Monday, July 22, 2013

Prince Hassan Version 3 Test

Hey, everyone!

I was playing around in the studio earlier tonight when I had a sudden itch to do a third update to my character, Prince Hassan.  I think I can blame Alex and his latest Route 69 story for this Arabian urging. *grins*

Prince Hassan was originally rendered with LuxRender, way back in early December of last year.  Outside of some work here and there, I've since not really bothered with Lux anymore.  It just takes far too long on my machine and it doesn't give me the saturation that I desire.

I'm thinking of making my next story about this studly desert-dwelling royal (whose original backstory can be found here).  This one would likely take me a while longer than some of my recent stories, as I have a few different locations in my head of where I would place Hassan.  Plus, I'd need the extra time to create the characters he would interact with and the locations themselves would need setting up...

But if it does end up taking me too long, I'll likely put it on hold periodically to work on shorter fights and the like to post in between.  I've done that before -- it totally helps break the feeling of being bogged down by one project.

Arrrgh.  I'm beginning to ramble.  That's my cue to get going!  Take it easy, guys.
-Lucky Stallion

P.S. -- That butt.  Damn, that butt...


  1. UNF, that cloth he's wearing. It's just so . . . diaphanous. :D

  2. Yeeees you start working at Hassan i Love it !!!!!!! Thank you so much :-****

  3. Okay, now i must know; where can i read this Route 69? Hot render, btw, as is usual. That rump in deed... can't wait to see who gets first crack at it ;) (pun intended)

    1. *grin* Thank you! I finished creating Hassan's two bodyguards last night, and will start work on his father, the king, later tonight.

      And you can read Alex's Route 69 series at Sidelineland Gay Wrestling Stories. I think it still requires a membership to read the contents, but getting approved shouldn't take very long.

  4. Sigh! That amazing cock and ass seen through that impossibly thin cloth! Far more boner inducing than a buck nekkid Hassan!*grin* *wink*