Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Master of Eternia: Bonus Panel 06

He-Man pulled his manhood from Tuskar's hole and stood before the barbarian.

A thoroughly-fucked Tuskar leaned back on his elbows and moaned.  He watched as his master flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs.

"Me want master cum," Tuskar grunted.  "Me want!"

The submissive display of this alien barbarian was enough to send He-Man over the edge!

"YOU KNEEL TO ME!" he reiterated before his cock took control and fired its load directly onto Tuskar's chest!

He-Man roared his orgasm as his seed coated his slave, marking him as his!

Tuskar grunted at the virility of the Eternian and the blazing heat of his cum.

Coming down from his high, He-Man lay beside his personal slave and took his untouched cock into his hand.  Tuskar moaned and writhed as He-Man stroked him to a shattering orgasm.

The two shared another deep kiss and lay on the indigo ground to await the Black King's arrival.


  1. EPIC to see muscle bound studs giving quart after quart of think,rich man spunk...

  2. I would certainly love to have these to sexy stud-gods rape me like that.