Friday, April 27, 2012


Sergios was a simple laborer who happily lived his life, maintaining the fields of his uncle's vineyard on the isle of Crete.

His laborious work over the years had earned him a hard body, and the genetics he'd inherited from his father had given him a thick, ample manhood the envy (and desire) of most of the men in the area.

One rainy day while Sergios was out protecting the grapes from flood, he happened upon a strange, gelatinous substance on the ground.  It was something incredibly sweet, he noticed.  And just holding it near his mouth made him hungry enough to eat it!

What Sergios never realized was that the sweet jelly he was eating was none other than ambrosia, the food of the gods!  The ambrosia had granted him the gift of immortality!

Zeus, the king of gods and men, was not happy.  One of his brethren was responsible for dropping ambrosia to the mortal land -- but his investigation would have to wait.

Sergios must be brought to his knees before he realizes his immortality and upsets the balance of power on Earth!


  1. CAN'T WAIT...i think we are about to see a big,muscle bound man-boy whooped and striped by godly powers...made to accept a humiliating defeat...well sexed down...he can spend his immortality in continual ass fucking and cock jacking...mixed in with ever greater bodybuilding...the young muscle-stud NEEDS to be worked out...

    1. Don't underestimate Sergios too much now! He may surprise the cocky godling with some skills of his own!

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. Or we could see Herc be supprised by the young strapping upstart..either way we're in for one hell of a match and some glorious sex!

  3. I hope that those two will GET IT ON! Makes me erect just thinking about it.