Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tarzan's Loincloth

Tarzan beat his pecs and bellowed at the sneaky monkey that swiped his clothing!

Fearing retribution, the little thief dropped the jungle lord's leopard skin.

Tarzan slipped it on just in time.  A native who had just seen the apeman nude wanted to make him his own!

Like He-Man's loincloth, I couldn't find anything satisfactory to use for Tarzan, so I went back into Hexagon and crafted this prize pelt around his waist.

I gave it a nice leopard texture and dirtied it up a bit with a light red diffuse color.

Now Tarzan is ready to rumble in the jungle!


  1. Well done
    Hope we get a nice hot story about his adventures

  2. i suspect that the massive mountain of jungle muscle-stud is gonna be stripped of that lovely loin cloth soooooon...used,abused...can't wait...

  3. I'd love to make this "a[eman" my one, even if I WERE to be fondled by him.