Friday, March 16, 2012

Master of Eternia: Panel 29

During a rare moment of weakness for the Eternian, Bomani shoved He-Man and immediately grabbed him in a bearhug!

"UWAAAARGHH!!" he howled in agony, arms and legs spread wide!

"FEEL POWER OF BOMANI, HE-MAN!!" the black warrior shouted, applying more pressure to his victim's back!

He-Man screamed and thrashed, but he couldn't escape!

Bomani smirked as he felt precum leak from He-Man's rock-hard cock pressed snugly against his abs.

With one more squeeze, he demanded, "GIVE UP!!"


  1. Hot
    I think by the end of this he will be takingalot of Bomani

  2. He-Man's seed will drain his power and feed Bomani! I wonder how many loads Bomani will extract? This is going to be spectacular!

  3. I think the white bull is already slowly understanding that his virgin asshole will be soon wildly impaled by Bomani's magnificient already engorged babymaker.....

  4. squeeze every once of muscle spunk out of that blond stud...