Friday, July 5, 2013

Olympian Knockout

Hey there, everyone.  I wanted to finish up this new series, Olympian Knockout, before the weekend hit, and I made it -- without sacrificing quality, to boot!

It's been a while since I did a lengthy Hercules story.  In fact, my last series involving the big Greek stud was all the way back in August of last year!  Man, how time flies...  Well, I feel like I've come a long way since then and am able to give the demigod himself a bit better justice.

I wrote the text part of this story in conjunction with the renders, which is completely different to how I usually do it.  Normally, I'll render the imagery first, playing out the fights and scenes in my head (all the while writing bits and pieces here and there so I don't forget certain things) and then write the fully-fleshed out story after the renders are done.  I think doing it this way helped me to make a more robust text companion to the image half of the series.

Enjoy, you guys!  Here's Olympian Knockout.

"I don't believe it!!" the commentator shouted into his mic as he and the rest of the world watched Alexi Volkov, current holder of the World Heavyweight Championship title belt, become caught in the sleeper hold of Gorilla George.  Gorilla and his partner, Goliath, tag team champions of Australia, had trapped Alexi in their corner and were slowly working him into submission!

Ryan Dermot, Alexi's lover and closest wrestling partner, grunted and stamped his white-booted foot on the mat, roaring for the ref to wake up and do something about all of the dirty tricks Gorilla and Goliath were resorting to!  But the ref wouldn't have any of the American's bellyaching.  He marched over to Ryan and began a shouting match with the brown-haired wrestler as the Aussie tag team freely worked over their latest victim.

Gorilla, outside the ropes, held Alexi's head and neck steady as he doubled down on his sleeper hold, weakening the Soviet stud with every second that ticked by.  Goliath landed blow after blow into Alexi's rock-hard gut, causing the reigning champion to expel what little air he'd been holding on to.

"Who's your daddy, punk?!" Gorilla asked in his thick accent, chewing gently on Alexi's ear.  "Aww yeeeeeah.  Your ass looks so sweet, baby," he continued, whispering lewdly into the Russian's ear.  "I'm gonna be fucking me a world champion tonight.  You want that, baby?  Gorilla's big, fat cock slamming deep inside that sweet, pink butthole tonight?  Yeah, you want it.  Daddy's gonna give it to ya real good."

But Alexi (as much as he desperately wanted to) wasn't much able to answer him at the moment.  The world around him was growing foggy, and with one last well-aimed blow to his face, Alexi was knocked out cold by the Aussie duo!

In an instant, Alexi was awakened.  The first things that he noticed were all of the clouds around him.  He was in the sky?  The next thing he saw was the uncountable set of stairs carved from white marble that ascended to a very bright light above him.

"Did those guys kill me?" he wondered aloud, thinking that he was now suddenly in some heavenly realm.  Alexi looked down and noticed that he was no longer wearing his wrestling gear.  Gone were his ruby red thong, boots, wristbands, and knee pads.  Despite his apparent high altitude, he wasn't cold.

"What happened...?" he whispered to himself.  "Am I among the dead now...?"

Even though he didn't feel dead, he had to have been!  And now all that was left was to climb the stairs and meet his maker...

Minutes passed as he climbed toward the light.  Somewhere along the way, he lost count of how many steps he'd traversed.  He wondered if Ryan was thinking about him now.  Hopefully his American lover wouldn't cry over him.  He'd never forgive such a thing in a romantic partner of his!  Oh, how he would trade anything at that moment to give his sweetheart one last Bolshevik Bodyslam.

Finally, he reached the top of the stairs and stepped onto a beautiful platform with ancient-looking columns all around it.  There was a much older man standing near the center looking at him.  Alexi had never seen a man with white hair look so beautiful -- or so... big.  He was also, like himself, completely nude.

The old man didn't say anything to him at first.  He merely stared at him with an angry expression upon his unwrinkled face.  Was this man a... a god?  Alexi didn't even know if he was dead or not, let alone if the first person he saw was some all powerful being.

"On your knees before me, boy," the old man commanded with a deep, authoritative voice.  His words were so loud, Alexi wondered if the entire world could hear it.  As though the old man's command were a magic spell, the Russian's legs buckled, and he fell to his knees.

"I am the father of all gods and men.  I am Zeus," the stranger finally introduced himself.  So it was true, Alexi realized.  But... Zeus?  The Greek god of thunder?  "Yes, I am he," Zeus then spoke, as if reading the blond muscleman's thoughts.

But before Alexi could open his mouth to utter a single word, Zeus raised his hand and silenced him.  "You have been brought before me to face judgment, mortal," the god king declared, staring deep into Alexi's eyes.  His glare was so penetrating, the human felt the strange sensation that his very soul was being examined.  "Prepare yourself," Zeus warned, a light appearing before his hand to teleport them both from the area.

Alexi fell to the ground with a thud.  He looked around quickly and noticed that he was now in some sort of stone enclosure.  There were three golden gates to his sides and behind him.  In the two corners by the back gate were long, curved benches as though placed there for an audience.

To his front sat Zeus in an exquisite throne surrounded by ivy.  The king of the gods allowed his limp cock and heavy balls to dangle over the edge of the seat, and his legs were spread open in a display of immense pride for his masculinity.

"Alexi Volkov," Zeus spoke, startling the Russian with his accuracy.  "You have made a mockery of the gods of Olympus.  You have made claims of surpassing the most powerful mortal to ever walk the earth: Hercules.  You have even allowed yourself to be called by his name.  And yet you are unable to live up to his might, young wrestler.  This cannot go unpunished.

"To atone for your sin, I offer unto you a choice: fight my son, Hercules, here before me and prove to me that your claims are true, or... crawl before me like a humbled slave and suck to orgasm my sword of flesh.  Choose."

As he spoke, Zeus' godhood rose to full erection before the mortal's eyes.  The hard maleness throbbed and bounced with the god king's every mighty breath.  His heavy balls, filled with the life-giving seed of Olympus, were now on full display.  The insinuation that Alexi might possibly stoop to the second option infuriated him.

Alexi stood upright and thrust his massive chest out to Zeus.  "NYET!" he growled angrily, bouncing his mammoth pecs in his own display of masculinity.  "Alexi Volkov is not bitch!  The Red Rocket suck cock of NO man and NO god!"

"You have chosen," Zeus spoke calmly.  He glanced over the enraged Russian's shoulder to see that his legendary son had appeared with them in the Trial Square, the location which Zeus built to decide the fates of powerful men.

"Hercules will break every bone in your body," the god king continued, instilling fear in the pro wrestler.  "By the time he is through, you will have begged for mercy a thousandfold.  And mercy will come...  On Olympian godhood, mercy will come!  You shall spill your weak, mortal seed onto this battleground in honor of the Olympians!"

Zeus' distraction worked perfectly.  By the time Alexi had turned to face Hercules himself, the demigod had crashed into him, toppling him to the ground in a pile of confused muscle!  Hercules held Alexi close, gauging the mortal's strength through body-to-body contact.  The Russian could feel raw power emanating from the heat of the Greek's incredible body.  He could feel Hercules' heart beating against his as their heavy chests rose and fell with every tense breath they drew.

"You...  No mortal man can ever hope to be Hercules!  I AM HERCULES!!"

The demigod's green eyes burned with anger for this one's arrogant claims.  For far too long now, the men of the modern world have compared themselves to the son of Zeus.  Some went even further and made declarations of being mightier than the legendary Hercules.  No more.  Starting with this wrestler, he would destroy any man who dared to be so foolish!

The surrealness of actually being in combat with the real Hercules stunned Alexi, allowing the godling to pull his fist back and send it flying into the blond's face!  Alexi cried out in pain!  The force of the impact rattled his senses, sending the world around him into a dizzying spin!

Hercules sat up and grabbed hold of Alexi's jaw.  He pulled the Russian's head up to face him and growled, "I will teach you a very important lesson in submission, mortal."

Hercules stood and delivered a series of stomps to his blond opponent's vulnerable gut.  Alexi took the full brunt of the attack, groaning and grunting with every hit.  The wrestler had taken quite a few stomps in his career, but none had ever felt so unbelievably crushing.  It was as though a sack of lead were being lifted and repeatedly dropped upon his abs.

Zeus watched their every movement with great delight.  The immortal god king grabbed hold of his fat cock and began a slow pumping up and down.  His foreskin peeled back with every pump, revealing the plump mushroom head underneath.  The slit of that mighty head began to form a bead of precum as sweet as the most succulent of ambrosia.  He enjoyed watching Alexi struggle to roll away from Hercules' onslaught of stomps, only to fail time and time again.

When Alexi did finally manage to roll onto his belly, he instantly regretted the action.  Hercules' mighty foot came down upon the small of his back, pinning him down!  The blond stud groaned and clawed at the ground, struggling to slide out from the enormous pressure his body was placed under.

"You will surrender to the gods of Olympus, boy!"

"Never..." Alexi growled, thrashing as furiously as he could muster to get away.  His efforts proved to be futile, however, as Hercules ground his heel down into the Russian's back, holding him in place.

Hercules reached down and grabbed hold of Alexi's golden locks, yanking him up and back!  The modern muscleman screamed out as his opponent applied a painful submission hold!  The bearded Greek laughed boisterously as he pulled cruelly on Alexi's hair, forcing his back into an arch.

"Excellent, Hercules!  Break him down!" Zeus shouted with pride, stroking his throbbing cock quicker now.  He licked his lips and ran his free hand across his meaty inner thigh and to his heavy balls, kneading the big orbs slowly.  Hercules' methods of wearing down Alexi's spirit were arousing him greatly.  These modern mortals would learn to respect and obey the Olympian gods as men had thousands of years ago.

Growing bored of the hold, Hercules released Alexi's hair, allowing the Russian's upper body to fall hard onto the stone floor.  Alexi moaned through the pains that inflamed his scalp, but he was grateful that the ancient demigod had released him at last.  Alexi struggled to rise to his feet.  He knew that if he were to possibly win, he would need to fight!

"Are you ready to kneel before me and suckle my shaft?" Hercules asked through a light chuckle as he watched the human slowly get up.

Alexi looked to the Greek's groin, where his cock had grown to a full, massive erection!  Hercules shook his hips slightly, making his hardened appendage wag before the mortal man.  Alexi growled at the display.  These gods must have him confused for someone else -- he was no bitch for cock!

The Russian rose to his feet and watched his adversary carefully, making sure that the demigod wouldn't catch him off guard a second time.  Hercules grunted and snarled, opening his powerful arms wide, ready to wrestle.  Alexi moved with his foe, circling the Trial Square with Zeus as witness to their battle.

The god king smiled at the mortal's resistance.  He was happy to see these stubborn musclemen fight against the inevitable -- it only made their eventual domination that much sweeter.  Zeus squeezed the head of his precum-glistened cock, sending thunderbolts of pleasure throughout his titanic body.  He masturbated himself freely and openly as his son and the proud blond stud locked up in a grapple.

Alexi had never in his life struggled against such a powerful force.  What took all of Alexi's strength to press forth only took the demigod a mere budge.  Hercules smirked confidently at his human opponent and gave a light shove, breaking the grapple.  He spread his arms and curled his fingers twice, challenging Alexi to attack.

Not wanting to squander a second of this opportunity, the Russian bull pulled back and send his fist flying into Hercules' awesome pecs!  The attack stung the Olympian slightly, but his footing remained firmly grounded.

"You wish to be Hercules, little one?  You must try harder than that!" the son of Zeus laughed.

Alexi tackled Hercules and wrestled him to the ground.  The attack bolstered the mortal's confidence in the fight, yet he never realized that it was Hercules who gave him the opening.  Alexi wrapped his arm around the demigod's thick neck and squeezed with all his might, hoping to put the powerful stud to sleep and claim victory.

The two men grunted and growled in the heat of the struggle.  Beads of sweat began to coat their incredible bodies as they strained against one another.  Alexi felt sure that this was his one and only shot of defeating the legendary Hercules!  He squeezed as tightly as he could muster!

But when Alexi dared to look over at Zeus to give him a cocky grin, Hercules took advantage of the lapse of focus!  He reached up to grab his foe by the arm pits and with one great heave and a mighty grunt, flung him into the distance!  Alexi screamed as he slid across the beautiful stone floor, coming to a skidding halt near Zeus' throne.

The white-haired god, instead, was the one who grinned at the reversal.  Pumping his throbbing, sopping-wet godhood up and down, Zeus greatly enjoyed the thrashing he had a front-row seat to witnessing.  It'd been far too long since Zeus had been treated to such a spectacle.  The over-inflated ego of this man would be smashed to dust before his very eyes.

"Augh...!" the blond stud cried lowly, arching his back and writhing on the ground before the ruler of Olympus.  Alexi had little time to moan, however.  He soon felt Hercules' strong hand grab hold of his ankle, pulling him back to the center of their private arena.

The godling stomped Alexi in the stomach, forcing the air from his lungs.  Before the blond could even dream of getting up again, the bearded Greek stood over his lower half, facing his chest.  He reached down and yanked Alexi's legs up and into the 'safety' of his unyielding arms.

Tears began to form in Alexi's eyes as he felt powerless to stop the demigod from executing his next submission hold!  He pounded his fists against the stone floor as Hercules succeeded in locking his legs in place!

"I believe you mortals call this hold the 'Boston crab'," Zeus commented through a smirk just as Hercules turned Alexi onto his chest and off the ground.

Hercules quickly pulled back, causing Alexi to scream in pain!  The human felt as though he might snap in two, though given that he seemed to be in the afterlife, it never occurred to him that no real injury could possibly befall him.

Yet, despite it all, he could still feel every muscle in his lower body strain from Hercules' devastating submission hold!  Alexi slapped the ground and cried out for relief, but was given no respite!

"SUBMIT!!" Hercules roared, packing on the pressure with his incredible strength.  Yet, Alexi held out, sure that he could still win!  He clawed at the ground, struggling to slip out of the hold.  Finally, the demigod released him and allowed his aching limbs to fall.

"You are not worth even the sweat from my balls, weak little one," Hercules snorted, scooping up a palmful of salty sweat from his chest and flinging it onto Alexi's back.  Hercules took a moment to strike a double bicep pose for Zeus, filling the ancient god with pride -- pride for not only the Olympian gods, but for himself as creator to such powerful offspring.

Hercules knelt down to grab hold of the pro wrestler.  With minimal effort, he hoisted his opponent's heavy body up and into the air.  The godling held the blond stud high overhead in a display of power.  To humiliate him further, Hercules began lowering and lifting Alexi's body as though it were nothing more than a weight to exercise his muscles.

Hercules' middle finger crept deep between the Russian's sweat-drenched butt cheeks, finding the puckering hole hidden between.  His fingertip gently stroked at the hole as he used the Earth's world wrestling champion for weight training.

"Unhh... aah..." Alexi whimpered from the stimulation.  Despite the humiliation he was subjected to, the human couldn't help but grow aroused as he writhed high over the demigod's body.  His manhood sprang to full erection -- a testament to Hercules' ability to make even fierce enemies surrender sexually.

Hercules dropped Alexi's body to the ground, where it landed with a thud.  The mortal didn't bother to try and crawl away from his opponent.  He had nowhere to go and his resistance would probably anger the demigod even more.  But his pride as a man and a wrestler kept him from leaning over to kiss Hercules' feet and beg pathetically for mercy.

The son of Zeus knelt down once more and grabbed his foe's leg, spreading it from the other.  He placed his meaty hands on those sweaty cheeks and opened them wide, exposing the treasure nestled between.  The halfgod licked his lips at the seemingly-unfucked hole winking at him.  That pink anal ring was tight, for sure, but Hercules was up to the challenge.  His cock oozed his sweet precum onto the ground as he fantasized of the things he would do to that beautiful hole.

"What are you... what are you doing...?!" Alexi growled angrily.  The fight wasn't even over, and yet Hercules was already inspecting him like a harem prince might his latest prize.  Alexi's insolence did nothing but anger Hercules, snapping him back to reality.

"What am I doing, boy?" the godling growled, lifting his massively-muscled wrestling dummy into the air.  "I am breaking your spirit!"

With not a shred of energy left to fight back, Alexi's abs were easily positioned against Hercules' chest as the mighty Olympian caught him in the hold that the bearded Greek was most famous for: the bearhug.  Horror struck Alexi as Hercules' arms squeezed his forearms close to his torso, trapping them against his sides.

Hercules bared his teeth at the frightened wrestler and began to slowly, gradually increase the pressure of his squeeze.  Alexi wriggled like a wounded fish in the nude demigod's unyielding grasp, but it was hopeless to resist.

"Yes, my son!  YES!!" Zeus cheered, moaning hotly at the erotic wrestling hold.  His fist pistoned rapidly up and down his slippery shaft.  And though a mortal man would have surely orgasmed several times by then, the king of the gods could prolong his pleasure for as long as he desired.

"GIVE UP!!" Hercules grunted, squeezing even tighter.  Alexi felt as though his very bones would be crushed to dust in the arms of the ancient hero.  The Russian felt the pains of Antaeus, trapped in the unmerciful hug of Hercules.

"No... u-ungh...!!" Alexi cried out with the new level of pressure Hercules added to the hug.

For ten long, agonizing minutes, Alexi endured the incredible strength of Hercules' bearhug.  Those titanic arms squeezed around his quivering frame relentlessly, punishing the mortal for his sin.  But Hercules didn't mind the wait.  He had all of eternity to teach this man a lesson he would never forget.

Hercules leaned forward and took Alexi's big, puffy nipple between his lips.  The wrestler gasped and moaned hotly as his vulnerable man teat was engulfed by his foe's hot mouth.  Hercules began to voraciously suck and chew on the dark, peaked flesh.  The electrifying stimulation caused Alexi's cock (trapped firmly against Hercules' rock-hard abs) to leak a river of precum in response.  Alexi moaned with the erotic torture, unable to do anything but suffer in the bearhug as his nipples were roundly defeated by Hercules' teeth, tongue, and lips.

"No more...  Please... no more..." Alexi finally sighed, succumbing to impossible odds and resigning his fate to the legendary Hercules.

But Hercules did not relent.  Driven by raw testosterone and a primal urge to dominate his enemies, Hercules continued to chew on Alexi's now-tender nipples as he crushed the man's body in his hug.  He could feel Alexi's cock throb and gush male lubricants against his body.

"No... no more...  I surrender...!  I surrender!!" Alexi tried again, leaning back to look pitifully at Zeus, hopeful that the god would have mercy on him.

"Enough, Hercules," Zeus spoke after a moment's thought.  "Bring him to me."

The demigod relaxed the bearhug, giving immediate relief to the mortal man's tired and aching body.  Alexi rested his head against Hercules' broad, sweaty shoulder and breathed deep the manly scent of the one who had defeated him.

Hercules carried Alexi before Zeus' throne and laid him facing the father of all gods and men.  The defeated blond bodybuilder looked up into the face of the white-haired Olympian.  Alexi remained silent at first, catching his breath as he stared with new respect for the gods of Olympus.

"I surrender... mighty Zeus...  Forgive me... for my sin..." he huffed out, not wishing to relive what he just went through.  His words were true.  He finally realized that his claims of surpassing Hercules' strength were wrong.

"I will forgive you, my son.  But you must be punished for your arrogant denial of my offer at redemption.  I must see to it that you realize the error of your ways," Zeus declared, nodding at Hercules.  The demigod pulled a quivering Alexi back a few steps, his body remaining upon the ground.

Having defeated the Earth's best wrestler, Hercules had regained his boastful title as world's strongest.  With a deep, masculine grunt, Hercules squatted over his destroyed foe's heaving chest and struck a pose for Zeus' enjoyment.  The demigod's cock, hard and proud, swayed with virile strength as he stood and raised his fists up high.

"HERCULES IS VICTORIOUS," Zeus bellowed to all of Olympus.  His voice carried across the entire world, reaching even the mortals below as a rolling thunder.  Though they never understood what caused the worldwide thunder, deep in their subconscious minds, their thoughts of Hercules and his legendary strength grew a hundredfold.

"You have lost, Alexi," Zeus continued in the same loud, commanding voice as Hercules moved to stand by his side.  "You have failed to prove your claims of being stronger than Hercules.  By evidence of your defeat, I find you guilty of your sins."  Alexi rolled onto his side with a groan and stared at Zeus as he handed down his ruling.  "I sentence you to submit yourself to Hercules for the harm you have caused his pride.  Your body will comfort him for as long as he sees fit.  Your holes will provide warmth to him, and you will receive his seed."

"Humiliate yourself before me, slave," Hercules grunted at the mortal man.

Unused to having to do this in the wrestling ring, Alexi however knew what to do to satisfy the winner's demands.  He'd once ordered a rookie wrestler from France to humiliate himself in the ring.  The Russian blushed as he emulated what that rookie had done for him.

"This... this is good, da?" Alexi grunted, his legs spread wide and held back to expose his hole to Hercules and Zeus.  His face turned beet red as he willingly exposed his most private area to the victorious gods.

Aided by Zeus' powers, his mortal manhood, in full salute, throbbed and displayed itself almost masochistically to his conquerors.  The head of that manhood betrayed Alexi's arousal as it leaked a steady flow of precum down the shaft and onto his tight, pink hole.  By itself, his own cock showed Hercules and Zeus that his submission to their authority was genuine and complete.

Hercules rushed forward, unable to resist any longer, and grabbed hold of Alexi's still-tender waist.  He supported them both with his powerful, tree-trunk-thick legs as he held his new slave's lower body up and steady.  Hercules buried his bearded face between Alexi's butt cheeks and began to ravenously devour the mortal man's hot hole.  He dragged his rough tongue hungrily across the quivering inner flesh; with every lick it surrendered again and again to his power.  Here and there, Hercules' teeth would grab hold of the pucker and chew gently at it, just to hear Alexi howl in delight.  When those satisfying howls became mewls, he would let go and resume his tongue work.

Alexi moaned softly and lost himself to the new sensations of being the submissive partner.  The feel of the Olympian's tongue on his hole was indescribable to the wrestler.  He truly felt as though he were in a heavenly paradise with Hercules lapping at his tender hole in the godly presence of Zeus.

"Like countless men throughout history, now you will taste the sword of Hercules!" the demigod grunted, letting Alexi fall back to the ground.  He squatted over the blond's upper body and pulled him up to sit on his butt.  In one quick motion, Hercules slid himself into the warm, wet mouth of the loser.

Alexi struggled to accept the entire length that was thrust into his mouth.  Yet, unknown to him, Zeus' power aided his acceptance of Hercules' meat.  Alexi's throat muscles relaxed and allowed Hercules to delve deep into them.

The demigod held Alexi's head still as he began a slow and steady rhythm.  His mighty hips gyrated back and forth, and his butt flexed with each hilting of himself inside that mouth.  The Russian placed his hands upon Hercules' sweaty butt cheeks as his lips and throat were plowed by his new master.

Zeus resumed his masturbation.  As he watched the sentence be carried out, his free hand caressed his beefy inner thighs.  He slowly ran his fingers up across his hard abs and to his perfect pectorals.  He took one of his godly nipples into his meaty digits and tugged on the perky flesh, pulling it away from his body.  The god's low, lusty sighs were drowned out by his cock's loud, wet squelches.

Time held no meaning to the young human during his time in Zeus' domain.  He worshiped Hercules' cock with his lips and tongue for what must have been hours.  The demigod never grew bored of thrusting himself beyond Alexi's moist lips, claiming sweet revenge for the man's earthly arrogance.

Finally, Hercules had had his fill of the human's mouth.  He shoved Alexi to the ground and decided to take his throne atop his defeated opponent's handsome face.  The Russian moaned hotly between those big cheeks as they came to a rest above his features.  Completely unused to licking other men's asses, the mortal timidly stuck his tongue out and gently slid it across Hercules' puckering hole.  Because of his inexperience at such a task, Alexi expected the taste to be horrid... yet, what he discovered was a warm, sweet flavor unlike any he'd ever known existed.  He quickly got to work lapping away at the superior wrestler's butt, returning the wonderful sensations that he was blessed to have received earlier.

When Hercules grunted and stood, Alexi realized that it was time to fuck.  Without even being told to do so, Alexi got on all fours and raised his beefy butt into the air, presenting himself to the stronger wrestler.  Zeus smiled at this display of submission.

Hercules delivered several slaps to the Russian's backside, causing his big cheeks to shake with the impact.  A low growl of dominance grumbled from the bearded demigod's throat as he grabbed hold of Alexi's warm hips and assumed his rightful place atop the loser's ass.  He pressed the fat head of his cock against Alexi's hole and, with one mighty thrust, pushed his entire length inside!

"UNNGH!!" Alexi cried out at the sudden entry!  He had expected it to be gentle at first -- or at least for the demigod to go slowly.  But Hercules had other ideas.  The black-haired stud had been left waiting far too long now and he was ready to fuck.

Hercules' grip over Alexi's hips tightened as he slammed himself in and out of the human's soft, silky hole.  Their powerful hips slapped together in a beautiful song of man-on-man sex.  Alexi, also not quite used to receiving anal sex, cried out in lustful heat as his insides were expanded by the huge battering ram of his former adversary.

"Ahhh," Hercules sighed loudly, the tight depths of the blond's hole sucking eagerly at his godhood.  "I take great pleasure from your body, slave.  Know that your hole was destined to sheath my sword!  Know that no man will ever surpass my might!  This is where you have always belonged: under the muscle of Hercules!!"

"D-Da, Master," Alexi moaned blissfully, the initial pain of his penetration now just a faded memory.  That hard shaft drilled deep inside his butt, filling him with Olympian heat.  The fact that it was Hercules himself atop him, dominating his insides, caused him to shudder in raw excitement.  He still couldn't believe it.  "I'm being fucked by Hercules...  Hercules' cock... so big...  Please... harder...!"

Hercules was only happy to oblige.  For the next several hours, mortal and immortal mated wildly before the proud, watchful eyes of Zeus.  Hercules' legendary libido proved true that day, allowing the world's strongest man to plow the depths of his lover until the end of time, had he wished it.

But with Hercules' masculine pride restored and justice finally served upon this earthbound man, he knew that it was time to finish.  Hercules pulled himself from Alexi's hole, causing the man to feel an uncomfortable emptiness.  He carried Alexi to Zeus' throne, where the white-haired god helped to end what they began.

"On your knees, my son," the king of the gods commanded, and Alexi obeyed.  The Russian was presented with the cock of Zeus himself.  Without hesitation, Alexi opened his mouth and received the godly penis.  A foreign flavor hit the mortal's taste buds.  Zeus' sweet precum was like ambrosia to the human's tongue, and he greedily lapped it up before sucking away at the head and shaft, hopeful for more.

Zeus relaxed in his seat and moaned as Alexi bobbed his head up and down the length of his slick shaft.  Alexi's tongue slid over every inch of Zeus' godhood, eager to perform as best he could.  His lips drank from the slit as the god king rewarded the wrestler with a heavy dollop of sweet precum.

Hercules mounted the defeated wrestler's butt once more and plunged himself back inside.  Alexi cried out from around Zeus' cock as his backside was filled once more with the fiery heat of his Olympian dominator.  His anal ring clamped down around that mighty shaft, squeezing it tightly as his inner muscles worked to massage and pleasure its wielder.

"Receive your master's seed, slave!!" Hercules growled as his thrusts became quick and aggressive.  He fucked his cock into his bitch twice more before slamming all the way in and roaring his orgasm!

Hercules' titanic cock bounced as it erupted round after round of hot cum deep into Alexi's butt.  The human instantly orgasmed in unison with his heavenly lover, spilling his seed onto the battleground, just as Zeus promised he would.  His wild moans of passion vibrated along the ancient god's member, sending him, too, into the throes of bliss.

Zeus spread his legs wide and pressed Alexi's head all the way down his shaft as the fat head of his cock unloaded its cream directly down his throat.  Zeus' roars of ecstasy sent another loud, booming crash of thunder to the earth below.

The three males panted hotly and rubbed each other's muscular bodies with deep affection and admiration.  Exhausted from his ordeal, Alexi rested his head against Hercules' massive pec and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Zeus and Hercules smiled at him.  There were many men like Alexi on the earth.  Men who believed that they had surpassed Hercules in strength -- men who often boasted such things to those around them.  These men, too, would be brought into the Trial Square and given the option to suck the cock of Zeus or foolishly fight the legendary Hercules himself.

But that would have to wait for a time.  The king of the gods placed his hand upon the mortal and returned him to the world of the living where he belonged.

"Augh...  Ungh...  Fuck..."

Alexi heard a familiar voice grunt erotically as he awoke from the sleeper hold that had cost him and Ryan the match.  When his vision finally came into focus, he could see that he was on his hands and knees in the middle of the wrestling ring.  He was back!

It instantly dawned on him that Gorilla, the Aussie who'd sleepered him, was mounted on his butt, drilling him full of his huge cock!  Alexi groaned and shook the sweat from his head.  He looked over to see Ryan on his back, ankles hoisted on Goliath's shoulders, receiving a hard butt fucking from the victorious wrestler.  Alexi's partner and lover moaned hotly and writhed with every thrust into him.

Cameras flashed all around them, forever capturing the aftermath of the world champion's defeat at the hands of the bad boy tag team duo.  Luckily for the Soviet, the match wasn't a one-on-one title fight that would have robbed him of his belt.  Still, the results had shocked the world and would surely generate a whirlwind of buzz for Gorilla and Goliath.

"I just can't believe it, folks!" the commentator remarked excitedly.  Just as soon as Ryan had been pinned by the duo and the upset was official, he had fished his manhood out of his pants and was jerking it eagerly to the sexy sight in the ring.  "What a night, wrestling fans!  What an incredible night!!"

"Awwww yeah, baby.  Told you I was gonna be fucking that sweet, pink butthole," Gorilla grunted, slamming his cock in and out of Alexi's ass as he flexed his sweaty, bulging biceps for the cheering fans.  "You like that, don't you, baby?"

The way that Gorilla plowed him instantly reminded the world champion of Hercules' incredible loving.  With a dopey smile, the blond lowered his head to the mat and sighed, "Da..."

The End

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  1. Mag-fucking-nificent! Although you're gonna have to show us Alexi getting his own back against the Auzzies who beat him! And any chance of an alternate ending?

    1. Thank ya! I don't think there will be an alternate ending to this one -- at least I didn't plan there to be.

      I was considering putting a version of it up for sale afterward, with some extra story bits and renders. But that's just an idea at the moment.

  2. And you must must must show a re-match for Gorilla and Alexi, Gorilla gets his shot but ends out on the loosing end!

    1. *grins* Yeah, Gorilla and Goliath really pulled off some dirty moves to get their man.

      I'll make a note of it for the future.

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    1. Heh heh heh. >:D I'm glad to hear you liked it!

      Hercules finally gets to dominate!

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    1. Thanks, man!

      Given that this is the only fight that I've shown Hercules winning (except for the vs Sergios alternate ending), I wouldn't be able to do it with my characters. Nice idea, though!

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    1. Aw, thanks, man! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!

      I initially considered making Alexi's ascent to Olympus when he was in bed dreaming, but decided to change it to something more character appropriate. I'm glad you guys like the tag team segments as much as I do.

      By the way, I've had your latest Route 69 story open in a tab, but I've been so swamped lately, I haven't gotten around to sitting back and enjoying it in its entirety. I should get to doing that soon!

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