Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Title

In this latest adventure, we go to the beautiful Greek island of Crete.

Sergios was an ordinary man -- the nephew of a vintner -- who worked hard in the fields to cultivate fruits and crops to feed his family.  One rainy day, while protecting the wine grapes from flood, he accidentally discovered a strange substance on the ground.  Unknown to Sergios, it was ambrosia, the food of the gods!

Hercules vs Sergios is Barbaric Brawn's fourth series.  Hercules, the halfgod son of Zeus, is tasked by the king of the gods to wrestle and conquer Sergios before he learns of his new gift of immortality!

But Sergios isn't any ordinary mortal.  He will not simply kneel and submit to Hercules like many other men have.  He will fight and force the demigod to prove his heroism!

If Hercules should prevail, he will drive his cock deep into the mortal-turned-immortal's hole and flood it with his godly seed.  Hercules has broken many men with his meat and forced them into whimpering, submissive slaves.

But if Sergios defeats Hercules, the beefy godling will become his for a thousand moons...

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  1. Let the two muscle bound monsters be stripped naked and is only proper...the immortal Sergios wrestles hard...the great and powerful demi-god Hercules has his hands full with this opponent...Sergios is able to beat and batter Big Herc...but the son of Zeus prevails...perhaps using a choke hold to "almost" render the meaty farmer unconscious...Hercules WANTS this bull-stud to be just awake enough to realize that he has LOST the battle...He will now be well jerk-milked of quart after quart of man-spunk until dry...the massive balls squeezed and slapped...of every once of the thick cream...the heavy tits will be clawed and punched...sucked until they lactate...and last but not least...the mountains of bubble butt will be fucked...hour after hour...Sergios is literally drowning in rich bull jizz filling his tight ass from the powerful citizen of Olympus...