Monday, April 16, 2012

Master of Eternia: Bonus Panel 05

He-Man roughly shoved his slave to the ground and immediately mounted him!

The Eternian was angry.  He suspected that Tuskar was learning all of his weak points in an effort to someday reverse their roles as master and slave!

"I know what you were doing, barbarian!" He-Man hissed as he pressed his wet, throbbing meat against Tuskar's hole.

"Me... me not do anything, Master," Tuskar managed to say between moans.

"I will not be tamed by you!!" the fallen hero shouted, skewering Tuskar with his thick cock!

The barbarian grunted in pain at the sudden intrusion!

He-Man's meaty fingers found Tuskar's plump, erect nipples and gave them rough tugs and squeezes!


  1. Tuskar is one hot hunk

    1. Be careful; saying that to his face will make him strike a series of poses!

    2. I think that I'm ready for that hot hunk's well as what he's liable to "do" to me if I keep saying so. ;)

  2. 11/18/13 9:10am Barbaric Tuskar/He-Man
    With He-Man's mounting of Tuskar I noticed that He-Man has a very odd looking "poofy'" hair-style next to Tuskar's straggly-manly look..
    I'm just saying.