Monday, December 30, 2013

500,000 Hits

The blog just hit 500,000 page views tonight, and I can't be any more surprised at how quickly that happened.  It'd only been 9 months since the 200,000 milestone and the page counter has already more than doubled.

Bomani, son of Kugo, wanted to be the one to deliver the news -- and, like his big daddy, he couldn't help but show off that sexy body of his in the process!

Thank you guys for your continued support.  I love you all, and I always appreciate your taking the time to leave comments, reaction clicks, or even just stopping by for a minute!

This was a really nice milestone to end the year on and it's all because of you.

-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rematch: Jabari Taunt

I wanted to go ahead and tease you guys with a small preview of my next story.  It's been a little over year since, but I'm returning to Tarzan and giving the jungle stud a sequel!

I've updated Jabari to version 2, giving him a fine-tuning in his facial structure and an overall skin refresh.  Having defeated Tarzan and taken his place as king of the jungle, Jabari now wears a big cat tooth necklace and a loincloth of rare snow leopard skins.

In this direct sequel to The New Jungle King, I'll explain what happened to Tarzan shortly after his defeat and the weeks that proceeded his dethroning at the hands of Jabari and the Mogu tribe.

Tarzan will once again meet Jabari in this wrestling ring of vines and stone and struggle to reclaim his crown from the new jungle king!  Keep a look out for more info!

Quick Note: Minor Setback

A little over a week ago, I received word from my donation site that my account over there would be suspended "in the next few days" because of a violation that I was believed to be guilty of.  I disagreed with the somewhat-confusing reason they gave (I didn't offer adult content on my page there) and wrote a politely-worded reply that same night.

I never heard anything back, and my account remained open.  Up until today, anyhow.  I logged in to find that it was finally suspended.  No idea if they even read my appeal or what they thought of my counterargument.

This won't affect the blog at all, just so I'm not confusing the situation.  I just wanted to let you guys know in case you were wondering.

I also want to say a great thank you to those of you who donated while that page was open.  The next time I try something like that, I'll be a lot more vague.  I believe that being too open was my problem there.

-Lucky Stallion

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Defiant Prince PDF

Hey there, everyone.  I wanted to let you guys know that the PDF of The Defiant Prince is finally live!  Coming in at a massive 197 pages, I struggled to get it to work, but in the end it turned out great.

This definitive 9:7 PDF edition of The Defiant Prince removes the speech bubbles in favor of a better viewing experience.  Many of the panels' actions and onomatopoeias were given tweaks and repositioned as needed.  Story and profile texts were slightly refined.

The PDF's images are bigger than the blog versions (increased to 1500 x 1167) and are less compressed, giving you a clearer image.

Extras and Updates:
  • Slight refinement of the story text.  Added extra details to Lusala's profile.
  • Image resolution and quality were increased.
  • Many panels were rerendered or remastered.
  • 8 new exclusive bonus panels were added, many of which involve a nude King Fatih.
  • 22 total images included in the bonus extras section at the end of the story.

  • File size: 105 MB
  • Pages: 197 total (132 renders, 61 text pages, and 4 pages for cover, credits, bonus extras splash, and rear)
  • Language: English
  • File format: PDF (readable on computers and eReaders; more info here)
  • No annoying DRM; open on as many devices as you want

Thank you for your support!  A lot of hard work and care went into making sure that this edition of The Defiant Prince was complete and worth every penny.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Conan vs Ogre King

This is a short tale (and a bit darker than my usual stuff, be warned!) I made for this bit of practice I had earlier tonight!

Conan the Cimmerian stood atop the high cliff surrounded by the treacherous sea, facing off against the mighty Ogre King.  The beastly male raised his powerful, titanic arms in a display of raw masculinity.  The ogre was so mighty, even the barbarian felt a rare twinge of fear staring into the brute's ugly face.

Conan grabbed for his sword, ready to do battle with the Ogre King.  But with one swipe, the dark olive male knocked the trusty blade clean from the distracted barbarian's hand, sending it soaring over the edge of the cliff.  The sword clattered down the side and into the churning ocean, never to be seen again.

Male battled male for the pleasure of the gods, but only one would emerge victorious in this dangerous encounter.  Slowly but surely, the Ogre King landed more blows, and gained an advantage over the human -- an advantage that would hold until the very end.  Conan could maintain his offense no longer and was forced into defense.  A rumble of ogre pride sounded from the king's massive chest as the tide of battle turned his way.  His fists slammed into the barbarian's muscular body again and again, beating down his muscle and wearing away his ability to fight back.

Finally, with one last bone-shattering uppercut, Conan the barbarian was vanquished.  The human let out a mighty cry of defeat as he flew into the air and his body fell upon the hard, rocky clifftop.  The Ogre King uttered a low grumble of satisfaction.  Yet another man had fallen before his might.

Reaching down, the ogre made nude the barbarian, tearing away his loincloth, boots, necklace, and armbands.  These would suffice as his spoils of battle and would remain as treasures in his lair for all time.

The Ogre King snorted at the sight of the naked human.  Though he preferred the holes of females to breed, he would grant this human one last humiliation before he sent him to the gods.  The powerful ogre thrust himself deeply into Conan's tight ass, taking the man's backside as the harsh laws of muscle and might allowed him.  The victorious stud held the barbarian's body still as he plowed him quickly, savoring every moment.  Soon after, the olive-skinned male climaxed, spurting several rounds of goopy ogre cum into the human.

The barbarian lay still as his dominator lifted his totally nude body high into the air.  The king of the ogres roared his victory over the once-fearsome barbarian!  With one mighty effort, the ogre threw his conquered foe over the cliff and down into the raging waters below.

The gods, having greatly enjoyed the exciting battle provided unto them, blessed the Ogre King with the strength of Conan, giving the brute a boost to his own and elevating him to the undisputed, most powerful creature alive.

The Ogre King thrust his pecs toward the sky and grunted, feeling a new surge of strength flow into his burly muscles.  It was survival of the fittest and, yet again, the dominant stud overcame.  He was king.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Tony is a thug who lives in one of the seedier parts of Metro City.  Skilled in the art of lock picking, Tony is quick to take what he needs and eager to take what he wants.  Officers who encounter the leather-clad thug often meet a humiliating, erotic fate.

Many of them, blubbering and rosy-cheeked, are stripped of everything but their shoes and hats and hung by their jockstraps, inviting the other thugs of the mean streets to slap their bubble butts as much as they want.

But for a few of those officers of the law, their encounters with Tony aren't a one time thing.  Dressed as inconspicuously as possible, they go out into the dark alleys, hoping to find the mohawk-headed stud dressed in black leather.  Regular sex isn't enough for those poor cops anymore.  After Tony gets them on their knees, they just can't get hard anymore unless they're begging him for permission.


Swinging through the trees with the greatest of ease: it's Blondzan, Blondzan! ♪ ♫

I spent a little time updating my Tarzan model (with more updates to come later) and had the idea to give him a platinum dye job just to see what he'd look like.  He's like a whole new jungle king.  Well, sorta.

I have an idea of what I'd like to do next.  Something short and fun and probably a bit challenging.  I'll see how it goes.

Until then, eat plenty of bananas and watch out for monkeys grabbing at your loincloth!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Defiant Prince: Part 3 of 3

Hassan Fatih, prince of the kingdom of Al Fatih, left his home having rescinded his princedom to protect Lusala and Sahib, his personal bodyguards, from exile.  The gods blessed the young prince that day as he journeyed into the vast, unending desert; the skies above were smattered with clouds that helped protect him from the sun's harsh rays as he made his way southward.

"Africa," Hassan spoke to Zubair, the solid white stallion that was faithfully carrying him into the arid wilderness.  "That'll be our new home, boy.  Lusala told me all about how everything is green and there are all kinds of beasts like the ones Father's seen!"

Hassan suddenly felt a lump in his throat as he thought of his last moments with his father, Asad Fatih.  Their final words had been born out of years of anger, resentment, and sorrow.  But he couldn't go back to mend those wounds this time.  He refused to even consider the possibility that his father had changed his views and would welcome him back home.  He pushed those thoughts from his head and urged Zubair onward.  That part of his life was over and now he would live his life free from the chains of princedom.

Though the clouds brought him protection, the prince began to feel the effects of a lack of water.  In his haste to leave the kingdom, he neglected to bring provisions in the hope that his quest would be over quickly.  The heat of the day quickly sapped his already tired body.  He leaned on Zubair and draped his arms across the stallion's thick neck.  As though knowing what was happening to his master, the horse sped onward, his eyes looking around for any sign of life among the dry sands.

Hassan drifted in and out of consciousness.  He hid his face in Zubair's white mane as his mouth and lips began to dry out.  Before he finally passed out, the last thought that flowed into his mind were of Lusala and Sahib and if he would ever see them again.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  It's the fourth Thursday of November here in the States, so that day of food and togetherness has finally come around once again.

I wanted to say that I'm thankful for my health and the continual happiness that I get from you guys here.  As I'm working to get the Hassan story finished, polished, and posted before the end of the month, I didn't prepare an image for this holiday.  But I do have one that I made as a test back in April of this year.

I had updated Batman's and Joker's textures and tried them out with my new lighting to see how they looked.  It isn't meant to be a sign that I'm doing/redoing The New Gotham Champion.  It's just something I thought you guys might enjoy!

Have a great Thanksgiving and keep warm,
-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quick Note: Status Update Hoooo!

Just wanted to drop a short note saying that I'm still at work on the final part of The Defiant Prince.  It's coming along well and I've decided to devote a little more time to rendering while I write to work out some early problems before I go full-force with the imagery.

I'm gonna try and keep a deadline of before the end of the month, so keep a look out for it!  And then I'll begin work on my next project.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Superman v2

The superstud often mistaken for an avian and/or aircraft flies back to Barbaric Brawn with a refreshed model and a better-fitting cape!

I'd been wanting to update Superman for a long time now, but I never had the time to devote to it.  So, taking a break from my current project, I took a day to work on version 2 of my take on Superman.  There were a few complications with cape and body textures that I finally managed to overcome.  He isn't perfect yet, but he's a step closer to how I want him to be.

I'd love to do more Superman stories at some point in the future.  Keep on the lookout for this All-American stud's next erotic adventure!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Kadar was a man who lived in Al Fatih for half of his life, having been born and raised in a neighboring kingdom across the vast desert.

Known as the Son of the Ifrit by those whose paths he crossed, Kadar was a man who knew what he wanted and fought hard to get it.  With his every triumph over other men of equal will, Kadar believed more and more that he was the greatest man never born a king.

Narcissism and fear finally drove the people of his birthplace to cast the Son of the Ifrit from their kingdom.  The titanic stud ventured to Al Fatih in hopes of starting a new life.  It was there that he learned that the true power of cunning lay in the virtue of patience.  He would do things differently than before.  He would build his might and make these new people see him for what he truly was: a king.

When the hunt for a new palace guard came from King Fatih himself, Kadar jumped at the chance to cement his accomplishments in his new homeland and take one step closer to building a kingdom of his own.  He would use this opportunity to get close to the great Asad Fatih and learn from him.  Perhaps he would even seduce the king into his bedchambers for a night of lovemaking and domination -- with Kadar on top, of course.

Kadar laughed at his competition.  None among him could possibly stand up to his raw power.  He somehow managed to keep his vanity in check.  Now would not be the time for worship of his muscles.

With his every triumph, the Son of the Ifrit displayed immense admirable quality to the king.  But there were two others who were potential threats to his imminent victory.  A 20-year-old whelp named Sahib and a fool named Amjad.

It was in the hothouse where Amjad would be eliminated, leaving only Sahib and himself as candidates for the position as guard.  With the trial ending in a tie and Kadar still in the lead, Sahib would have to win the next trial to even the score.  Kadar offered Sahib the chance to surrender as he swiped the sweat from his massive pecs, but the foolish youth said nothing and walked away.

That night while in bed, Kadar grabbed hold of his fat cock and pumped the shaft quickly as he thought of his inevitable victory over Sahib.  Before he accepted King Fatih's accolades, he would thrust his manhood into Sahib's upturned butt and breed into him a sense of humility and respect.  Spurting his balls' heavy load all over his chest and belly, Kadar sighed and drifted into a blissful slumber.

That next day, Kadar burned in shame as the nimble Sahib outraced him in the sprint.  He knew of the youth's nickname of Sahib the Swift, but he only considered that his win would be sweeter because of it!  They were tied in points of valor.

Angry and confused, Kadar stood quietly as King Fatih announced the tie-breaking event.  It was to be a contest of resolve.  First to shoot his seed would lose.

Kadar and Sahib stripped nude and down opposite the other, facing his enemy's groin.  At the king's command, both studs engulfed the other's cock and struggled to force his foe to orgasm!

Unaccustomed to the art of cocksucking, Kadar tried his best to fellate Sahib into defeat!  His tongue glided over the younger buck's erect shaft and unmercifully teased the slit with the wildly-flicking tip of his tongue.  But when he felt Sahib's meat pulsate in his mouth and knew that victory was soon at hand, he never expected what came next.

His opponent lifted his leg and dove his face between his sweaty butt cheeks, seeking out his hole!  The domineering stud cried out as Sahib voraciously ate at his hole, driving him crazy with heat!  The younger rival grabbed his foe's cock and masturbated him to climax!  The feeling was so intense, Kadar pulled his mouth from Sahib's manhood and howled as he came, shooting rope after rope of cum high into the air!

Defeated and devastated with a coating of Sahib's semen on his face, Kadar returned home as the people celebrated their native son's triumph.  The Son of the Ifrit swore vengeance upon the man who cheated him of his dreams of kinghood.  Taking what little possessions he could carry in his bag, Kadar, under the cover of darkness, left that very night and fled the kingdom.

None in the kingdom's town knew what became of the mysterious muscular man.  And though their memories of him began to fade as the moons came and went, the man known as Kadar was somewhere in the sands... waiting for his time to rise again.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Street Brawling

Happy November, all!  I just finished the promo images for those poses I was talking about in the prior post and I thought I'd share them with you guys!  When I get these posted to my other store, my next project will be starting work on the third and final part of The Defiant Prince.

Take good care and I'll see you guys soon!
-Lucky Stallion

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quick Note: Onward!

Hi, all.  I hope your weekend was great and your Halloween Week is even better.  Halloween Week is definitely a thing... okay, it's not.  At least not that I know of.

I just wanted to make a quick note of gratitude to those of you who bought the PDF adaptation of Muscle City Night Fight (and everyone who recently picked up Olympian Knockout!).

In the days after I got the PDF posted, I've been working on a set of poses for sale at my other (non-erotic) store.  I'll be using these new poses in future works for you guys, which will be a great help.

Also!  I'll be starting work on the third and final installment of The Defiant Prince just as soon as the pose set is done.  I have a good outline of the story already done already.  I'll keep you guys posted.

-Lucky Stallion

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Muscle City Night Fight PDF

Hey there, guys.  It's been about three months since my last PDF was made for sale and I thought it was time to put up another.  This time I chose Muscle City Night Fight to get a bit of revamping!

I toned down a lot of the heavier language in the dialog and beefed up the text with extra story chunks, detail tweaks, and better word usage.  Like with the Olympian Knockout PDF, I removed the speech bubbles and their text to compensate for the ratio change.  Many of the onomatopoeia are still there, but have been cleaned up and enhanced.

The resolution of the PDF's images are bigger than the blog versions (increased to 1500 x 1167) and are less compressed to give you a clearer image.

Extras and Updates:
  • Better and optimized story with new details.
  • Image resolution and quality increase.
  • Some panels rerendered and remastered to fix previous problems.
  • Two new panels added to the conclusion of each thug's ending.
  • Butch in the Alley promo image included.

  • File size: 39.3 MB
  • Pages: 67 total (44 renders, 19 story text pages, and 4 pages for cover, credits, alternate ending splash, and rear)
  • Language: English
  • File format: PDF (readable on computers and eReaders; more info here)
  • No annoying DRM; open on as many devices as you want

Thanks as always for your support!  I hope that you enjoy this definitive PDF edition of Muscle City Night Fight!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Muscle Hollow (Halloween 2013)

It's October and there's a chill in the air as we get closer to my favorite holiday of the year.  Last time, I didn't get around to making a very robust post for Halloween and I regretted it a bit, so this year I decided to take some time to think about a better story in advance.  I decided on a horror figure that many of you should be familiar with (with the title being a clue).

The super-detailed environment in this one took between 20 to 30 times longer to render each panel compared to my usual work, but I think it was well worth it for how it turned out.

Have a great Cocktober (or Orctober for some of you guys *grins*) and a very happy and spooky Halloween from Barbaric Brawn.

-Lucky Stallion

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rematch: Alexi vs Gorilla

Friday, August 12, 1988 -- 8:32 PM

The air was thick with anticipation at the Sydney International Wrestling Arena.  Adults from the world over came to Australia for that night's high stakes Main Event title fight: the rematch between Gorilla George and the USSR's Alexi Volkov for the title of World Heavyweight Champion and the total surrender of the loser's ass to the winner before a live audience.

It had been a year since Alexi and his American partner and lover, Ryan Dermot, wrestled Gorilla and Goliath, past and present tag team champions of Australia.  Alexi's humiliating defeat at the hands of the dirty-fighting duo stung his ego badly -- even more so the fact that his ass being plowed by Gorilla was still the highest-selling wrestling event on VHS tape.  The Soviet stud could still swear that his hole hadn't recovered from that brutal, butt-busting fuck.  Thankfully, he had Ryan and the other men in his federation to dominate in and out of the ring whenever his pride needed a quick bolster.

But Alexi knew that only a rematch would quench his thirst for justice.  He would bring that Aussie dog into the ring and humiliate him far worse than he himself had been!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rematch: Status Update

Yo!  I wanted to let you guys know that I've just finished work on the Rematch story, its first ending, and the illustrations that go with it (35 panels).  All that I have left to do is to write the alternate ending and then render and touch up those panels.

I feel comfortable in predicting that the story will be posted sometime in the next few days!  Keep a look out for it!

Update: The alternate ending is all done!  It's too late tonight to do spell check, format + upload the images, and put it all together on the site, so I'll get it posted tomorrow after I get up.  The text is a little over 9,000 words and the illustrations came out to be 52 panels combined.  I think I overdid another one.  It was only supposed to be a short story!  *falls over, twitching*

Monday, September 30, 2013

Rematch Promo 2

Picture too squished in the lightbox?
Click here for the full image.
Hey, everyone.  Thanks greatly for your well-wishes.  I'm feeling better and have been able to write a lot of the story.  I've got a bit more to go with it, but I'm sure it'll speed by and then I can focus on refining it as I do the illustrations.

I went ahead and made another promo image for you in the meantime.  This one reflects the updated lighting I gave the scene as well as showing off Alexi wearing his championship belt.

I was going to make it a bit of a surprise, but I'm planning on doing an alternate ending with this story.  So no matter which wrestler you're rooting for to win, you'll be sure to enjoy the outcome!

-Lucky Stallion

Friday, September 27, 2013

Quick Note: Sick Part II

Argh.  I seem to have picked up the cold a couple of nights ago (at least that's when I noticed the hardness in the throat).  Who gets a cold at the end of September, anyway?  Ugggghhhh.

I'm going to try to get over it quickly, but dealing with the tiredness and the other fun symptoms may delay the Gorilla story a bit.

Thanks for your patience, guys.  Take care of yourselves.

-Lucky Stallion

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rematch Promo

Picture too squished in the lightbox?
Click here for the full image.
Gorilla George, a powerhouse pro wrestler from Australia, was one of two men to finally defeat the unstoppable Alexi Volkov and his partner Ryan Dermot in a tag team battle witnessed by millions across the world.  The humiliation from that fight has haunted the Soviet wrestler for a year and now he wants revenge.

Gorilla, who has had a very good year ever since his defeat and fuck of the Russian champ, is only happy to oblige the stud's desire to get back in the ring.  But he wants something more.  He not only wants Alexi's ass, he wants that World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist!

Alexi, as confident and eager as ever, has agreed to put his title and belt on the line and finally take down the one man who managed to plow his butt and bring to an end his restless nights!

I did a bit of body modification on both Gorilla's body and head.  He's a little stockier overall and has slightly less abdominal definition.  I didn't want him to look too different, so I kept a lot of the muscle that my guys now have and just fiddled with his body until it resembled something of a wall of bricks with a bit of added beefiness of his serratus muscles.

I chose to make Gorilla bald after going through all of the hair props I have (which are numerous by now!) and not finding anything satisfactory.  I think he looks a lot better with a shaved head.

After a while of deliberation and going back and forth on it, I decided to make his color scheme burnt gold and black.  And it's a bit hard to tell from so far away, but his eyes are a bright, grassy green color.

I'm at work on the story part of the series, but I wanted to go ahead and create Gorilla today to announce the upcoming story in a visual way.

Have a great weekend, guys,
-Lucky Stallion

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slake Versus Gorg

It's done!  And Gorg, my mohawked orc, was the mystery opponent!  This is my first crossover and I wanted to make sure it was good before it was posted for you guys to enjoy.

There isn't a text component to this story.  That's partially because I just don't have the time to write one, but because of it, I was able to dedicate more toward the art and add quite a few more panels than I originally planned.

Slake and Gorg are the latest victims of Kzak, my red-hot trickster demon.  Just before their capture, Kzak whispered a set of instructions into their ears, "Fight for me now, I tell no lies: neither goes back 'til the weaker one cries!"

Pulled away from the world of the onis, Slake suddenly found himself in a strange, lava-surrounded cavern with thick, impenetrable stalagmites.  Unable to free himself, the blue-skinned oni stud sat upon the protruding rock near the middle of the black, rocky room.

He wouldn't be alone for long, however.  As he was crushing a small group of human warriors, Gorg didn't hear the strange whisper before he was mysteriously vanished.  The men's reprieve was short-lived, however, as five burly orcs came upon them like a swarm.

Gorg looked around the large cavern in mild wonder before he sniffed the air and noticed that he wasn't the only one there...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Slake Versus _____?!

Hey, guys!  I've been working for a short while on one of my two new short stories that I indicated recently.  The first involves Slake, SoupGoblin/Croup's original character.  With his help, I picked one of my guys (one who hasn't been seen in quite a while) to go head-to-head with the stud in a loser-gets-humiliated-badly match.  Only two of you know who it is, so keep it secret for now. *grin*

I'm always experimenting with new colors and shades and effects in the text that sits atop the panels, so this is subject to change and is just a work in progress.

I don't have an estimated time of arrival for this one, but look forward to it sometime before the end of this month!  Have a great... well, Friday the 13th is nearly over for me, so have an awesome weekend, all!

-Lucky Stallion

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hassan's Persistence

Before I move on to a couple of other short stories (which are meant to be a refresher before I start on Part 3 of The Defiant Prince,) I wanted to post a little sequel to The Palace Guards.  It also serves as a small prequel to Part 1!  The story begins right after this.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Defiant Prince: Part 2 of 3

Later that day...

Prince Hassan could barely keep from fidgeting all that morning.  The wrestling spar he'd witnessed between his two personal bodyguards, Lusala and Sahib, kept blissfully replaying in his mind over and over.

At breakfast, he could hardly eat.  During history lesson, he couldn't hope to focus.  And whenever either Sahib or Lusala looked his way, he'd giggle like a fool and turn quickly to hide the growing erection that pushed the fabric of his loincloth aside.

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Crunch Time!

Whew...  I've been going at a superhero's speed with these renders the past few days.  I have the story component of Part 2 completely done and now I'm going into overdrive with the illustration half.

I'm keeping myself to a deadline of getting this up by 11:59 PM on Sunday, so I'm committed to making that happen.

It's crunch time! *roar!*

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Palace Bath

It was a bit late in the day when I was working on the palace bath, where a scene near the end of the second part of The Defiant Prince takes place and I had my camera angled at this exact spot.  It looked like a really nice shot, so I figured I'd render it.  But upon closer examination, I noticed that it was missing one crucial component: naked prince butt.

So naked prince butt was added and the gods of muscle were pleased.

I swear, this is what mainstream cologne ads will look like at some point in the future.  Or maybe ads for vacations in the Middle East.  Excuse me while I book my flight...

Friday, August 30, 2013

The King

King Asad Fatih, ruler of Al Fatih, stands in the halls of the palace, before a solid gold statue of himself as a much younger man.  A short bit of the statue's origins will be told in Part 2 of The Defiant Prince.  Part 2 is also where King Fatih makes his first appearance.

The king has been mentioned quite a bit -- even in the first version of Hassan I did way back when -- but (aside from his gold jewelry) he's never been seen or described until now.

I envisioned King Fatih to look quite a bit like his son, Hassan, except for somewhat-older facial features and a beard.  The king wears the same style of headpiece and loincloth that Hassan (and the other princes of the palace) wears, except for a diaphanous sash that drapes across his mighty muscular chest and back.

The king's favorite color is (obviously) red, which inspired the name of the Ruby Guard and the red loincloths that that select group of guards wear.

These images turned out a lot nicer than I was hoping for.  Although anything is subject to change, I don't expect much about it to differ from the finished story.

Part 2 of The Defiant Prince is being written now -- it's about... 65% done.  I'm working at it in between decorating and lighting the palace in the studio.  Barring any showstopping problems, I'm estimating I'll have part 2 ready to be posted sometime next week.

Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone!
-Lucky Stallion

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Palace Guards

The palace of King Asad Fatih is protected by The Ruby Guard, a fiercely-loyal and highly-trained group of men dedicated to the protection and sovereignty of the royal family and the people of the neighboring city.

In a sign of their fealty, each new member kneels before the king and allows him to shave their heads clean.  With their induction to the Guard complete, they're given official loincloths to wear with pride over their beefy hips.

Unfortunately for the new guys, Prince Hassan is always looming nearby... always watching and waiting for his chance to pounce.