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The Defiant Prince: Part 1 of 3

The first part of The Defiant Prince is finally finished and ready for posting!  My apologies for taking so long with this one.  Both the graphics and the story caused me to stumble more than a few times and I had to delay the project for way longer than I intended.  Well, the hard part's over and now... comes the hard part!  Get it?  Heheheh...

This first part features Hassan, Lusala, and Sahib, with other characters such as King Fatih not appearing until next time.

Here it is!  I hope that you guys enjoy The Defiant Prince: Part One.

Hassan Fatih was one of many children of King Asad Fatih, a wealthy and powerful ruler whose kingdom stood as a symbol of strength in the heart of the Arabian sands.

For nearly as long as he could remember, Hassan knew that he was different from his brothers -- among them, only he held a deep love for wrestling.  Not just enjoyment of the sport itself, but the desire to participate in it.  The sights and sounds of two men engaging in such close, primitive contact mesmerized him and instantly burned its mark onto his soul.

So it came to no surprise to those closest to him that the young prince would grow into a man with a longing for what no heir to the royal throne should desire.

King Fatih had grown unbearably weary of his son's unprincely behavior.  A man always concerned with the future of his kingdom and his lineage, the king refused to envision even one of his sons engaging in an activity associated with the common folk and the guards.

Something had to be done about his desires, the king understood.  This would continue no further!

The light of the morning sun shined into the royal bed chambers of Prince Hassan, awakening him to the new day.  The massively-muscular prince groaned as he stretched his body and rose from his canopy bed, stealing a moment to scratch uncouthly at his long, ebony head of hair.  He yawned heartily and strutted to his large, open window that overlooked the domain that would someday possibly be his.

Like his brothers and sisters, as Prince of Al Fatih, Hassan had never wanted for anything.  He was given the very best of what he required and desired.  His bedroom always contained silk sheets from traders from afar and his meals consisted of the finest slabs of meat from that side of the world.

And yet there was one thing he wanted that was always denied him: the physical struggle of another man.  His father, King Fatih, was aware of his son's romantic desires for men.  This, he was fine with.  While the king greatly enjoyed the pleasures of women, he was widely known to take men into his bedchambers from time to time.  But for a man of royal lineage to engage in close-combat was detestable to Fatih.  So long as he was king, his son would have no part of it.

Hassan stepped closer to the peach-colored sky and smiled as his most recent attempt to wrestle one of his favorite guards came back to him.
The man was on duty, patrolling the perimeter of the palace alone, Hassan following close by.  Well used to the royal procedures the guards were required to perform during their walks, the prince understood when to hide and when to press on.  The guard never saw it coming.  Hassan roared as his prey turned a perfect 90° and was tackled to the ground in an instant!

The prince's head was veiled in a thick cloth, concealing his identity.  The guard sprang into action, grappling with the loincloth-clad intruder, bringing his full weight down upon Hassan.  So focused on the pleasure he was feeling, his limbs straining passionately against the guard's, he never noticed it when the cloth slipped from his head, revealing his face.

The frightened guard shouted out and leapt away from his prince.  He glanced around quickly to be sure that nobody had seen what he'd done and made a quick exit, leaving Hassan alone, panting on the hot sand.

The prince's reverie was suddenly broken by loud grunting that came from two men somewhere outside the palace.  There, in the leftmost sparring circle outside his window, were Lusala and Sahib, his personal bodyguards, beginning their morning training.  Hassan's erection bounced excitedly at the sight of their nude bodies engaged in combat!

Hassan watched their every move, mesmerized by the sparkling beads of sweat that trickled down their every bulging muscle.  Their legs tensed as their feet dug into the rough stone of the circle.  Their grunts of effort were like a song of masculinity as they fought for domination over the other.

The prince, delighted by his luck to witness this treat, grabbed hold of his erect manhood and squeezed the middle firmly.  His meaty hand began a slow stroking of his royal cock, coaxing a large bead of sweet precum to rise to the surface.  The first drop glimmered in the light before running down his shaft and fingers, coating them in his lubricants.

"Submit!" Lusala growled, forcing Sahib to the ground.  With great effort, he managed to wrap his arms and legs around the Arabian's body.

"Never!" Sahib grunted back, sending his elbow into Lusala's shoulder.  But if the African stud even felt the blow, he never let it be known.  Sahib repeated his attack several times more, finally gaining an opening to wriggle out of the hold and away from his opponent.

Sahib sucked air into his lungs and attempted to steal a moment's rest.  But he could hear Lusala moving behind him, ready to overpower him a second time.  He rolled quickly out of harm's way just as his opponent's fists came down to strike!

Lusala and Sahib grunted at one another, their hulking forms remaining low and ready.  Each man's handsome face bore a fearsome scowl, and their massive chests pushed out in a display of power.  Seconds later, they clashed and locked up once more, each struggling for the upper hand that could decide the bout!

Sahib dodged Lusala's takedown attempt and slipped behind the black stud.  With a surgeon's precision, he grabbed Lusala's wrists and pulled them back in a lock.  The Arabian guard placed his foot against Lusala's upper back and pushed with all of his might!  Lusala bellowed in pain as his arms and chest were pulled and pushed in opposite directions!

"Today is the day I defeat you, Lusala!" Sahib roared, his confidence soaring sky-high.

"Fuck...  Ohh yes!!" Hassan moaned out hotly as his ministrations quickened.  His cock throbbed and leaked as he watched his bodyguards wrestle like the beasts of the wild.  How he longed to leap from that window and jump into the fray with them.  He wished to fight against their incredible strength, to taste the sweat that would cascade down onto his body.  His heart beat quickly in his chest as he fantasized about wrestling the two men who have sworn to protect him with their lives.

"Yes!  Good!" he then whispered in a huff, cheering for Lusala as the stud burst free from the hold and managed to roll a shocked Sahib onto his belly.  The ebony warrior yanked the Arabian's thrashing legs toward him and took his seat upon the small of his foe's back, his heavy weight effectively pinning his foe down.  He forced Sahib into an agonizing toe hold, eliciting from him a deep grunt of surprise!

"Admit defeat!  Surrender to your master!" Lusala snarled, packing on an even greater level of pressure!  He knew that his hold was unbreakable; all he needed now was for Sahib to realize it!

Although he was strong and determined, Sahib's proficiencies in sprinting and stamina were no use against Lusala's raw power and unmatched wrestling skills.  His struggles served only to anger the superior wrestler.  With his every buck and thrash, Lusala twisted his foot further, placing more strain on his aching limbs.

Sahib could feel the African's heavy, limp cock rest snugly between his butt cheeks.  Memories of his past failures in wrestling this man came flooding back to him, and his hole twitched with anticipation, betraying him in favor of these desires.  Sahib's will to resist faded quickly and, though he didn't want it to end this way, he knew in his heart that he would be forced to give his fellow guard one more victory over him.

"Submit or I will break you in half!" Lusala roared his warning, unrelenting in his hold.  He viciously pulled Sahib's legs back, causing the outmatched wrestler to scream in agony!

"I give in..." the stud finally groaned, admitting his submission aloud.  Lusala pretended to not hear him, twisting his foot harder than before.  "Please...!!" he then howled for mercy, pounding the circular arena with his fist.  "I GIVE IN!!"

"YES!!" Lusala shouted, releasing him from the hold.  Sahib's legs fell to the ground with a thud.  He lay still, thoroughly shamed by his ever-mounting losses, his deep breathing his only sign of life.

Lusala stood and planted his foot atop the loser's back, grinding his heel into that slab of aching muscle that dared to challenge his might.  Lusala bounced his pecs and grunted, striking a victorious pose before the warm, rising sun.  The black stud felt deep pride for his fallen tribe.  He knew that even though his people may be scattered -- or worse -- that they would somehow feel his triumphs and know that their legacy would be carried on through him.

Hassan huffed out his moans of heat, the sight of the victory finally sending him over the edge!  His cock, bouncing and throbbing within the confines of his grasp, erupted a torrent of cum over the edge of the balcony and to the dry sand below.  Hassan ran his free hand over his massive chest as he continued to coax the remainder of his seed from his cock.

His entire body shuddered with the pleasures of orgasm.  His legs buckled and brought him to his knees.  He panted to catch his breath, never taking his eye away from his bodyguards through the sturdy stone railing.

"How many times has it been, Sahib?" Lusala asked him like he usually did after winning.  With his foot alone, he easily rolled the desert-dweller onto his back.  Much like the bodybuilders from far in the future, Lusala took great pleasure in squatting low over Sahib's body and striking a front lat spread pose, showing off his incredible physique.

"And you still yield to this muscle," he continued to gloat, grinning from ear to ear at Sahib's breathless awe over his musculature.

Lusala sat himself upon the Arabian's massive chest and grabbed hold of his head, forcing his face against his groin.  "Give respect to my balls.  They carry the seed of my people!" he grunted in a commanding voice, gyrating Sahib's face against his heavy orbs and smearing him with his battle sweat.

Sahib could smell the warm, erotic scent of Lusala's groin throughout his humiliation.  He burned with envy for the African's unrivaled strength.  Truly, he'd lost count by now of how many times he was made to yield to his fellow guard.  His embarrassment was so great, he couldn't bring himself to look up and see Lusala's wide, beaming grin.

He had lost the fight, however.  He knew that had it been him atop Lusala, he'd expect the same obedience.  Sahib gave those big balls a timid kiss and stuck his tongue out to clean the salty sweat from them.  Lusala laughed heartily and patted Sahib's cheek in praise.

"Come, my bitch.  It's time for my reward," Lusala cooed in his deep, husky voice as he lifted a groaning Sahib by his raven-black hair.  Sahib's limbs ached like hell from the beat-down he was given, but with Lusala's 'help', he managed to get onto his knees.

Sahib, seated on his legs before the winner, couldn't help but moan at the sight of Lusala's cock.  It rose to full erection before his very eyes, and it throbbed with need for him.  It, like the rest of him, was simply incredible.

The Arabian's hole quivered as he remembered the first time he was fucked by that thick, black manhood.  There, on his hands and knees, it spread his insides wide and sent a foreign electricity throughout his muscular frame.  He never believed that such a feeling could exist in the world, and yet it came quickly like an earthquake, shaking him to the very core.  Sahib orgasmed that day without even touching himself -- something he still refuses to admit happened.

"Suck," Lusala grunted, growing impatient with his wrestling dummy.  He pushed the fat head of his cock into Sahib's open mouth and instantly shot a heavy dollop of precum onto his tongue.

Sahib's own manhood rose rapidly as the taste of the victorious warrior's cock overwhelmed his senses.  Lusala was more aggressive than usual that morning, pushing himself quickly into the depths of his fellow guard's wet mouth, eager to feel that tongue worship his excited shaft.

Lusala's meaty hands grabbed hold of Sahib's head and guided his length into the depths of the Arabian's throat.  Deep, manly grunts of satisfaction uttered from his own with his every thrust inside.  Sahib managed to relaxed his throat muscles (one talent he acquired from his many repeated losses) and he was able to accept every thick inch of the wrestler's manhood.

Sahib moaned from around that heavy cock as he got to work, cleaning it of salty battle sweat and sliding his tongue and lips quickly along the throbbing shaft.  The olive-skinned guard ran his hand down his drenched body and to his groin.  He grabbed hold of his erection and began a slow and steady stroking.

"Do not touch yourself!" Lusala warned through a shout, giving the side of Sahib's head a hard slap.  The frustrated stud moaned a muffled whine and let go.  "I have won the right to be pleasured.  Learn to wrestle better if you wish it the other way around."

Sahib burned with humiliation and anger over Lusala's stinging words, but knew it was the truth.  He worked his frustrations out on sucking the African's manhood, bobbing his head up and down and drinking the flow of sweet precum that he was rewarded with.

Hassan watched in awe as one muscle bull surrendered himself to another.  He watched as Lusala pulled himself from Sahib's lips and repeatedly smacked him in the face with his saliva-coated erection.  He could see the look of pure submission on Sahib's face as he turned and obediently presented his ass to Lusala.

The prince moaned with Sahib as that cock slid into his quivering hole.  Hassan brought his hand down to rub at his own, plunging his middle finger inside as he fantasized about being Sahib -- having just wrestled Lusala and now paying the price of his failure.

"Tight..." Lusala grunted happily as he fed his defeated peer more and more of his throbbing manhood.  That wet, black shaft was squeezed and sucked longingly by Sahib's inner muscles.  Lusala hilted himself all the way in with a grunt and took a moment to savor the spoils of victory.  He smiled broadly at Sahib's trembling frame and the brave front that he put up to conceal his body's honesty.  He gave the stud a firm slap on his butt and began his fuck.

"Unh!" Sahib cried out as Lusala's cock pistoned in and out of his hole with fervent haste.  He bit his lip and forced himself to stay quiet as his fellow guard took from him his prize.  Sahib's own cock waggled with the rocking of his hips, a steady stream of precum dripping from the tip onto the wrestling circle.

Lusala grabbed a firm hold of Sahib's lighter-skinned hips and thrust himself quickly into the Arabian's softening hole.  The African's heavy, seed-filled balls slapped heartily against Sahib's as they mated before the light of the rising sun.  Lusala's hot sweat rained down upon his partner's back, showering him and marking him with his scent.

"Ooh... oh fuck..." Prince Hassan moaned as he fingered himself to the rhythm of Lusala's expert thrusts.  He supported himself against the railing as his cock, slick with his own semen, throbbed in full salute once again.

Hassan's hungry hole sucked greedily at his digits.  With each thrust inside, he imagined himself in Sahib's place, on the receiving end of the victory fuck.  He imagined giving himself over totally to the mercy of his wrestling partner and taking his punishment for his loss in battle.

"Don't hold your voice back, Sahib," Lusala grunted lustfully in his ear, reaching over to take the loser's nipples between his meaty fingers.  With little regard for the pain, he twisted and yanked those puffy peaks toward the ground.  "Let all of Al Fatih hear your true voice.  Let me hear everything!"

Sahib cried out his longing as these new stimulations overwhelmed his senses.  A long, low moan of arousal escaped his throat as Lusala reared back and pounded firmly at his prostate.  By now, the native African knew every one of his weak points and how to take total advantage of them to drive him into a state of frenzy.

He, too, remembered well the first time he defeated Sahib in wrestling.  The two beefy studs, newly-assigned royal bodyguards to Prince Hassan, were tasked by King Fatih to keep their bodies physically fit and their techniques sharp.  Each man fought with all of their might, but as the match progressed, it became clear that Lusala was easily the better wrestler of the pair.  Sahib, dominated both physically and mentally by his opponent, no longer cared about the consequences of failure -- he was forced to surrender.

Lusala took great pleasure in fucking the cocky Arabian guard that day.  And each time that they locked up in the heat of combat, Sahib would fight with all he had -- always vowing to get even.

"Take me!" Sahib moaned without shame, pushing back to meet his dominator's thrusts.  He squeezed tightly around the invader, coaxing a heavy spurt of precum from him as he gyrated his hips along with Lusala.

Lusala smiled broadly and turned his bitch onto his back to face him as he was bred.  Sahib's legs rested over the stud's massive, black chest, and his arms lay still on either side of his exhausted, sweat-drenched body.  Lusala took full control over the fuck, thrusting himself rapidly in and out of Sahib's twitching hole.

Sahib's breathing became rough and shallow.  His entire being felt electrified with the heat of his partner.  His grunts of passion came more frequently as Lusala's beefy hips slapped against his muscular ass, sending a flurry of shockwaves rippling across his body.

From around the southeast corner of the palace, a patrolling guard stopped and glanced their way.  In an instant, he pieced together what had happened on that wrestling circle.  With a lewd smirk and his loincloth tented outward, he turned to continue his watch.

Sahib's toes began to curl and his breathing became ragged and shallow.  He locked eyes with his partner, his face suddenly contorting in a way the African had become quite familiar with.  With one last gasp of pleasure, Sahib cried out in ecstasy, thrusting his hips up as his cock erupted its load high into the air!

Lusala grabbed hold of Sahib's cock and stroked it quickly as he continued to push his own deep inside the Arabian's constricting hole.  Lusala raised his left bicep and flexed hard as he brought this man to yet another shattering orgasm.  His ego soared as high as the clouds as he watched the humiliating way in which Sahib writhed and moaned out his pleasure.  His hand firmly pumped that pulsating cock, completely controlling the orgasm.  The Arabian felt himself become lost in Lusala's total dominance over his body.

Lusala thrust himself twice more before he, too, was pushed beyond his limits!  He raised his fists to the sky and bellowed for the entire desert to hear as he unloaded his cum deep inside Sahib's body!  He growled possessively over the defeated Arabian, his groin slapping loudly against Sahib's butt as he emptied his balls-worth of seed inside.

Sahib lay still and accepted another man's seed into his body.  The hot cum flowed deep within him, making him feel full and warm to the core.  He could feel each bounce of the African's thick, black shaft as it flexed and twitched with every gradually-waning spurt of male essence.

"Unh... unnh!!" Hassan cried out with the duo, burying his first two fingers deep inside his hole and shooting his second load that morning!  The prince's cries were lustful and urgent as his royal seed spurt freely over the balcony railing, joining the since-dried puddle from before.

Hassan, spent and sweaty from his double climax that morning, lay panting on the floor of his bedroom.  Stray strands of morning sun warmed his tanned skin as he caught his breath and relaxed in the afterglow of orgasm.  Hassan grunted contentedly and slowly ran his big hands over his large pectorals and erect nipples.  His meaty fingers trailed down his hard abs and to his flaccid, precum-soaked manhood.

The prince stood once again and leaned against the railing, hoping to catch a few more moments of Lusala and Sahib.  He grinned as he caught them locked together in a deep and tender kiss.

He knew he would have to find a way to engage with one of the men of the palace.  He'd have to soon, or else he'd surely go crazy with lust!

Lusala wrapped his arms around Sahib's torso and held his body possessively.  He invaded the Arabian's mouth and wrestled tongues with his fellow guard.  But when Sahib glanced toward the prince's balcony and spotted someone standing there, Hassan yelped and quickly hid from sight!

Sahib blinked and grunted, blaming it on his imagination -- he was exhausted from the training and post-fight sex, after all.  He closed his eyes and leaned into the African's hot, beefy body as they shared that moment of affection for one another.

"Mmm," Lusala moaned as though he'd just suckled at a bowl of ambrosia.  With some hesitation, he finally pulled away from Sahib's lips, leaving the stud breathless.  "Let's hurry and join the others in the bath -- our prince will awaken soon.  Perhaps tonight, you will wish to join me in my bed?  There's always room for a sweet bitch in the bed of Lusala," he continued, his meaty middle finger brazenly moving between Sahib's sweaty buns and to that well-fucked, cum-soaked hole.

"I am not your bitch, Lusala!" Sahib snapped, pushing him away.  "You may best me in a test of strength, but I am superior in the sprint!"

"You know that your body was made for the sheathing of my sword.  I am merely helping you to realize it," Lusala laughed and bounced his pecs rhythmically, causing the Arabian's loins to stir with renewed arousal.  There was no denying this man's raw power and sexual magnetism.

Sahib's face flushed red, and he shuddered longingly under his breath.  Maybe Lusala would give him another thorough plowing if he turned around and stuck his ass out again...  No...  No!  What was he thinking?!  He quickly averted his eyes from those mountains of muscle bouncing freely and sending their beads of sweat flying onto him.  The last thing he wanted was for Lusala to see his cock rise again.

The black titan removed his headband and flashed a wide smile.  He turned to walk to the communal bath for a well-earned bath and scrub down from the royal servants.  He considered taking one of them to fuck while Sahib watched, wanting to see the man's expression of jealousy.

"I will beat you one day, Lusala!" Sahib shouted back as the African's form vanished into the palace.  "I'll make you cry my name!"

The raven-haired stud sighed and sat contemplatively in the center of the wrestling circle, body coated in his own semen and that of his fellow guard seeping from his butt.  After far too many instances of getting wrestled into submission and pounded deep in his backside, he couldn't deny that he enjoyed the feeling of Lusala mounted atop him.  But his pride as a man and a guard to the powerful King Asad Fatih prevented him from totally surrendering himself to that powerhouse outside of their fitness regimen.

He looked up to Hassan's window one more time, but couldn't see anything unusual.  "Thank the spirits it was my imagination," he whispered to himself.  Hassan was still asleep and hadn't seen his humiliating ordeal.  "I can't have my prince thinking that I may be unfit to protect him."


  1. Absolutely brilliant! You've already pushed all my buttons, and this is only the beginning?! Waiting for the following parts will be sweet, erotic torture, and I'm loving every moment!

    1. Only the beginning! I have the other two parts planned out in my head (and I even imagined a bit of how the third one would go while I was trying to get some sleep last night!)

      Thanks for your comment and compliments!

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    face - sahib
    body -lusala
    set- Hassan
    excelente job Lucky! thanks zeus and the gods bless you!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! I'm sorry, I can't quite understand the question. If you're asking me which of them I find the most beautiful, I have to say... all of them! *grin*

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