Monday, May 14, 2012

Reality Render Test 2: "Kal's Last Battle"

Kal, valiant warrior from the series The Last Battle, finds himself completely defeated by a brutish orc who, along with the others, invaded Brunnr and challenged him to a fight!

The orc laughed at the novice way the young buck fought.  Poor Kal was quickly scooped up and roughly placed upon the drooling cockhead of the victorious orc.  The green brute's sap of arousal worked its way into the human's blood stream and made his cock grow to full length.

Kal's shouts for mercy and release soon became moans and pleas for more.  The orc grinned at the broken and tamed musclestud.  He began to imagine all the ways he'd be using this new human slave.

This is another test of my new plugin.  I was finally able to get the eyes to stop being completely white (only the shaman from Master of Eternia gets to do that!).

The skin is back to being glossy again.  I was able to tone down the mirror shine and make it look less like clay.  I still like to think of them as being hand-carved figures, though.  Especially since they're meant to be somewhat cartoony in the first place and that doesn't always mesh well with... well... reality.


  1. Yay orcs!!! Bring back Gorg!!!! ^_^ We <3 him :)

  2. The skin tone is much better

  3. God yes, more big beefy orcs screwing humans!

  4. Need to see more of this pair so badly!