Friday, April 20, 2012

Master of Eternia: Bonus Panel 07 [End]

Bomani's intrusion into the throne room of King Randor was abrupt and thunderous.

Try as they might, the Masters of the Universe were no match for the new wielder of the Power of Grayskull.  The black behemoth drove them to their knees and forced each of them to service his proud manhood.

One by one, he enslaved them.  All that was left was the king himself...

The horrified King Randor put up a good fight, but in the end, he, too, succumbed to the might of the Black King of Africa.

Randor's moans of arousal could be heard throughout his domain as Bomani filled him with his hefty meat.  Though he frequently partook of his male subjects and enemies, Randor had never known the feel of another man inside him.

Using only his cock, Bomani had ensured that the Eternian King would surrender without condition and be his for life.

With the dethroned king draped over his shoulder, Bomani promised the others that he'd be back to claim the riches of the lands.  Their only responses were the rising of their cocks once more.

Bomani brought Randor back to the battlefield, where he found He-Man and Tuskar resting.  He tossed the white man to the ground like a sack of meat and planted his foot firmly atop his chest.

Throwing his arms wide, he declared, "BOMANI NEW KING OF ETERNIA!!"

King Randor would be taken back to Earth to join his son as a slave to the most powerful man in the universe.

The End


  1. another white muscle buck taken down...sexed and submitting to a mountain of black monster muscle...

  2. I'm curious, will you do Skeletor as the dominant one some time? He's so hot!

    1. I did actually think about using Skeletor (as He-Man's opponent) at one point early in the planning stages of this comic. I was worried that I would have trouble with his head and the cowl that goes around it, though -- and how that part of him might look when rendered.

      It is something I would want to do, though, so I'll definitely keep it in mind for a future project!

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. I can wait as long as it takes. Seeing a naked muscle-bulked Skeletor would be worth it.

      You're welcome. ;D