Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Defiant Prince: Part 3 of 3

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Hassan Fatih, prince of the kingdom of Al Fatih, left his home having rescinded his princedom to protect Lusala and Sahib, his personal bodyguards, from exile.  The gods blessed the young prince that day as he journeyed into the vast, unending desert; the skies above were smattered with clouds that helped protect him from the sun's harsh rays as he made his way southward.

"Africa," Hassan spoke to Zubair, the solid white stallion that was faithfully carrying him into the arid wilderness.  "That'll be our new home, boy.  Lusala told me all about how everything is green and there are all kinds of beasts like the ones Father's seen!"

Hassan suddenly felt a lump in his throat as he thought of his last moments with his father, Asad Fatih.  Their final words had been born out of years of anger, resentment, and sorrow.  But he couldn't go back to mend those wounds this time.  He refused to even consider the possibility that his father had changed his views and would welcome him back home.  He pushed those thoughts from his head and urged Zubair onward.  That part of his life was over and now he would live his life free from the chains of princedom.

Though the clouds brought him protection, the prince began to feel the effects of a lack of water.  In his haste to leave the kingdom, he neglected to bring provisions in the hope that his quest would be over quickly.  The heat of the day quickly sapped his already tired body.  He leaned on Zubair and draped his arms across the stallion's thick neck.  As though knowing what was happening to his master, the horse sped onward, his eyes looking around for any sign of life among the dry sands.

Hassan drifted in and out of consciousness.  He hid his face in Zubair's white mane as his mouth and lips began to dry out.  Before he finally passed out, the last thought that flowed into his mind were of Lusala and Sahib and if he would ever see them again.

The gods smiled once more upon the hasty prince that day, guiding his stallion toward the only oasis for miles and miles.  Exhausted from their journey, Zubair's gallops slowed to a trot as he approached the paradise of green and blue.

There were three men in the area, backs turned to and unaware of the approaching steed that kicked up dust in its path.  One of the men stood near their shelter, tending to the pot of water they were guarding.  The other two stood before the small lake which gave life to the area, mumbling to each other about their plans for the next few weeks.

Hassan's unconscious body fell from Zubair's back with a thump, spraying sand around him.  The horse whinnied, alerting the others to the presence of the intruders.  The two in dark clothing raced over to the horse and his sleeping master.  The one in dark red felt Hassan's neck for a pulse.  He then gave the naked stud's handsome face several light slaps and touches to verify his condition.

"He is alive, but not responding," the man diagnosed.  "I do not believe it is heat stroke."

"Razin, get him some water," the man in the white cloth ordered.

"Yes, Master," Razin perked up, moving to pour a few gulps of their most precious supply into a drinking jug.  The man in dark blue returned quickly and handed off the jug to his leader.

The man in white supported Hassan's big, muscular body in his arm.  He dipped his fingers in the jug of water and brought them over the nude intruder's open lips.  Droplets of water rained down into Hassan's parched mouth, reviving him in an instant.

"That's it," Hassan's savior cooed masculinely, replenishing the water on his fingers and allowing it to drizzle into that open mouth once again.  The drops subsiding, Hassan took in the man's first two fingers, suckling them like a babe at a teat.  This caused the man in white to smirk under his wraps.

"Good boy," he cooed again, finally pulling his sucked-dry digits from Hassan's lips and replacing them with the drinking jug.  "Drink, my beautiful desert rose," he spoke tenderly to the now-roused prince.

"Mmbrrh," Hassan huffed again and again until the man pulled the jug from his mouth.  "Zubair..." he gasped out, head bent back to see his beloved stallion standing nearby.  "My horse...  He needs water..."

"Nabih, fence him with the others," the man in white clothing commanded of the one in dark red.

"Yes, my Lord," Nabih obeyed in a voice very much like Razin's.  Reluctantly, Zubair allowed this stranger to lead him away from his master and into the fenced-in area under the trees near the lake.  As Nabih locked the fence shut, the horse quickly lowered his snout to the small pool and began to drink.

"Zubair... he... I don't..." Hassan moaned, weakly squirming in the arms of the man in white.

"Shh, shh, shh..." he whispered, silencing the young stud.  "You are safe here with me, my sweet one," he assured him.  Hassan indeed felt protected in the strong embrace of this man and chose to not question his hospitality.  The man placed the jug of water back to his mouth and allowed him to finish off what was left at the bottom.

Helped to his feet, Hassan managed to stand on his own once again.  He wondered for a moment if he was in the afterlife.  He'd rarely seen an oasis so wonderful before.  Surely the gods must have blessed this land for weary travelers.

"Welcome to my 'home'," the man in white spoke gesturing to the little settlement where he and his two companions lived.  "I would be honored to have one so beautiful as you join us," he continued, placing his beefy hand on Hassan's cheek.  The prince averted his eyes as he felt the beginnings of infatuation with the sweet-talking stud.  "I'm sure Razin and Nabih wouldn't mind."

"No, Master," the twins spoke together.

"What is your name?" the man then asked, his penetrating stare forcing Hassan's eyes to return their focus.

"Hassan... Fatih," he spoke truthfully, figuring the stranger wouldn't know of his princedom.  The man's eyes narrowed in anger for a split second at the mention of the name of his old kingdom.  "Why are you here, Hassan Fatih?  Do you not know it is dangerous to travel... out here without provisions?" he asked coolly, his scowling face hidden by his head wrappings.

"I had to leave my home behind.  I couldn't keep living where I was and being denied who I was.  I'm going to the land to the south, to Africa, where the sand is green and the skies are covered by trees.  I'm going to start over."

The man in white flashed a nasty grin under his shroud and moved his hand from Hassan's cheek to his neck, trailing his fingers across the muscular prince's collar and to the necklace that dangled toward his chest.

"I will allow you to stay here as long as you wish, Hassan," he casually offered, gliding his fingers under that silver chain, "but... as you know, not every man is so charitable to give hospitality free of charge."

Taking the hint, Hassan nodded his head and replied, "Y-Yes, of course.  Take it.  I don't need it anymore..."

With one strong pull, Kadar yanked the silver necklace from Hassan's neck.  He turned away from Hassan, leaving the prince alone as he moved to speak with the man in red.  He leaned close to Nabih's ear and whispered a set of instructions, giving him the necklace.  Nabih knelt in front of his master before retrieving his horse and leaving the settlement.

"Thank you.  I don't know your name," Hassan spoke, approaching the man in white.

"I am Kadar," he replied, pulling away the cloth that covered his nose and mouth.  He turned to Hassan and allowed the young prince to see his handsome, older face.  "And I know who you are, Prince Hassan.  You may not remember me, but I'm certain you and I would've gotten to know each other well... had I not been cheated," Kadar growled quietly.

"You know who I am?  ...Cheated?  What do you mean?" Hassan asked.

"Why is one so beautiful and young as you so far from his flock?" Kadar cooed tenderly, completely ignoring Hassan's questions as he moved to massage the prince's broad shoulders.  "Your skin is as soft as the morning breeze," he continued, holding Hassan's chin with one meaty finger.  "Your hair is as black as the night sky.  If you are not careful," Kadar finished in barely a whisper through a sinister smile, "a ravenous golden jackal will come along and eat you up."

Hassan's manhood filled with blood, swelling in evidence to his desires.  Kadar chuckled and grabbed hold of the princely sausage, giving it a firm squeeze.  "Are you aroused by me, Prince of Al Fatih?" he then asked, giving the drooling shaft in his hand a slow, steady stroking.

Razin watched with a twinge of jealousy as his master masturbated the wandering prince.  The thief massaged his balls as he watched Kadar work Hassan over.

"Yes," the young prince moaned hotly.

"Why are you here, Hassan?  Why are you going to Africa?" Kadar asked in a slight demand as his hand slowly and expertly pumped Hassan's heavy cock.

Hassan shuddered in pleasure as he answered, "My father wouldn't let me wrestle...  I have to!  I know it's unprincely, but it's in my h-heart, and I must follow my dreams!"

"Wrestle, you say?" Kadar murmured with great amusement.  He would've never suspected a son of Asad Fatih to be interested in such a sport.  "You are a man now, Hassan," he responded, giving a symbolic squeeze to the prince's manhood.  "You can decide for yourself what you wish to do.  If your ignorant father is standing in the way of that, then you were right to leave."

A malicious gleam flashed in the man's eye as he spoke ill of his former king.  It'd been so long since he'd had contact with anyone from Al Fatih.  He would never admit it aloud, but the sting of his defeat that day had stayed with him.  He could still remember the taste of Sahib's throbbing cock upon his tongue and the smell of the semen that coated his face like a mask of shame.

"My father is not -- unnnh!" he cried out as Kadar compressed his rock-hard erection, stifling the prince's words of protest.  He released his grip and let Hassan's jutting manhood sway unhindered in the warm desert air.

"Don't... don't stop," Hassan huffed, humiliated by his desire, but utterly charmed by the powerful stranger.

Kadar stared at him with firm, judging eyes.  Though clearly young and naive, the prince looked very much like the king he'd hoped to one day dominate in bed.  Perhaps he could...

"You wish to wrestle with men, Hassan?  What would you surrender to obtain such a dream?"  Kadar held Hassan's face in his powerful hand and forced the prince to stare into his eyes.  "Would you give me your freedom?  Would you become mine until I have no more use for you?"

Hassan opened his mouth to give his response when Kadar moved close and lowered his lips to the younger man's neck, giving it a tender kiss.  "Do not answer me yet, my flower.  Before you submit to me willingly, I will show you what kind of master I am."

With that, Kadar quickly grabbed Hassan by the arm and gut and threw him back and to the ground!  Hassan hit the hot sand with a grunt and looked up at the towering, imposing figure of the dangerous man.  In a moment of hesitation, he rolled onto his hands and knees and attempted to scurry away.  But Kadar was on him in a flash, grabbing and pulling his leg up as he twisted it without mercy.

"You wanted to wrestle, didn't you?!" Kadar roared over Hassan's shouts of pain.  Razin, standing near the tent, raised his arm and roared for his master's beautiful hold.  "I will teach you many, many things Hassan Fatih.  You will become a man your father won't even recognize," Kadar laughed, letting the prince's leg go.

Hassan shook his head to flick his long, black hair aside and struggled to get up again.  Kadar smirked and squatted slightly, spreading his arms and legs apart.  He silently encouraged Hassan to attack.

Remembering what he'd seen and experienced from Sahib and Lusala, Hassan leapt at his opponent and struggled to bring him to his knees!  Both men's legs strained and pushed their powerful upper bodies against each other's, sending sand flying around them.

Hassan quickly realized, as he had with Sahib, that he was hopelessly outmatched by his opponent.  Kadar easily sent him to the ground.  With a kick, he forced Hassan onto his belly.  The prince coughed and grunted as the man above him straddled his lower back.  Kadar's cold shadow covered his body, and he felt the dominant stud secure his arms within his own.  With an effortless tug, Hassan's lower back was put through a devastating strain, making the young buck feel as though he were about to break in two!

Razin shed his loincloth, excited by the sight of his master dominating this prince of Al Fatih.  His cock throbbed and bounced in total arousal as Kadar manhandled the foolish youth.

"Master, may I enjoy myself as I watch?" he obediently asked, head bowed in reverence.  Razin and Nabih obeyed their master's every whim and learned long ago to ask permission for many of their actions.  By day, the twin brothers saw to the wants and needs of the powerful stud.  By night, they enjoyed the heat of his body as the desert became cold and cruel.

"What do you say, Hassan?" Kadar grunted, maintaining his hold.  "Want him to masturbate to your defeat?  Speak up!"

"Y-Yes," the prince grunted, afraid of the consequences for saying anything else.

"Thank you, Master," Razin moaned, dropping to his knees as he immediately grabbed hold of his fat sausage.  His meaty hand quickly got to work stroking his shaft as he watched Kadar release Hassan, only to grab his long, black hair and forcibly pull him to his wobbly feet.

Kadar grabbed his foe's throat and held him steady as he leaned in to give his lips a slow lick.  "Do not worry, my desert rose.  I would do nothing to damage your beautiful face."

The man known to those of his homeland as the Son of the Ifrit sent a gut-busting punch to Hassan's hard abs, instantly knocking him to the ground once again.  The prince groaned and remained mostly still on the desert sand.

"You are refusing to fight, yes?" Kadar soon asked as he slipped his loincloth from his hips, exposing his manhood and ample rear.  "Then I claim you, son of King Fatih," he spat.  "Rise upon your knees and worship your new master."

Kadar's manly appendage swelled with blood as he watched Hassan slowly get up and sit on his knees before him.  The nude prince looked up at him with a worried expression, silently begging for mercy.  But there would be none to spare for the heir to the kingdom that chose Sahib.

Just as Hassan stuck his tongue out to bathe the his throbbing erection, each of the men heard a roar in the distance.  Kadar turned to the source of the sound and smirked.  He'd come.

Sahib, royal guard to Prince Hassan Fatih, stood at the entrance to the oasis, sweat-soaked chest heaving as he drew air into and out of his lungs.  His eyes instantly locked onto Kadar.  His gut twisted into knots at the sight of his prince on his knees, ready to service his former rival.

"You're finally here," Kadar laughed arrogantly.  Ignoring Hassan, the Son of the Ifrit strode slowly closer to Sahib, cock swaying proudly with his every step.  "Have you missed me, Sahib?"

"Let Hassan go," Sahib growled, fists clenched and teeth bared.  "He's done nothing to you."

"Sahib...?" Hassan whispered, in total shock to see one of his personal guards.  He wondered if he'd had enough to drink earlier.  Perhaps this was all just a hallucination...?

Nabih soon returned, his horse coming to a stop behind Sahib.  Kadar flashed his younger subservient a smile.  He'd given Nabih Hassan's necklace and commanded him to pay the prince's kingdom a visit.

Nabih told a grief-stricken King Fatih that his master, Kadar, had Hassan in his custody.  When the Ruby Guard moved to detain Nabih, the sly thief told them that Kadar would slay Hassan if he didn't return by sundown with Sahib.

Lusala nearly attacked Nabih before his fellow guard intervened, stopping him and agreeing to the demand.  Nabih grinned cruelly under his red cloths and threw the prince's silver necklace at the king's feet, infuriating the guards.  With no other choice, Sahib followed the young thief out into the arid wilderness.

"Let him go," Sahib repeated through a snarl, stepping forward to meet his former opponent.  Images of his struggles against Kadar flashed through his mind with each step closer.  Their final encounter, a test of sexual endurance, ended with Sahib's victory and Kadar's humiliating defeat.  He knew that his victory had upset his opponent, but he never dreamed that Kadar would stoop so low for revenge.

Nabih joined Razin in escorting Hassan by the tent.  The twins exchanged humored glances as they watched the heated scene escalate before them.  With one quick tug, Nabih let his loincloth fall to the ground near his brother's.

"Why should I let him go when it was he who came to me?  But it isn't Hassan Fatih I am eager to discuss: it is you, Sahib.  I am eager to settle our... past."

Sahib grunted and gestured strongly his disagreement.  "I won the contest, Kadar!  You lost!  There is NOTHING to 'settle' anymore!"

"You destroyed my dreams, whelp, and stole from me my best chance at greatness.  And now I will enjoy making you suffer the consequences of your foolishness!" Kadar roared, grabbing his head wraps and throwing his last remaining clothing away.  Unbound by the wraps, his wild, leonine hair was free to blow in the warm desert breeze.  Streaks of red ran through the black locks, befitting his title of Son of the Ifrit.

Sahib raised his shin to Kadar in a high kick, but was blocked immediately by the intimidating stud's arm.  Kadar crouched low and kicked at Sahib's feet, dropping his former foe to the ground!

"Agh!" Sahib groaned, feeling a surge of pain electrify his foot.  Kadar was on him quickly, sending his clenched fist into the younger man's massive pecs again and again, wearing them down.

The royal guard summoned his strength and curled his legs back, grabbing the wanderer around the torso.  With all of his might, he hurled Kadar away from him!

Sahib stood with a grunt and removed his loincloth, freeing himself to do battle nude.  If Kadar wanted to be defeated again, he would oblige.  He would make his superiority known once and for all!

Realizing his overconfidence, Kadar glared his enemy down as he slowly got to his feet again.  With the speed of a ravenous wolf, the Son of the Ifrit lunged, knocking Sahib into the sand!  The guard grunted as his opponent took full advantage of the surprise attack, wrestling him down.

Sahib struggled furiously against Kadar's incredible muscle, but his efforts would soon prove futile.  The wanderer placed his former adversary in one excruciating hold after another, proving his superiority without question.

Nothing that Sahib did would possibly stop the juggernaut of muscle that pushed back against his every block and defensive maneuver.  Sahib had little hope of victory as he was.  With his body soaked with sweat and legs exhausted from his nonstop sprint to the oasis, Sahib had no chance to win.

"Sahib..." Hassan whispered, watching his personal guard be manhandled.  Behind him, Razin and Nabih eagerly stroked their cocks to the sight.

Razin crouched down and grabbed Hassan by the pecs, bringing his clothed mouth to the prince's ear to moan, "Master is the strongest man in the world.  He will destroy any man who stands in his way."

Hassan moaned as the shrouded thief's greedy hands rubbed and kneaded his big pectorals.  Those fingers worked their way toward his erect nipples, massaging and twisting them with a tenderness he never expected from the dangerous-looking man.

Nabih, Razin's twin in red, joined his brother, on his knees in front of Hassan.  He placed his hands on the younger stud's meaty hips, moving his fingers down into his inner thighs.  Hassan gasped and spread his legs wider apart, freely exposing himself to the man before him.

"The rod of a king..." Nabih grunted, admiring Hassan's royal appendage.  He grabbed hold of the erect shaft and began a rough masturbating of his captive.  Hassan's cries of pleasure never reached Sahib's ears.  The man was so focused on fighting back against Kadar's overwhelming power, he'd completely forgotten that Hassan was watching.

"Suck me, son of Fatih," a standing Razin commanded, grabbing Hassan by the hair and shoving his manhood into the prince's mouth.  Hassan moaned around the salty, manly cock as his tongue worked to wet every inch it could reach.

Nabih continued his rough stroking of Hassan's leaking cock as his other hand moved between the young stud's thighs to grab hold of his low-hanging balls.  He held those orbs in his palm as though he were weighing a bag of gold coins.  Inside that sack contained the seed of royalty.  He squeezed them tightly.  With a gleam of bitter jealousy in his eye, he quickened his masturbation of that cock.

"Give up, Sahib!" Kadar growled, planting his knee against the small of his foe's back and grabbing a fistful of his ebony locks.  Kadar ruthlessly yanked a screaming Sahib's hair back as he kept the younger man's body pinned down.

But Sahib refused to submit!  Even though his body felt sore and aching and his scalp afire with pain, the guard wouldn't call out his submission.  Kadar snarled his frustration with the young fool.  He dropped Sahib's hair and kicked his side, forcing him onto his back.  Kadar turned to face Sahib's legs, stooping down to scoop them up by his knees.  Sahib, arms limp and useless, could only look up helplessly as Kadar lowered his sweaty ass down onto his face!

The Son of the Ifrit roared his laughter as he ground his muscular buns down upon Sahib's horrified face.  "You liked licking my hole when you stole the contest from me!" he shouted loud enough to be heard by everyone in the lush oasis.  "Go ahead... HAVE SOME MORE!!"

"Sahib..." Hassan moaned, pulling away from Razin's cock for a moment.  He huffed and moaned with Nabih's skilled hand pounding away at his own throbbing meat.  By then, the red-clad thief had extracted three loads of royal milk from those big balls dangling under Hassan's squirming body.  "You can m--!!" he was interrupted as Razin shoved his manhood back inside that hot mouth and began rocking his hips to drive it in and out again.  Hassan, soon pacified by that cock, began to eagerly suck it once again as Nabih worked on milking a third load of princely cum from him.

Sahib moaned from deep between Kadar's ample buttcheeks.  His mind raced back to that day when he used this tactic to defeat Kadar in the contest of next royal guard.  He remembered the erotic, manly scent of this powerful stud's backside, and his cock began to swell.  Heat greater than the desert emanated from Kadar's virgin hole, arousing him even more.

Kadar felt something hard rub against his cock for a brief moment.  He glanced down and chuckled at the sight of Sahib's manhood standing at full erection.  "Yeah..." he grunted as he ground himself down, "I figured you liked it when you went for it...  Go on, bitch.  Your master gives you permission!"

Knowing that he couldn't possibly defeat his old adversary this day, Sahib slowly stuck out his tongue and gently dragged it along that tight entrance.  The younger guard huffed hotly between those muscle buns and pressed his tongue again to that hole, pleasing Kadar immensely.

"I win," Kadar grunted, shoving Sahib's legs back to the ground.  Sahib continued to slowly lick at his hole with apparent reverence.  The native son of Al Fatih closed his eyes and pushed aside thoughts of his loss and paid undivided attention to the better man.

Nabih, having extracted a fifth load from Hassan's aching balls, stood and joined his brother on the prince's other side.  One twin fucked Hassan's eager face a few times before trading him off to the other his turn.  Hassan moaned in between cocks as he was passed back and forth between the two brothers.

"Hngh," Kadar grunted through a smirk as he watched the slutty Prince of Al Fatih service his devoted servants.  He couldn't help but chuckle.  If Hassan had known what kind of men they were, he'd have never agreed to suck their cocks.

"Enough," the victorious stud spoke, standing again to place his foot atop Sahib's chest.  Kadar thrust his big pecs out toward the sun and basked in the glow of victory -- a victory he'd dreamed of since the day he fled from the kingdom.  Finally, it was his.

"On your knees, bitch," he commanded.  Panting, Sahib obeyed him.

The royal guard eventually managed the struggle to get back on his knees.  He looked up at the imposing figure of the beastly man.  Sahib fearfully wondered what was to come as Kadar merely stared down at him, a scornful expression on his older face.  The guard could hear his prince noisily, lustfully sucking cock near the tent, but his gaze was hopelessly transfixed upon Kadar's.

"Clean the sweat from my balls," the leonine man then spoke, giving his hips the slightest shake and causing those heavy orbs to jiggle.  Droplets of sweat fell from the sack and to the hot desert sand.  "Show proper respect to my superior seed."


"Master," Kadar added through a menacing growl.

"Yes... Master," Sahib huffed, his mouth inches from those masculine balls.  He placed his tongue between the pair and moved upward, licking the salty beads from the man who had bested him.  Kadar smiled and pushed his erection down until it aimed straight out toward Sahib's mouth.  A heavy strand of precum drooled from the tip.  Knowing what his master wanted, Sahib pressed his lips to that cockhead and kissed it.

Suddenly and without warning, Kadar shoved his entire length into Sahib's mouth!  The guard nearly choked as his mouth struggled to accommodate the massive manhood that pushed its way inside.  Kadar laughed uproariously as Sahib sputtered from around his meat.  Had it been anyone else, Kadar might've been more merciful.  But it was Sahib who now sucked him and he would enjoy this to its fullest.

The sounds of sucking and moaning supplanted everything else in the oasis that moment.  Kadar held Sahib's head as his own lolled back.  A sigh of satisfaction escaped his lips as his newest bitch worshipped his mighty cock.  Uncountable nights of frustration melted away as the guard sucked his fat cockhead in total submission.

Hassan continued to suck the twin thieves' cocks.  Although he wanted to take them both at the same time, their cocks were so thick, he had to give up on the idea.  Precum gushed from around his mouth as he slid his lips quickly over their shafts.

Kadar took his rightful place as he mounted Sahib's upturned butt and placed the wet tip of his cock at the puckering hole of his greatest rival.  The Son of the Ifrit smeared his precum along that pink hole, wetting it as he teased Sahib unmercifully.  The guard's body shuddered with every agonizing second that passed without penetration.

"Any last words?" Kadar mocked through a low chuckle.  But other than a few incoherent grunts and moans, Sahib didn't answer.

The exact opposite of his entry into Sahib's mouth, Kadar slowly eased himself inside the man's other entrance.  With little resistance (surprising and amusing Kadar), Sahib's hole opened up and allowed him in.  The wanderer's fat cockhead spread the guard open and gradually worked its way inside.

The slow speed which Kadar chose to torment him with caused Sahib to whine pathetically.  He groaned and cried out as little by little, that cock entered him.

"Please," he soon shouted, attempting to push himself back, "please fuck me!"

"I intend to, my sweet bitch," Kadar responded, grabbing hold of Sahib's waist to keep him still.  "But we're going to enjoy every moment of this.  After all... when was the last time we saw each other?  We can't rush things just yet..."

After an eternity of erotic torture, Sahib was finally rewarded with a butt full of his enemy's manhood.  Kadar's incredible cock, hot and throbbing, filled him with incredible pleasure.  The big man's length leaked a steady flow of pre inside him, and every so often it would bounce within his tight confines.

"How long I have waited for this moment, Sahib," Kadar growled as he pressed his thumbs into Sahib's quivering lower back, massaging the sore muscles below.  "This is what I was going to do to you that day had I won...  But now, I'm going to pay you back for every bit of it.  And more."

Without warning, Kadar began a quick and hard fucking of his new slave.  His every thrust caused the guard to scream out in lust.  Sahib's insides felt on fire as Kadar fucked him like no man had ever before.  Their balls slapped together repeatedly as they became one under the hot Arabian sun.

"You want our milk, boy?" Razin asked Hassan as he slapped the prince's face with his cock.  He and Nabih grabbed hold of themselves and stroked their wet lengths quickly, aiming their slits at Hassan's face.  "You want it?" Razin asked aggressively.  "Yes?  Ooohh fuck!!"

He was the first to cum, firing several heavy rounds of white cum onto the handsome face of the son of Asad Fatih.  Nabih came soon after, unloading his pent-up cum onto his brother's coating.  Hassan moaned and joined the twins in climax.  Without touching himself, the prince spurt his sixth round of cum into the air and onto the sand below.  The three men sang a symphony of grunts and moans as they rode out their orgasms together.

"Sahib," Kadar laughed as he thrust himself in and out all the way, "did you know your precious Hassan was so... amorous?"  He stared with amusement at the prince as his boys finished up.  Sahib summoned the strength to lift his head enough to see Hassan, face covered with semen, licking Razin and Nabih's cocks clean of cum.

"Have you fucked him, Sahib?" the leonine stud asked, maintaining his speed.  Beads of sweat sprayed all around them, watering the dry sands with their effort.

"Y-Yes..." the guard confessed.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Master..."

"How did he feel?!" Kadar grunted, holding Sahib's hips as he spread his legs wider and maintained his hard thrusting.

"Unh!  Good!" Sahib cried out as Kadar pounded at his prostate.  "He felt good!  He was so tight, I thought I'd melt inside him, nngh!!"

"Fuck... yes...  Take my seed!  Know me as your master now and forever!!" Kadar roared, plunging himself in one final time before his cock bounced and spurt shot after shot of hot, white semen deep inside Sahib's quivering hole.

As Kadar's seed flowed into him, Sahib collapsed onto the sand with a grunt and instantly came with his master, emptying his wasted essence onto the earth.  Sahib's inner muscles tightened and spasmed around Kadar's throbbing, spurting cock, milking it for all it was worth.  The two men, joined together as one, grunted and moaned like warriors throughout their climaxes.

Finally, Kadar had exacted his revenge and pulled out of his bitch's ass.  The stronger man's seed gushed from Sahib's backside as he lay still on the desert sand, panting and moaning in agonized pleasure.  Sahib felt Kadar's hot breath on his neck as the stud leaned over to whisper something in his ear.  So aroused by what he was just told, the royal guard shuddered and came again just before passing out.

Kadar seated himself upon the only throne worthy enough for a future king.  The big man grunted and took his well-earned rest.  Flush with blood and the thrill of his victory, Kadar's incredible manhood remained hard.  It jutted out and off to the side as a symbol of his unrivaled virility and power.

Using the oasis water, Prince Hassan was made to wash the sweat from Kadar's massively muscular body.  Sahib's loincloth was deemed appropriate for the job.  The prince dragged the wet cloth slowly across the man's abs and pecs, causing the bulging muscles to glisten before the sunlight dried the water completely.

Kadar grabbed the loincloth from the nude prince and wrung the rest of the water out.  He threw the balled-up fabric to Razin who would undoubtedly protect the trophy for his master.

Kadar then snapped his finger, ordering Nabih to fetch Zubair, Hassan's white stallion.  The powerful wanderer lifted Sahib's passed-out body onto the horse's back and helped the young prince up.

"Return to your home, Prince of Al Fatih.  You have not seen the last of Kadar, Son of the Ifrit.  But prepare yourself...  For next time we meet, I will come for you and your father.  I will take what I want."  Kadar glanced at Sahib and finished, "I always do."

Kadar, Nabih, and Razin watched as Zubair carried Hassan and Sahib away from the oasis and back north to their home.  The desert-dweller smirked.  Now that he'd defeated and fucked Sahib the Swift into submission, he could finally move on to plotting his next goal...

"Hassan!" King Fatih shouted as he ran out to greet his son as he strode past the front guards and into the palace.  Two of the Ruby Guard hoisted a still-unconscious Sahib off of Zubair as a third led the horse back to the stables.

Hassan hugged his father tightly and buried his face in the bearded king's neck.  With one breath, he apologized a hundred times for running away.  But Fatih wasn't upset.  He held his son tightly and bathed him in kisses, happy that his boy had come back alive.

Hassan never told anyone the truth about what happened to him as captive of Kadar.  He would only tell them that Sahib came to his rescue.  The guard, so shaken by his defeat and ravaging at the hands of his old enemy, allowed the prince to speak for him.

The defiant prince became more humbled by his ordeal and sought to dutifully study every subject his father would have him learn.  Likewise, too, the king became more lenient with his children and even allowed Hassan the freedom to practice the art of physical fighting -- provided he limited it to his trusted guards, of course.  Seeing Hassan happy filled his heart with joy; seeing Hassan become a stronger man swelled his chest with pride.

From his bedroom window five days after he'd come home, Hassan stared out into the desert as the sun set in the distance.  A sudden movement on the horizon caught his attention.  He could see the outline of a man standing far, far away from the palace.  The man was staring in his direction.  The prince squinted hard, struggling to make out who it was.  But just as he blinked to focus, the figure vanished from sight.

Hassan never spoke to his father (or even Sahib) about the last things that Kadar had told him before he'd left the oasis.  No matter how much of an impossible dream it seemed, he wanted to meet the wanderer's threats head on and face it all by himself.  As he stared into the peach-colored sky, he knew that he would see Kadar again someday.  He would match muscle with the studly would-be king.  And before that day came, he would make sure he was ready to give it his all.

The End

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