Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Master of Eternia: Bonus Panel 05-2

He-Man quickly and crudely plowed Tuskar's butt.  His wet shaft dug deep inside his slave's hole, punishing him for his actions!

Tuskar grunted and moaned as he struggled to withstand his master's brute-force fucking!

He could feel He-Man's heavy balls slap against his backside, reminding him who was in charge.

If there had been any doubt in the Earthling's mind about that, it was gone now.  He belonged to this muscular brute.


  1. love to see a muscle bound stud fucked and punished...that big boy needs to be taught...work him good

  2. savage deep impalement -thats the best

  3. What must I do to get myself between these sexy studhunkgods to make them "DO" me like this?