaned and shuddered at the sensation of being stretched apart by another man's meat.  The thick, black length slowly worked its way inside his virgin-like butt.  The thickness brushed against his inner walls, causing him to quiver with its every move.  "You like feelin' that cock in there, bitch?"

"Y-Yes..." Butch then moaned without thinking.  It did feel good to have another man inside him.  He couldn't understand why, but Jamal's cock was stroking him in all the right places.  The pain of penetration quickly turned to pleasure for the defeated white thug.

"YEAH!" Jamal shouted as he thrust away at Butch's softening hole.  He placed his hand on the Python's shoulder blade for support as he rocked quickly, gyrating his hips and fucking his cock deeper and deeper into that white bubble butt.

"Knew you was a bitch when I first saw you!" he mocked Butch.  "Take my fuckin' cock!"

Butch moaned out loud as the black thug pummeled his most personal spot with his battering ram of a cock.  The hot depths of Butch's quivering hole worked to squeeze and massage Jamal's erection, rewarding him for his hard-fought victory.

"He's... so... hot... fuck...!" Butch thought to himself as his insides were plowed into submission.  Jamal's fat cockhead worked at his prostate, pounding against it again and again, pleasuring him in ways he never imagined possible.

Jamal's mood soared sky-high as he successfully obliterated Butch's over-inflated ego.  He fucked this Python for all of his bros in the Brotherhood.  He ravaged that hole for each one of his bros that the Pythons beat down and screwed.  Hell, he even pumped that white ass for each of the other gangs of Muscle City who routinely felt the wrath of this group.

For the next hour, Jamal fucked Butch in every position he could dream of, but never once allowed the enemy gangster to cum.  Butch was drained both physically and mentally.  He'd become so obedient, he began to beg his conqueror to allow him to cum.  Jamal barked his denial, saying that only when the master came could the slave follow suit.

Finally, Jamal was ready to end it!  He was ready to pump his seed into his bitch and make his victory over the Pythons official!  The black thug thrust his cock sideways into Butch's well-used hole twice more before erupting inside him!

Jamal laughed as he dumped the heaviest load of his life into that tight, white butt.  Over and over again, his virile cock bounced and spurt a healthy load of male essence deep inside his conquest.  "YEAAAAAH!!" he growled, continuing to thrust himself into Butch.  "Take that cum!"

Butch moaned softly as he came, too, wasting the seed that should have gone inside Jamal.  But that didn't matter much to Butch.  He was just happy to have been allowed to cum.  His cock felt instant relief as his balls emptied their contents onto the road.

Jamal pulled his wet cock from the Python's sloppy hole with a loud squelch and gave that ass one more slap before shoving the white thug aside.  Butch passed out in an instant.

The muscular black gangster spread his arms wide and thrust his chest to the sky.  He roared with pride, "THE BROTHERHOOD FUCKIN' RULES!!" as his once-again erect cock leaked his sweet lube onto Butch's sleeping face.

Moments later, four black men -- all Brotherhood members -- came down the alley toward the source of the shout.  They stood shocked to see their bro, Jamal, standing naked and erect over one of the Pythons!  They recognized Butch and burst into laughter at the sight of all the cum leaking from his reddened backside.

"Looks like you fucked you a big one this time, J," one of them chuckled, leaning down to inspect the muscular Python's knocked out form.  "Mm... mm... mmm!  Bet he was a sweet piece of ass."

"'Bout all he was, too.  Fucker wasn't shit compared to me," Jamal grunted, popping his knuckles.  He lifted his leg and delivered a swift, hard stomp to Butch's shoulder.  The unconscious stud grunted softly, but didn't awaken.  Jamal pulled his bodybuilder trunks and cargo shorts back on, but didn't bother to dress Butch.  He pocketed his enemy's trunks and gave his camo shorts to one of the guys to hold.

"Just a bitch who asked to get his ass beat," he continued.  "Help me carry him back.  I ain't through with him yet."

The men smirked at one another and grabbed a limb each, hoisting the heavy man up.  They laughed as Jamal recounted in great detail his thrashing of Butch.  The black thug chose to omit the parts where he got struck, making it seem like Butch never stood a chance.  With Butch in the sorry shape that he was, they believed Jamal's every word.  They moved his muscular body deep into Brotherhood territory and finally into their headquarters.

Butch would later wake up to find himself still nude, surrounded by the entire Brotherhood gang, all butt naked and ready to make him their bitch all over again.  Two men in the back had HD camcorders pointed right at him, ready to make the high-ranking Python the next star of their thriving gangbang gay porn side business.

The End

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  1. ...................WOW. Okay I love the original ending, but... Damn. You reeeeeeeeealy enjoyed writing this one. It shows. This was scorching! Hmmm, I'm just curious, was this the intended ending all along? ;)

    1. *laughs* Like I said in the other reply, I had some extra time to put toward this one, so I just went crazy with it.

      And, no, Butch was supposed to have won all along. He's got an image to maintain, ya know. ;)

  2. congratulations, even more exciting than the original .... and that is a lot.

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  4. Black muscle always rules in my book!

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