Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crazy Busy Happenings

Hi there, guys.  How're you all doing?

I just wanted to check in and let you guys know that I've been taking a small break since the Olympian Knockout story.  But during that time, I've also been busily converting it to an illustrated story PDF for sale at Lulu.  I'm just about done with that and should have all the details about it soon.  It'll be $4.99 USD (the same price as the Tuskar comic) and will have eight extra renders and 1,224 words of story to go with them.

I've also been a little busy working on a new graphic for a non-erotic site I sometimes do commission work for.  That's almost done, too.  After that, I'll get to work thinking up a new story idea for Barbaric Brawn.

Oh, and I've also opened up my very own Tumblr account the other night!  I figure I'll post random things that catch my interest there.  Probably not frequently, though.  My first passion is this blog here and you guys. *grin*

Have a good day and I'll see you soon,
-Lucky Stallion

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