Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quick Note: BAM Men is back!

This is just a quick note for you guys.  Art (Cacencst)'s fantastic artwork is back online at his new Yahoo group:

His depictions of the erotic battles between huge muscular men (including Tarzan and Hercules) are incredibly hot and a big reason why Barbaric Brawn exists today.

It's well worth your time, so be sure to check out his group!


  1. OMG! Thanks for the alert! I've waited-it seems years-for this day. Awesome. Now i have two 'go to' sites!

  2. And now Rants, Roids, n Rasslin is gone! :(

    Its good to have BAM back anyway. :)

    1. Oh, is it? Damn! That's really a shame... Hopefully he finds a new home for his art. There were quite a few stories he had worked on that never got finished, unfortunately. And at one point he stopped posting nude versions of his guys. That bummed me out, but even loinclothed or otherwise covered, his men were outstanding.

      One series of his I was quite interested in was the pro wrestling series called Superman vs VoodooMaster. It had a good premise and a hot pairing. I do love a supergalactic challenge being settled in public in the wrestling ring.

      And yeah, I'm glad we have Cacencst back on board!

    2. I agree the Superman vs VoodooMaster story was very interesting.

      His batman comics was great too! It had around 200 panels!

    3. Agreed! I loved the Gotham Wrestling comic. Very impressive amount of work he put into that! The finale was awesome -- Batman really got taken down hard.

      I loved the Kobra Khan vs He-Man comic, too. My only wish was for him to have gone with the original version where he gave Khan a penis (though I remember reading him say that it was difficult to make it look right) and made He-Man fight naked. Great one otherwise.