My Patreon

Thank you very, very much for your support!
It helps me to keep doing what I love and bringing you more muscle art!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a site for content creators to have a way for their fans to donate (become patrons) and receive rewards for their generosity.

What can I get there?

There are three tiers (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) at my Patreon with increasing rewards for each.  The first (which starts at $1 per month) is a basic tip jar with high resolution versions of art from Barbaric Brawn.  The second ($5 or more per month) gets the first tier's reward plus batches of single artworks.  The third ($10+) gets the first and second tier rewards plus bigger stories as they're made!

Where can I find the blog versions?

After a while, I'll release some of the older works for free at the blog (though at a much lower resolution and with more compression).  You can check those out in the list below!

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