Monday, April 2, 2012

Hercules Wins 2 (Test Render)

Zeus joins in on the action!

The silver-haired god king seats himself upon the ruggedly-handsome face of Conan.  He takes the balls of the beaten stud into his hand and squeezes them roughly!

With little choice but obey or be beaten further, the Cimmerian sticks his tongue out and worships Zeus' godly hole!

Hercules grins at his father, but doesn't stop his plowing of their enemy.

Conan cannot believe the humiliation he's subjected to!  By the time it ends, he will never again question the might of Hercules!


  1. ....gah! You're evil, I wanted conan to win but now...

    1. Heh heh heh. *devil horns*

      Yeah, it's really a tough choice on who I'd have win in this fight, so I figured why not do an alternate/split ending?

  2. love to see the powerful barbarian animal put in his place...

  3. I love when Hercules triumphs :)