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Rematch: Alexi vs Gorilla

Friday, August 12, 1988 -- 8:32 PM

The air was thick with anticipation at the Sydney International Wrestling Arena.  Adults from the world over came to Australia for that night's high stakes Main Event title fight: the rematch between Gorilla George and the USSR's Alexi Volkov for the title of World Heavyweight Champion and the total surrender of the loser's ass to the winner before a live audience.

It had been a year since Alexi and his American partner and lover, Ryan Dermot, wrestled Gorilla and Goliath, past and present tag team champions of Australia.  Alexi's humiliating defeat at the hands of the dirty-fighting duo stung his ego badly -- even more so the fact that his ass being plowed by Gorilla was still the highest-selling wrestling event on VHS tape.  The Soviet stud could still swear that his hole hadn't recovered from that brutal, butt-busting fuck.  Thankfully, he had Ryan and the other men in his federation to dominate in and out of the ring whenever his pride needed a quick bolster.

But Alexi knew that only a rematch would quench his thirst for justice.  He would bring that Aussie dog into the ring and humiliate him far worse than he himself had been!

When Gorilla got word of Alexi's desire for a rematch, the big stud cracked his knuckles and agreed instantly.  He couldn't believe the fool wanted his ass fucked in front of the world for a second time.  But hey, who was he to turn down such a sweet request from an obvious bottom bitch?  This time, however, he wanted more.  He wanted the rank of World Champion.  He would seize this golden opportunity to not only take Alexi's ass, but his belt in one fell swoop!

Gorilla's manager got back to Alexi's with the counteroffer.  Not an hour later, the confident Soviet stallion agreed to the terms and the fight was on.

"We're here at the Sydney International Wrestling Arena on a truly electrifying Friday night!" Dylan Diamond called out from behind his ringside desk.  Dylan, the same commentator from last year, was excited to be back in his seat to announce the wrestlers' every move and motion.

"Gorilla George, our native son, is here to wrestle Alexi Volkov, the World Heavyweight Champion, in a winner-take-all title and sex fight!  I don't think I need to tell you good people what a bonzer night this'll be!  These two blokes are easily the epitome of muscle and masculinity in the world of wrestling today, and I can't wait to see them go at each other!"

The arena, packed to the limit with fans from all over the world, roared their anticipation for the quickly-approaching Main Event.  Fans of both men were near split, with Gorilla at a slight advantage over his opponent.  Alexi's fans were taunted mercilessly by Gorilla's new followers (who would hold their hands out as though grabbing an invisible man and thrusting their hips to fuck him), but they felt confident that their champion would settle the score here and now!

The flat, white lights that lit the stadium soon dimmed, replaced by fast-moving spotlights of purples, blues, greens, and yellows.  The lights raced around the 100,000 seat arena as the theme song of the Australian Big Muscle Wrestling blared from the speakers.

The referee stepped into the ring, bouncing his pecs and slapping his biceps for the crowd.  The redheaded stud, a professional bodybuilder from Melbourne, wore a referee's trunks of black and white stripes and monochrome boots of the same colors.

"Tonight's ref is a real bottler of a bodybuilder, if I do say so," Dylan remarked for the fans watching at home.  "Consecutive winner of 1984-1987's coveted Mr. Muscle Mass awards, this Bluey's got a bloody bright future ahead of him.  If I do say so myself, of course."

"Wrestling fans here and around the world," the ref spoke loudly into his microphone, "welcome to... The Main Event!"

The arena burst into cheers at the announcement of the most exciting rematch of the year!  Thousands of them had purchased Australian or USSR flags sold by vendors in the parking lot and were busily waving them up high.

Suddenly, a blaze of gold pyrotechnics fired straight to the sky and Gorilla's theme song replaced the federation's over the speakers.  Gorilla's fans roared for their man as he came bursting out of the Australian flag curtain, fists high and spread apart, freely showing his massively-muscular body for them all to enjoy!  Covering the Aussie's ample manhood were trunks of burnt gold, matching his boots and armbands.  Wrapped around his knees and wrists were pads and bands of black.

"Here he comes now," Dylan commented, "the big bloke himself!  Not only does Gorilla have the body of an Olympian god, he's got the strength to back it up!  I'm sure Alexi still remembers that very well.  My apologies to the Red Rocket's fans."

Gorilla strutted slowly down the aisle toward the ring, soaking up every bit of adulation from his adoring fans.  He stopped here and there to bounce his pecs and thrust his hips seductively before giving a sneering grin and racing up to the ring and jumping inside the ropes!

The man who'd defeated Alexi Volkov paraded around the ring, beating his chest like a mighty ape striking fear into the hearts of his enemies.  He climbed up to the top of his turnbuckle and brought his arms up in a killer double bicep pose.  Applause for the stud continued nonstop until the music suddenly changed to Alexi's theme song.

A flurry of red flares shot up toward the sky as Alexi's high-energy song blasted across the arena, pumping up his fans for the blond stallion's eminent victory!

"You can do this," Alexi grunted to himself, watching the brilliant red lights shining through the slits between the giant USSR flag curtain that separated him from the eyes of millions.  He hated that Ryan had to stay back in Moscow under contract to wrestle for their fed that night.  "Have to dominate!  Dominate for Russia!  Dominate for Ryan!  Dominate for pro wrestling!"

The stud bounced his pecs and ran through the curtain, exciting his near fifty thousand fans that stood screaming all around him.  Alexi never tired of the incredible feeling of running into the spotlight, fans screaming his name, all of the cameras upon him.  The Soviet wrestler slapped his biceps and brought them up in a pose as he walked confidently toward the ring.

The two-toned white championship belt sat snugly around its owner's waist as he strutted with pride.  The lights from above reflected off its solid gold front (which read 'WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION' with engravings of a muscleman and two stars on either side of him).  The decorations sparkled magnificently and greatly befit his image as the best of the best.

"And approaching the ring now is the World Heavyweight Champion of professional wrestling today," Dylan remarked about Alexi.  "As many of you know, it's been a long year since Alexi and the American wrestler Ryan Dermot's defeat at the hands of Gorilla and his tag team partner Goliath.  What a bonzer match that was!" the commentator reminisced, groping the ever-growing erection confined in his pants.  "Can he even the score today, or will Australia's own Gorilla take it all?!"

Alexi grabbed the middle ropes and bent over, giving the cameraman and that side of the arena a nice look at his muscular globes, in one leap, With a great leap, he jumped up onto the mat and raised his fists for his fans roaring all around him.  Gorilla, his arms crossed and sneering at his opponent, stood patiently in his corner for the referee to start.

"In this corner," the ref called in his Aussie accent, pointing to his left, "weighing in at 141 kg, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion of professional wrestling: Alexi Volkov!!"

Allowing the crowd to get in a moment of cheers, he continued gesturing to the opposite turnbuckle, "And in this corner, weighing in at 143 kg, the challenger, Australia's own: Gorilla George!!"

As Gorilla's fans roared for their guy, the ref stepped over to Alexi and helped the stud remove his belt.  Carefully, he returned to the center of the ring and placed his mic on the mat.  The ref held the belt up high for the audience to marvel.

"That belt and your ass is mine," Gorilla mouthed to a scowling Alexi.  He licked his lips and shook his hips, causing his heavy bulge to wiggle rapidly in his trunks.

"Fuck you, dirty fighter," Alexi growled under his breath, bouncing his big pecs in response.  He'd been waiting for this opportunity for an entire year.  He wouldn't let his big beast deny him the satisfaction of victory!

The ref handed the belt to a burly arena official and gestured for the two men to join him.  Alexi and Gorilla strutted confidently to the center of the ring, standing chest-to-chest, trunks-to-trunks and glaring each other down.

"These two gargantuan specimens of male muscle are giving each other intense stares," Dylan commented.  "I wonder which man will claim victory and end this bitter, year-long dispute!"

"Tonight's title fight will be one fall, no ring out, no rope break!" the ref spoke into his mic.  "Per agreement by both wrestlers, low blows and eye-gouges are legal.  Win by three-count pin or by submission of your opponent.  ...WRESTLE!!"

DING DING DING!  The bell rang for the start of the match!

Alexi and Gorilla stepped slowly, carefully, in a circle near each other, looking for any form of advantage to exploit.  The studs growled and quickly locked up in a shoulder grapple, pushing against each other in a contest of strength!

"Couldn't wait to get back in the ring with Daddy, could ya?" Gorilla grunted, straining against Alexi's titanic muscles.  "Been missing my right fat cock deep in that sweet hole, have ya?"

"Nyet!" Alexi spat, pushing Gorilla back and sending his meaty hands slapping against the big man's pecs.  "I am ready for your dirty fighting, comrade!" the Soviet stud continued, sending heavy blows to Gorilla's pecs, abs, and face as he backed him slowly into the corner.  "It is I who will be fucking YOU this time!"

"Looks like the champ has the challenger trapped!" Dylan remarked.  "He's unrelenting in dealing some punishment to Gorilla's burly body!"

Gorilla grabbed hold of Alexi's vulnerable skull and performed a headbutt on the Soviet.  Alexi seethed in pain and stumbled back, freeing Gorilla from the corner!  The force of the impact so great, the champion was on his back in an instant, cradling his head in his meaty hands.

The challenger grunted and moved to his opponent.  The burlier man drove his booted foot down into Alexi's exposed thigh -- STOMP! -- causing him to howl in pain and roll onto his belly.  Again and again, Gorilla's foot came down upon the same thigh, wearing down the muscles within.  STOMP!  STOMP!  STOMP!  STOMP!  STOMP!

"Incredible!" Dylan shouted in amazement.  "The challenger is giving the World Champ a bloody good thrashing there on his leg!  He's focusing on delivering those attacks to the same spot, no doubt a strategy to have the champ limping throughout the match.  I don't need to tell you folks that'll certainly be hurting in the morning!"

Gorilla pulled his leg up for one final stomp -- one that would surely injure Alexi's leg for a long time after.  But just as he drove it down, the champion rolled out of the way, causing the challenger's foot to slam against the mat!  Gorilla grunted and shook his leg to stop the vibrations echoing through his body.

Alexi leapt to his feet to thunderous applause from his camp.  The two studs came together again and grappled hand-to-hand, each man struggling to force the other down.  Gorilla's strength held out in the end and he sent Alexi soaring into the ropes!  The challenger ran into the opposite ropes to build up momentum before running back, his arm extended, to perform a clothesline on his foe!

The Soviet stallion, flung into the ropes, couldn't stop in time and he took Gorilla's meaty elbow straight to his throat!  "GAKK!!" he choked, spittle flying from his open lips as he went crashing to the mat!

"STUNNING!!" Dylan called into his microphone for the fans watching at home.  "The challenger nails the champ with a clean shot right to the throat!  It's beginning to look like a repeat of their last match -- Alexi's camp can't be too happy with this!"

Gorilla placed his foot on Alexi's neck and ground his heel down.  The blond wrestler, struggling to breathe, grabbed his opponent's shin and pushed with all of his might!

"Why don't you just give up and let Daddy fuck that sweet butt, baby?" the Aussie grunted, grabbing the bulge straining through his hip-hugging trunks and giving it a good squeeze.

"HNGH!!" the Russian roared, shoving the smooth-headed wrestler with enough force, he was toppled to the ground!  Alexi was on him in an instant, grabbing his legs and pulling them back into a Boston crab!

"What a killer reversal!" Dylan commented, groping himself through his pants.  "Gorilla looks like he's having some trouble breaking out of this one!  Look at the anger on the champion's face!  He was caught with his ass exposed and it looks like he's ready to take back some of that bruised ego!"

"DA!!" Alexi bellowed, pulling back hard on his foe's legs!  Gorilla screamed in pain as he was put through the submission hold!

The ref got down on his knees and watched carefully.  He soon asked the muscleman if he wanted to give in.

"Fuck!  NO!" Gorilla growled at the ref, slamming his fists against the mat and groaning in pain.  Summoning his incredible strength, the burly stud managed to throw Alexi off with one mighty push of his Herculean legs!  The force of the throw slammed the Russian into the turnbuckle, where he slumped upside down!

"And the challenger breaks free, while the champ seems a little out of sorts!" Dylan spoke, watching as Gorilla pushed his massive weight up off the mat and charged over to Alexi's prone form.

"You think I've been sitting back and getting lazy ever since I took you down the first time, baby?" Gorilla grunted, grabbing Alexi by his beefy hips and pulling him up.  "Hell no.  I'm gonna prove to you and everyone watching that I'M THE BEST!"

"It looks like... yes!  Gorilla is setting the champ up for a tree of woe!!" Dylan shouted excitedly for the viewers at home.  The fans in the arena went wild in their cheers as Gorilla attempted to force Alexi's shins up and over the top ropes.  "He's managed to get one of Alexi's legs up there... and then the other!  The champ is completely at the challenger's mercy!!"

"GO-RIL-LA!!  GO-RIL-LA!!  GO-RIL-LA!!" the Aussie's fans chanted in unison, excited to see the champ such an utterly prone position!

Gorilla wasted little time in driving his elbow like a battering ram into Alexi's unprotected gut!  Spittle flew from the champion's mouth as the air was forced from his body!  But as much as that blow hurt, what came next was of no comparison.  Gorilla grabbed Alexi's bulging cock and balls through those ruby red trunks.  With little warning, the challenger squeezed the champ's manhood in his mighty grasp!

"AAAUUUUUGHHH!!" Alexi screamed in pain!  His body convulsed in the tree of woe and he thrashed wildly to escape!  Finally, Gorilla let go and sneered as he turned around and gyrated his hips lewdly before squatting down low and sitting right on Alexi's horrified face!

Gorilla grabbed hold of the ropes and ground his ass down on the champ's thrashing face!  The challenger's burnt gold trunks covered his beefy butt, protecting Alexi from further humiliation.  Gorilla's fans roared their laughter at the attack and their man didn't let them down.  For a good 30 seconds (which felt like an eternity to his victim,) he chuckled as he grinded himself against the trapped blond.

"A bloke can only imagine how much the challenger has been wanting to do that!" Dylan commented.  "Alexi's fans cannot be happy about such a move on their hero!"

In a merciful move meant only to spare the champ an easy way out by knockout, Gorilla stood and allowed Alexi a gasp of fresh air.  The Russian was only allowed a short respite before the big wrestler's boot made contact with his tender abs!  Gorilla grabbed hold of the red fabric that supported Alexi's package and delivered a series of hard kicks to the champ's gut.

With one strong pull, he finally tore the trunks away, leaving Alexi's heavy cock and aching balls flopping out in the open!

"Bonzer!" Dylan shouted into his mic.  "The champ got the gear ripped clean off of him!"

"YEAH!!" Gorilla roared, holding the red fabric up high as he beat his chest with his free hand.  He paraded around the ring with the trunks as a trophy.

"F...Fuck..." Alexi moaned, gathering the strength to push himself out of his vulnerable position and onto the mat.  Alexi thanked his good fortune that Gorilla was dumb enough to consider making him naked a thing to celebrate endlessly.  He sucked a big gulp of air into his lungs and rose to his feet, ignoring the burning pain in his balls all the while.

By the time Gorilla had turned to further destroy his opponent, Alexi had reared back and sent a punch flying into the stocky stud's abs!  Gorilla, stunned by the assault, stumbled back into the ropes, where he lay hanging!

"Incredible!  The champ is on the offensive once again!" Dylan remarked for the fans unable to make it to the arena that night.  "He's running to the opposite ropes... it looks like he's going in for a flying kick!!  HE NAILS IT!!"

BOOM!  Gorilla took the brunt of the hit and was sent toppling out of the ring!  The big man, fat on his belly, groaned and cursed under his breath as Alexi's crowd rose to their feet, screaming a thunderous cacophony for their stud!

But Alexi didn't give his fellow wrestler a moment's rest.  He grabbed hold of the top ropes of the nearest turnbuckle and made the short leap up to the top.  The blond stud raised his left hand and shouted, "DLJA ROSSÍI!!" as he leapt high into the air and dropped his leg on the small of Gorilla's vulnerable back!

"GWAARGH!!" the challenger bellowed, taking the full impact of the champ's muscle-smashing legdrop.  Gorilla curled up slightly and gently rubbed his sore back as Alexi took a moment to flex for the fans that were cheering for him mere steps away.

"The Red Rocket takes some time to give back to his adoring fans," Dylan commented.  "With his godly body fresh in their minds, I'm sure they'll have quite a few sweet dreams tonight!"  The commentator snuck a few squeezes of his own erection, knowing that he certainly would that night.

Alexi grabbed Gorilla by the arm and trunks and slung him halfway into the ring.  The champ, grinning at the audience nearby, slowly peeled off Gorilla's shiny, burnt gold trunks, leaving his ass exposed to the world.  Arena cameramen zoomed in on the action.  With the crowd helping him count, Alexi brought his hand back and slapped at those bubble butt cheeks a good twenty times each.  He grabbed Gorilla's powerful legs and shoved his burly body all the way past the ropes.

"The fuck..." Gorilla groaned, looking up at the hot lights above as his cock flopped around with his every movement.  Dazed and unable to defend himself, he feebly raised a hand to keep Alexi at bay.

But the champion wouldn't be denied.  With his left hand, he pushed on Gorilla's chest, keeping him down and compliant.  With his right, he raised his hand up in a claw shape and brought it down into the challenger's abs!

"That has got to hurt!" Dylan remarked at the vicious abdominal claw the Russian was doling out.  "The challenger is screaming and thrashing, but the champ won't let up!"

The ref got down and checked on Gorilla.  But the stud wouldn't give his submission so easily.  He slugged Alexi hard in the jaw and managed to roll away from the attack before his beefy abs were turned to jelly.

With adrenaline surging through his veins, Alexi ignored the throbbing pains in his skull and bent down to grab Gorilla by the boots.  He spread those battering ram legs wide apart and dropped his own between the challenger's thighs, slamming his chest, abs, and groin in one hit!

"UWAGH!!" Gorilla bellowed with the devastating blow.  He lay still, breathing deeply as Alexi let go.  The musclebound blond lifted his opponent's leg in an attempted cradle pin!

The ref quickly dropped to the mat and slammed his hands down, counting, "ONE! ...TWO!"  But Gorilla managed a bit of effort to kick out of the pin.  Alexi grunted and leaned back, sitting on his folded legs.

"The champion tried for a pin, but Gorilla still has something to prove!" Dylan commented.  "Alexi looks a bit annoyed by the challenger's refusal to give in!  Over this past year, Gorilla's new followers know that he's one tough bloke!  Maybe the champ should've asked them about it!"

Alexi stood and stumbled back into the nearest turnbuckle.  He ran the back of his hand across his forehead, sending beads of sweat flying onto the hard floor around the wrestling ring.  The naked Soviet's big pecs rose and fell with each deep breath he willed into his lungs.

"It looks as though our wrestlers are pretty well stuffed by now," Dylan continued.  "It's anyone's guess who will claim victory in this ripper match!"

Alexi turned and began his climb up the ropes to the top of the turnbuckle.  The fans in the arena grew more and more excited as the nude wrestler stood proud and tall on his perch at the corner's top.  He took a moment to flex his powerful biceps and bounce his pecs, his cock swelling with blood and rising to a full erection.  He leapt from up high and brought his arm down in a devastating flying elbow drop!

Gorilla, completely out of it, never saw it coming.  "HURK!!" he grunted, limbs spread wide and flying up before dropping flat to the mat once more.  The aching challenger took the bulk of the damage to his gut, the collision effectively turning the muscle to mush.

"Get up, kangaroo boy," Alexi growled, pulling Gorilla up by his arms.  He moved behind the weary wrestler and grabbed him by his waist.  With little resistance standing in his way, the World Heavyweight Champion lifted the burly brawler's body up and over his side in a suplex!

BOOM!  The challenger's massive weight rocked the wrestling ring with the impact!  Gorilla howled in agony, his every limb and muscle burning with pain.

"INCREDIBLE!" Dylan shouted at the action.  "A flawless belly-to-back suplex!  The fans are going wild for the champion's unbelievable performance!!"

Alexi took full advantage of Gorilla's prone condition and delivered his booted foot several times into his challenger's gut, making quick work of leaving his mark on those abs.  He soon relented with one final leg drop into his foe's torso!

The Soviet stallion scooped up both of Gorilla's legs and brought his sweat-laced ass up to face the ceiling lights in a pin!  The challenger moaned through half-lidded eyes, his arms completely useless and spread out.  The ref dropped and began his pin count!

"ONE!  ...TWO! ...THREE!!"  The ref motioned to the arena officials, giving the win to the champ!

DING DING DING DING DING DING DING!! the bell then sounded, signaling that the Main Event was over and one of the wrestlers had emerged victorious!

"BONZER!!  ABSOLUTELY BONZER!!  ALEXI IS THE WINNER BY PINFALL!!" Dylan shouted into his mic for the fans at home as the arena erupted in screams of adoration for Alexi Volkov, the world champion who'd managed to hold onto his title and belt and even the score from his last humiliating defeat by Gorilla George!

Gorilla lay still on the mat as the sounds of Alexi's fans cheering burned his ego.  The big man had wanted badly to win and claim all of the rewards that came with it.  But Alexi's training over the year since their first match proved superior to his own.  He had been defeated and would likely never have another chance to take the belt from the Red Rocket.

Alexi's fists shot straight up into the air as he sat in the middle of the ring, his chest pouring with sweat and his cock, throbbing with excitement, stood erect with his victory.  Alexi's theme song blasted across the arena and red flares shot brilliantly to honor his victory!

He then stood with the referee, who helped him hold his championship belt up high as the ref announced, "YOUR WINNER AND STILL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... ALEXI... VOLKOV!!"

"It was a hard-fought fight," Dylan commented as the fans' cheers and roars finally subsided.  He slowly rubbed his erection through his pants with the bottom of his palm.  "I think just about everyone here can say that Alexi earned his win and deserves to keep that belt around his waist for a long time to come!"

Alexi grabbed the mic from the ref who was busy giving the belt back to an arena official.  Alexi held the mic to his mouth and grunted between breaths, "I want everyone to know... that Alexi is... best wrestler... in the world!"

The champ handed off the mic and squatted down over Gorilla's torso to claim his prize.  He grabbed hold of Gorilla's head and forced the battered stud up to suck his cock.  The challenger groaned his protest, but soon yielded, parting his mouth to take the blond's fat cockhead past his lips.  Alexi hissed in pleasure as the heat and wetness of his weaker opponent's mouth enveloped his glans.  Inch after inch speared the bald bull's head and he struggled to keep up.

Dylan unzipped his pants and grabbed hold of his wet, throbbing shaft, pulling it free from the confines of his clothing and jerking it up and down in his excited fist.  "The champion seems pleased with Gorilla's oral performance," the Aussie commentator huffed as lustlessly as he could manage.

"Thought you would take my belt, dirty fighter?" Alexi grunted, spurting a heavy load of precum down Gorilla's throat.  "Look at you now, pitiful dog.  You now feel power of Soviet Union!"

Gorilla burned with the insults, but with his mouth full of cock and his limbs weak and useless, he had no other choice but suffer the consequences.  His tongue worked to wet the very cock that would soon fuck his ass in front of a worldwide audience.

Alexi's hips thrust quicker now, pushing his length in and out of that mouth as cameras flashed all around them, forever immortalizing the epic title fight's results.

"Choke on my Soviet sausage, Aussie bitch!" Alexi grunted, shoving his entire length into Gorilla's sputtering mouth, tickling his tonsils in the process.  The champion pulled out, leaving the big man falling back to the ground and gasping for breath.

"On your belly!" the blond wrestler demanded, delivering a stomp to Gorilla's side.  Frightened by the winner's wrath, the stocky stud obediently rolled onto his stomach, his ass facing the sky and at the ready.  Alexi grabbed hold of Gorilla's hips and pulled them up as he squatted down low and assumed his rightful place, mounted atop the loser.

His cock wet with Gorilla's saliva, he pushed the fat head past the Aussie's tight anal ring and delved quickly into the warmth of his insides.  Gorilla gritted his teeth and hissed through the pain, keeping his face down and his fists clenched as he endured the penetration.  It'd been a long, long time since another man claimed his ass, and he was more than a little tight back there.  He willed himself to open and accept the Russian's girth as it skewered him.

"You finally yield, comrade!  I accept your surrender," Alexi groaned as his wet length slid to the hilt inside the man who wished to claim his championship belt, "and give you what you desire!"

Alexi began a slow and steady thrusting inside Gorilla's hot, tight backside.  His fat cock spread the challenger wide open and his balls pumped a healthy flow of precum to lubricate the fuck.  Alexi held Gorilla's meaty hips firmly in his strong hands and quickened his speed, his groin pounding the stocky man's butt cheeks with loud slapping sounds.

The blond wrestler thrust his head back and growled dominantly as he bred the loser.  Thoughts of how Gorilla had plowed his butt in the ring last year fueled his sore hips' urgent motions, thrusting his heavy meat deeper and harder inside.

Sharp, deep grunts escaped Gorilla's gritted teeth as he was quickly fucked full of Soviet cock.  He struggled to forget that his hole was being destroyed before 100,000 people and the millions more watching around the world.  Soon, however, his grunts of humiliation became moans of lust and heat as Alexi's manhood rubbed his insides and pounded his prostate.

"Da, bitch... your lewd hole sucks me in so nicely..." the blond moaned as he fucked away at the last bits of resistance of his defeated adversary.  He shook the sweat from his head as he shoved himself all the way inside Gorilla and turned the stud onto his back, placing his beefy ankles over his shoulders.

Alexi's hard thrusts continued for nearly a half hour as he soaked up every bit of glory from his deeply satisfying victory over the challenger to his title.

"Oohh... fuck..." Gorilla groaned, arms spread out and flat to the mat as he was given the fuck of his career.  His cock, hard as steel, wagged and waved about as his backside was pulverized, drizzling threads of precum in every direction.

Finally, Alexi's ego completely healed, the Russian decided it was time to seed this worthless opponent and be done with this chapter of his life.  With five more thrusts, Alexi buried his length all the way inside and unloaded his cum into the loser.  The world champion thrust his head back and roared as his manhood bounced and spurt wave after wave of hot seed into his bitch.

Gorilla grabbed hold of his cock and began to pump it, hoping to get off and feel a bit of relief.  Alexi slapped his hand away and gripped his balls firmly.  "NYET!" he growled lowly, cock slipping out of the challenger's leaking hole.  "You not get to cum, comrade.  Maybe I let you in showers... after you beg like slave!"

Alexi dropped Gorilla's aching body to the mat and raised his fists high to the thunderous cheering from all around him.  The World Heavyweight Champion, with his belt fastened snugly around him, beat his big pecs and climbed to the top of the nearest turnbuckle to bask in the sweet afterglow of his win.

"What an bonzer night, wrestling fans," Dylan commented through a heavy breath, it being quite obvious that he just got finished shooting his own pent-up load along with the champion.  "Last year brought us quite a remarkable upset when Gorilla and his tag team partner Goliath defeated the champion and raised his own status to the stars.  I think I can safely assume that that bubble has burst and this Aussie wrestler will have to climb his way back up again if he ever wants to feel that belt on his waist."

Alexi stood tall and proud on the top turnbuckle as his theme song played on the arena's speakers.  The blond wrestler slapped his pecs and flexed his biceps for his fans -- and for more than a few of Gorilla's loyalists, who came to fawn over his nude, Herculean body.

Alexi was champion.  He was the reigning king of professional wrestling and he knew that he would rule at the top for a good long time to come.

The End

- Alternate Ending -

Alexi turned and began his climb up the ropes to the top of the turnbuckle.  The fans in the arena grew more and more excited as the nude wrestler stood proud and tall on his perch at the corner's top.  He took a moment to flex his powerful biceps and bounce his pecs, his cock swelling with blood and rising to a full erection.  He leapt from up high and brought his arm down to deliver a devastating flying elbow drop!

Gorilla may have been big and strong, but he wasn't a fool; he predicted the champ's risky move the moment he began his ascent up the turnbuckle.  In the very last second, the challenger flashed a nasty smirk to his opponent and lifted his booted feet, catching the blond stud by the abs in midair!  Gorilla's fans leapt to their feet and screamed their approval!  The super-muscular Aussie lifted and lowered the champ a few times before kicking him high into the air and rolling out of the way as Alexi came shouting and flailing to the mat with a loud BOOM!

"UNBELIEVABLE!!" Dylan shouted for the fans watching at home.  "The champ went for an elbow drop but was caught by the challenger's quick thinking!  Alexi is down on the mat and his fans don't look too pleased with his performance!"

Alexi groaned with the pains of his failed finishing move.  Still on his belly, he glanced in every direction his aching neck could twist, but he couldn't see Gorilla anywhere!

"Is this what you were trying to do?!" the big stud roared from high atop the same turnbuckle Alexi was just on!  He came down upon the champ's prone form in a titanic body splash!  The full weight of the challenger's massively-muscular body crushed Alexi's as he lay vulnerable on the mat.  The Russian took the full impact in one mighty, bone-crushing thud!

"AAAUUUGHHH!!" Alexi cried out under the colossal weight of his opponent!  He could feel the Aussie's hot beads of sweat drip down upon his aching body.

Gorilla began thrusting his hips in a humiliating dry fuck of the champ's muscle butt.  He leaned in close to Alexi's ear and grunted in his deep Australian accent, "I should fuck you now, baby.  But I waited too damn long for it and I wanna have some more fun with you."

The challenger grabbed his jobber bitch by the hair and lifted him up just high enough to throw a hard punch to the blond's face, sending him crashing once again to the mat!  Gorilla clasped his fists together and raised them up high before bringing them down hard on Alexi's unprotected gut!

"Gorilla seems to be toying with his prey now," Dylan commented.  "He's on the offense and doesn't appear to be squandering even a little of his advantage!"

Gorilla, his cock flush with arousal and fully erect, sat on Alexi's waist and brought his fingers down upon the champ's big pecs.  Alexi struggled to move his arms to block the attack, but his aching muscles were like jelly.  Gorilla executed a vicious chest rake, quickly swiping his trimmed nails down those pecs!  Alexi howled in pain and quivered under the challenger's unmovable weight.  Twice more, Gorilla raked those pecs, taking the opportunity to twist and pull Alexi's erect, puffy nipples between each go.

"Get the fuck up, punk," Gorilla grunted, pulling Alexi by the arm until he stood on wobbly legs.  With one easy shove, Gorilla threw his foe into the ropes!  The challenger ran back into the opposite ropes to build momentum.  As Alexi ran back his way, Gorilla leapt into the air and drove his booted feet into the blond stud's chest in a brutal flying kick!

"BONZER!!  What a bloody beautiful kick!" Dylan remarked in excitement, groping the erection that painfully tented his pants.  "The champion falls back against the ropes, totally overwhelmed by the challenger's comeback!!"

Alexi leaned back against the ropes, staring up at the hot lights above.  How could this be happening, he wondered.  He trained for so hard to defeat this wrestler.  And yet Gorilla was making a fool of him once again!  He couldn't lose!  He couldn't let his beloved belt go to this dirty fighter!

"Wakey-wakey, time for baby's brekkie!" Gorilla snarled, sending his open fists chopping against Alexi's big chest.  The champ moaned and took every blow (14 in all, Gorilla's fans helping to count) as he leaned helplessly against the ropes.  Gorilla reared back and sent his fist flying into the champ's gut, causing spittle to fly from the blond stud's roaring mouth as he fell to the mat in agony.

Gorilla sat on the small of his opponent's back and began smacking those sweaty globes as revenge for his earlier humiliation.  He then spread the cheeks wide apart, allowing the nearest cameraman to get a shot of the wrestler's tight, pink hole.  Gorilla gave a sneering grin and wink to the camera before standing up again.

The challenger delivered several stomps to Alexi, kicking him until he turned onto his back.  Gorilla dropped his elbow onto Alexi's throat, softening him up for his finishing move.  Sure that the blond wouldn't be any problem, the Aussie bent over and scooped Alexi into his powerful arms, holding his weak and tired body upside down.

"Gorilla has our champion in his grasp, folks!" Dylan commented as Gorilla paraded Alexi's body around the ring in a show of power and dominance.  "It looks like... yes!  He's going for the piledriver!!"

The super muscular challenger, holding Alexi firmly to his hard body, leapt high into the air!  He straightened his legs out, trapping the Russian's head between his tree trunk thighs!  Down the two wrestlers went and...  BOOM!  The piledriver was executed flawlessly!  The ring shook with titanic power as Alexi was rocked to his very core!

Gorilla held his bitch in his grasp for a moment, allowing the cameras flashing all around them to get a good shot.  He finally let go and allowed Alexi's thoroughly-manhandled body to fall flat to the mat.

The champion lay spread eagle, chest rising and falling, salty beads of man sweat drizzling down his majestic musculature.  But Alexi refused to rise and continue wrestling.  His body was beaten and he couldn't fight on any longer.  He looked up to see Gorilla standing over him, arms flexed in an incredible side chest pose.  He hated to see the man who had defeated and fucked him one year ago standing over him, but he could do nothing to fight back.  He was finished.

Gorilla, having had his fill of proving his dominance to the world of professional wrestling, grunted as he got down on the mat and lifted Alexi's leg back in a pin.  He sneered with pleasure as Alexi's leg quivered in fear, held back in his unbreakable hold.  Nearby, the ref dropped to his knees and slapped the mat to begin the count.

"ONE!  ...TWO! ...THREE!!"  The ref motioned to the arena officials, declaring the challenger the winner!

DING DING DING DING DING DING DING!! the bell then sounded, signaling that the Main Event was over and a new champion had been crowned!

"WHAT AN UPSET, WRESTLING FANS!!  WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!" Dylan shouted with pride.  A wrestler from his home of Australia claimed the title of world champion!  Gorilla's fans leapt to their feet and roared in victory for their man!  "What an amazing upset!," Dylan continued, undoing his pants and whipping out his cock to stroke at the sight.  "Gorilla managed to come back strong and has utterly crushed the champ, taking the win by pinfall!"

"Yeah.  Knew it would end this way," Gorilla grunted, letting Alexi's leg fall like the rest of him to the mat.  The big stud raised his arms in a double bicep pose and stood, his erect cock bouncing and swaying with his every move.

The referee announced into his microphone, "YOUR WINNER AND NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... GORILLA... GEORGE!!"

"YEAH!!" he then bellowed as his theme song to play and a blaze of bright gold flares shot all around the ring, paying tribute to his win!

As the music died down again, the ref handed Gorilla the mic, allowing him to speak to the world.  "A year ago, some of you thought my win was a fluke.  Well, look at who the big daddy is once again.  Only now... he's the champ!"

"I don't think anyone watching this can deny the sheer power of the new champion," Dylan commented.  "Not only did he take the world by storm with his defeat of Alexi one year ago, but today he clenched it by taking the title in a display of pure Aussie might!"

A whirlwind of thoughts and emotions flew through Alexi's mind, numbing him to the cheers of not only Gorilla's fans, but the tens of thousands that the new champion had converted to his side.  He wondered if he was dreaming, but that thought left him just as quickly as Gorilla's hand slapped his face.

"Don't go to sleep now, baby," Gorilla cooed, giving his bitch another hard slap.  "The fun hasn't even started yet."

The new champion grabbed Alexi by the arm and dragged him over to the nearest turnbuckle.  He propped the defeated wrestler against the padding and wiggled his hips to their audience, grinning wickedly all the while.  Before he realized what was coming, Alexi's face was enveloped by Gorilla's hot, sweaty ass!  The former champ moaned out between those gyrating, swaying buns, but with both his body and spirit drained, he was utterly incapable of resistance and took the humiliation fully.

"Clean my hole, loser," Gorilla grunted, pushing himself firmly against the blond stud's face.  "Got it all sweaty working you over.  NOW!" he growled, giving his ass a firm shake.

Alexi timidly stuck out his tongue and got to work, licking the beads of hot, salty sweat from Gorilla's tight pucker.  He moaned out softly as he lapped away at the winner.  He could hear laughter from the fans watching closest to the ring.

Once he was finally satisfied (plus another few moments to relish the feeling of the fallen champ's tongue on his hole), Gorilla grabbed Alexi by the hair and led him to the center of the ring.  The big stud immediately shoved his cock against the beaten wrestler's face.

"You like daddy's big, fat cock, do ya?  Lick it," Gorilla grunted, gyrating his hips slightly, smearing his sweat across Alexi's handsome face.  "Be a good bitch and get it niiiiice and wet for him."

A little more eagerly than licking that backside, Alexi took to gliding his tongue up the shaft of his once bitter enemy.  Precum drizzled down the Aussie's cock and onto his tongue as he worked to worship the cock of the man who bested the world champion twice in a row.  The scent of Gorilla's groin was erotic and intoxicating; it made him feel lightheaded and deeply aroused to be dominated by this man.

"Yeah..." Gorilla cooed, holding Alexi's head with a light grasp.  The Russian looked up to see his firm, but tender green eyes staring back at him.  "I think this is gonna be the start of something real sweet, baby."

Gorilla's eye caught one of the cameramen halfway into the ring, getting his shot when the new champ turned Alexi's face toward the camera and grunted.  Alexi, understanding what Gorilla wanted, continued to lick that cock from balls to head, facing the worldwide audience of millions.  Wrestling fans the world over knew now without a doubt that Alexi had fallen hard and that a new superstud had risen from the ashes.

The new champ grunted and yanked Alexi away from his manhood.  He'd had better service before.  But that was no matter.  He'd have plenty of time to train this blond bitch in the ways of licking and sucking.  He made countless men into skilled cocksuckers in his career of pro wrestling; soon he would add yet another name to that list.

"You ready for that root now, baby?" he then asked through a nasty smile, giving Alexi's cheek a smack with his heavy, drooling shaft.  Alexi could only moan incoherent Russian as he looked up in exhaustion at his master.

Gorilla led Alexi by the hair to the ropes.  He lifted the stud until he stood on his own and guided the loser's hands to the top ropes for support.  Gorilla kicked those meaty legs apart and grabbed hold of the former champ's hips, squeezing them hard.

"Been missing this sweet, pink thing," he moaned, pushing his cockhead against Alexi's entrance.  Gorilla ran his strong hand up Alexi's back, causing the wrestler to shudder in forbidden pleasure.  His fingers came to a stop at the Russian's sweat-soaked mop of hair, grabbing hold of Alexi's head once more by those locks.  "You been missing me, baby?  You miss Gorilla plowing you deep?" he then hissed, sliding himself past Alexi's tight anal ring and slowly inside the heat.

"Da..." Alexi groaned lustfully as the new champ's bulbous mushroom rubbed firmly against his prostate and filled him with a fire he hadn't felt for an entire year.  The audience watched as two quickly became one and Alexi's manhood remained hard and leaking all throughout.

"Nnngh..." Gorilla groaned at the feeling of Alexi's hot inner muscles massaging his cock, involuntarily giving him tribute for his great victory.  He kept still, savoring the moment of penetrating the newly-dethroned world champ while he could.  Cameras flashed all around them, forever immortalizing the moment when Gorilla fucked Alexi for the second time.

"Beg me for it."


"Beg me for it," Gorilla commanded again, pulling roughly on Alexi's hair to reassert his dominance.

"AUGH!  P-Please... fuck me..." Alexi whimpered loud enough for the front row viewers to hear.

"FUCK HIM, CHAMP!" one of them laughed, high fiving his frat bro.

"Gotta give the fans what they want," Gorilla snickered, beginning a steady fucking of his newest and most high profile bitch.  Alexi instantly shuddered out a moan as Gorilla's girthy meat began plunging in and out of his quivering hole.

The blond stud held onto the ropes for support as Gorilla's speed and intensity increased.  His fat, wet cock plowed harder and faster, sending thunderjolts of pleasure through Alexi's body.  The former champ's ass muscles clamped down tightly around the invader, giving Gorilla even greater pleasure than he'd received last time.

Alexi's hard cock bounced lewdly up and down as he was screwed before millions worldwide.  His title and belt gone and his butt in the process of being busted by the very man who took it shattered his ego into a thousand pieces.  But that feeling deep inside that Gorilla was giving him... it felt so good to just surrender to it.  With very little reason to keep his face covered with a mask of pride anymore, the Russian stud screamed out his pleasure and pushed back against Gorilla's thrusts, helping the victorious wrestler to get every bit of his cock inside him.

Feeling generous enough to share his victory with every side of the arena, Gorilla, his cock embedded deep inside Alexi, led his bitch to the next side of the wrestling ring and resumed his fuck for a good 10 minutes before moving on to another.

Gorilla pulled out of Alexi's ass and gave those cheeks a good hard slap.  He lifted the Red Rocket into his arms and carried him to one of the turnbuckles.  Carrying the heavy slab of muscle in his arms, he pressed the loser's back against the padding and plunged himself back inside, continuing with the total destruction of Alexi Volkov.

Resigned to his fate and totally surrendered to his former opponent, Alexi clung to Gorilla as he was bred.  Man fucked man for nearly an hour that night, giving the audience a rare, live look at the victory sex that precedes the crowning of a new world champion.

"I am to be cumming soon..." Alexi huffed, his sopping-wet erection trapped between his and his master's beefy, sweaty bodies.

"No bitch cums before Gorilla," the new champ grunted, slamming his hips wildly into the blond's butt, drilling himself deeply inside.  Soon, he roared his orgasm for the entire arena to hear!  The big man's big cock bounced and spurt rope after rope of hot, potent semen into the defeated wrestler's tunnels, seeding Alexi and marking him as his slave!

His insides burning hot with his master's cum, Alexi was given the go-ahead to climax!  The Russian quivered in his Aussie lover's arms as he orgasmed between them, soaking their burly muscles with his protein-rich juices.  Spurt after spurt fired from Alexi's throbbing cock as he rode out the most incredible orgasm of his life.  He cried out in submission as he surrendered and spilled his wasted seed for the man who finally conquered him mind and body.

Alexi let go of Gorilla and lay back over the top of the turnbuckle, panting and moaning as his manhood continued to gush forth, emptying his balls-worth of cum -- cum he'd meant to plant inside Gorilla.  But now, he knew he'd never be able to do that.  He fought with all he had to settle the score and shut up the fools who doubted his rule as king of the ring.  Only now, with this rematch, he'd proven them all right.  It was finally over.

Gorilla stood proudly in the center of the ring, arms akimbo as Alexi crawled toward him, holding his title belt.  The new world heavyweight champion assumed a double bicep pose as Alexi wrapped the belt around his massive waist and snapped it in place.  Gorilla's cock grew to full erection at the sight of the Red Rocket on his knees, affixing his beloved title belt onto the man who beat him.

"The look of devastation on the former champion's face is intense as he surrenders his belt to Gorilla," Dylan (having just finished cleaning himself up after his explosive orgasm) commented as Alexi's hands dropped to his sides once finished.  "I can tell you, folks, this was a match few will ever forget.  Absolutely bonzer.  I'm Dylan Diamond at the Sydney International Wrestling Arena bidding you all a g'day and happy wrassling!"

Gorilla raised his fists high as cameras flashed all around them, getting the shots that would show up on the covers of newspapers the world over that next morning.  Gorilla had finished what he started and felt deeply pleased with himself for his victory.  That tag team match one year ago was only the first half of his new beginning.  Now, he would take the world of professional wrestling by storm and bring his own brand of muscle and Aussie power to the ring!

The End


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