Saturday, May 5, 2012


Talro was the best friend of Tuskar, the hero known by many from the northern land of Barbaria.  From a young age, Talro and Tuskar were inseparable.  The two grew into adulthood learning to fight and hunt.  They quickly became the talk of Barbaria with their ever-growing list of heroic deeds.

In time, the two would come to learn the pleasures of another man's body and spend many nights in bed together.  As both were exclusive tops, a challenge for dominance would be issued, and they would wrestle for control!

Fate would eventually cause them to drift apart, and both would go on to shine heroically on their own.  Tuskar's journeys brought him southward to Africa to pursue rumors of a legendary axe, while Talro wished to remain in Barbaria to help his people expand and dominate neighboring lands.

Talro has yet to learn of what happened to Tuskar in Africa.  And though it's been some time since he's last seen Tuskar, he's certain that his barbarian friend will make good on his promise to come home and wrestle him again.

A loinclothed Talro will be an exclusive addition to the Barbaric Brawn CafePress shop, but I wanted to share a nude version and some backstory for you guys here.


  1. would love to see the beautiful blond stud-bull used and abused by a massive black mountain of muscle...

    1. Or how about a three way battle between He-Man, Talro and Tuskar?

  2. Why not have a menage-a-trois of He-Man, Tulro and Tuskar? Have those three ultra-supra-sexy stud-muffins GET IT ON!?

  3. I would LOVE to shack up with He-Man Tuskar and Talro. When going to bed after a hard day's workout with these blond studs/hunks, I'd want to get to do each of them REALLY HARD.