Blog Updates

This page is for documenting what gets replaced or updated in the blog that likely won't be getting front page posts about.

2016/06/12 Added Challenge Accepted to the PDF eBooks page and to the sidebar.
2016/06/12 Added Tag Team Triumph 1 and 2 to the PDF eBooks page and to the sidebar.
2015/08/25 Updated the Patreon page.  Fixed some colors on the About page.
2015/08/23 Made the blog a little bit wider (by 40 pixels) than before.  Adjusted the sidebar to be a little slimmer, giving even more room to the main content area.  Updated the header image to reflect the new width.
2015/08/19 Did a massive update of the blog's colors and graphics.  Added in the Patreon page.  Replaced the favicon with an updated version.
2015/06/21 Took the leap and swapped out the old Reactions for a simpler Like and More Like This buttons.
2015/06/13 Updated the footer image.
2015/05/05 Slimmed down and updated the Links page.
2015/04/21 Updated the sidebar with new banners.
2015/02/15 Fixed a small graphical error in Panel 09 of Eros, God of Love.  Added After Hours and Eros, God of Love to the Series and Stories page.
2015/01/25 Updated the header image.
2014/11/18 Updated the Links page.
2014/09/07 Slimmed down the external banners to square icons in the side bar and added one for Twitter!
2014/09/05 Added the Flash Sale promo banner and link to the side bar.  Removed the Links list from the side bar (they're still available in the top bar).
2014/08/26 Fixed up the images in the Orcs on the Rocks set.
2014/07/31 Updated the Links page and added 200px and 400px banner link pics at the bottom.  Updated the banner link pic on the sidebar.
2014/07/29 Overhauled the PDF eBooks page and all of the pages that refer to the PDF edition stories.
2014/03/10 Updated the footer image.
2014/03/01 Added handy links to the PDF editions of my published stories at the ends of their respective pages.
2013/12/27 Updated the header image.
2013/12/01 Touched up minor details in panels 66, 69, 70, 85, and 106 of The Defiant Prince: Part 3.
2013/11/14 Added preview images to the PDF eBooks page.
2013/11/11 Revamped the Characters page in the top bar with new, slimmed down images to make navigating easier.  Removed redundant character tags in the sidebar.
2013/11/08 Added a new page in the top bar called PDF eBooks and removed the three promo images in the sidebar.  This page will house the info and links to my purchasable stories.  Thanks for your support!
2013/09/09 Touched up panels 26, 33, 57, and 60 of The Defiant Prince: Part 2.
2013/08/31 Finally got around to fixing the invading nipples on Zeus' left and right sides in the promo image for Olympian Knockout in the side bar.
2013/07/16 Added the promo image for the PDF version of Olympian Knockout to the side bar.  Or you can also click here to buy it!  Thanks for your support!
2013/07/16 Fixed a weird little problem in panel 21 of the Olympian Knockout story.
2013/07/07 Fixed some typos in the Olympian Knockout story.
2013/06/30 Added a new page in the top bar called Series and Stories to catalog not only the series that used to be in the side bar, but also for the other stray stories I've done that may be difficult to find.
2013/06/17 Fixed up a couple of small issues in the Father's Day image.
2013/06/06 Added a new donate button (thank you for your generosity!) and cleaned up a bit of the site's CSS and HTML.
2013/06/04 Updated the Tuskar PDF comic promo images to reflect the new reduced price.
2013/05/29 Touched up a couple of problems in panel 21 of The Cold Wrestling War.
2013/05/29 Touched up the title panel for The Cold Wrestling War.  Also fixed a small clipping problem in panel 22.
2013/05/23 Updated both the header image and the banner link image in the side bar.
2013/05/07 Fixed some minor problems and touched up a few panels in the Crush the Dwarves! post.
2013/04/29 Polished up the Lobo post image a bit.
2013/04/24 Added one more image to the end of the Haggar's Final Fight: Bonus post.
2013/04/23 Updated the Links page.
2013/04/14 For better compatibility between browsers, the text promo for Tuskar the Barbarian: The Axe of Power on the Merchandise page was replaced with a whole image.
2013/04/13 Fixed up the Round 3 09 and Round 4 08 images of Super Street Slam Masters.
2013/03/24 Replaced the 200x40 banner link image in the side bar with a new, more attractive 200x235 image.
2013/03/24 Added the description and a purchase button for the new Tuskar the Barbarian comic on the Barbaric Merchandise page.
2013/03/24 Added a new Links page to the top bar.  These contain roughly the same ones that are seen in the side bar, but with information about the sites they link to.
2013/03/20 Revised the Barbaric Merchandise page with new information.
2013/03/20 Replaced the Barbaric Brawn Merchandise image (information for which can still be found in the top bar) with a promo picture for the upcoming Tuskar the Barbarian: The Axe of Power comic.
2013/03/20 Updated Kugo's, Tuskar's, and Zug's character search tag images on the side bar.
2013/03/15 Updated the header image with versions 4 of Tuskar and Kugo.
2013/03/11 Fixed some heavy specular problems with 4 and 5 of the Pythons Rule series images.  Fixed a couple of other problems with number 5.  Updated the board image with these new versions.
2013/03/09 Added more images to the Pythons Rule post.
2013/03/08 Spruced up the Pythons Rule Report image.
2013/02/21 Updated Halloween 2012 with a new version of the image.
2013/02/16 Added Batman and Superman to the list of character search tags on the side bar.
2013/02/14 Fixed a few more oddities on Panel 02b of Batman Versus The Pythons.
2013/02/03 Fixed Batman's chest symbol on Panel 02b of Batman Versus The Pythons.
2013/02/03 Updated the earlier links here with the new site address.
2013/01/29 Updated the two images from The (New) Last Battle page.  Fixed an issue with the orcs' abdominals not looking quite right.
2013/01/07 Gave Prince Naja an even better lower jaw.  Finally got those giant chompers on the lower jaw to shrink properly.
2013/01/07 Added contact info to the side bar and the About Me page.
2012/12/23 Snagged a domain name for the blog!
2012/12/19 Updated the header image.
2012/12/16 Gave Prince Naja a better lower jaw and bigger balls.
2012/12/01 Fixed up a number of flaws in the Hercules Bound: 4 of 4 image.
2012/11/02 Created a new background to visually enhance the blog.
2012/10/21 Updated Superman with spruced up versions of the images.
2012/10/13 Created a new Characters page for describing the men rendered at Barbaric Brawn.
2012/09/27 Updated the header image.
2012/09/19 Updated The New Jungle King: Panel 33 with a new version of the image.
2012/09/13 Updated Jabari Conquers the Jungle Lord with new versions of the images.