Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hawk vs Hawk (A Fictional Pro Wrestling Story)

Hawk vs Hawk is a fictional story I've been writing in short bursts for a while now, whenever I had the time and the desire.  It's from an idea I had one night while I was trying to sleep.  I recently finished it, and I thought that some of you guys would wanna read it.

It isn't about barbarians, but about a present-day muscleman wrestler who's about to get into the match of his career to defend his championship belt.

A bit of a warning before you read ahead: this story is about a man wrestling his dad -- and yes, there is full-on sex between them.  So if that (along with a bit of dirty talk) bothers you, don't click the link below to continue.

Themes: M/M, pro wrestling, muscle, father/son, foreplay, dirty talk, oral, anal

Hawk vs Hawk
by Lucky Stallion

    It was another hot summer night in the big city.  Thousands of wrestling fans had crowded the male-only Thunderstud Arena for a night of muscle, sweat, and erotic wrestling from their favorite studs.

    The wrestling league had a power-packed lineup that night, featuring the Arabian Knight taking on his longtime nemesis, Sergeant Pulverize; The Bodega Brothers matching muscle with Rick Reeves and Mr. Slam; and Jack Orion was ready to even the score with his dirty-fighting half-brother, Buck "Fucker" Travers!

    But the main event that evening, the one every fan was most excited to see, was saved for last.  The heavyweight championship belt was up for grabs in a title defense fight.  The challenger to the title was left a mystery, but was promised to be a matchup fans would remember for decades.

    Men from miles around came to see the wrestlers fight and to watch the champion take down yet another threat to his prized belt.

    The referee, a bodybuilder in his early thirties who wore nothing but a tight, black-and-white-striped thong, stood in the middle of the wrestling ring.  The studly ref pumped up the fans with masculine grunts and a series of poses to show off his powerful body.

    "Goooooood evening, gentlemen!" he finally yelled into his mic.  "Are you ready to see some sweat?!"  Thousands of thunderous, all-male roars came back to him.  "Are you ready to see some muscle?!"  The cheers grew louder still.  "Are you ready to wrestle?!"

    The patriotic theme song for the heavyweight champ blared over the loudspeakers as smoke and flares burst from his entrance in the back of the arena.  The crowd's excitement soared sky-high as their hero emerged from the black and blue drapes and struck a heroic pose.

    "Making his way to the ring," the ref's voice boomed across the packed arena, "our all-American boy of 24; 270 lbs of pure, rock-hard muscle; welcome your heavyweight champion: JOHNNY... HAAAAAWK!!"

    Johnny Hawk -- a stud like few had ever seen -- soaked up every decibel of hero worship as he stood still in his pose.  To hear all of those male voices praise his handsome face, chiseled body, and glorious victories caused his ego to swell even higher.  The tanned, long-blond-haired stud strutted as he continued to the ring.

    Over his upper body, a flimsy, gym rat tank top rested over his massive pecs.  The spaghetti straps covered little and left his hard nipples jutting free.

    Around his waist was the heavyweight championship belt.  Both the golden belt and its owner's oiled-up body shined by the lights high above.

    Covering his ample manhood was a tight, forest-green thong.  Its strap dug between his cheeks, completely exposing his bubble butt and its curvaceous perfection to all.

    Nobody he passed could resist reaching out and taking a feel of his studly muscles, pouch, and butt.  He flexed his powerful body and allowed a lucky few access to feel the fruits of his years of bodybuilding and flawless diet.  He figured that he was their hero, after all, and you always have to give your worshippers something to aspire to.

    Video on the huge, high definition monitors around the arena replayed scenes from Johnny's greatest victories over the years.  The last clip shown was of his victory over the former heavyweight champion, Bulldozer Alex; he slowly fucked the fallen superstud in the ass while wearing the gold belt around his nude waist.

    Johnny smirked as he recalled that fight.  He made that weakling his bitch all night long.

    Once he reached the middle of the aisle, he grabbed the front of his tank top and slowly ripped it apart, leaving absolutely nothing covering his beefy pectorals and tight six-pack abs.  He placed his hands behind his head and bounced his huge pecs and their thick, long nipples for the cameraman.

    "Oh fuck, not again!  Auuughh!" the poor man groaned as he shot a fresh load of cum right into the fabric of his pants.  He thanked any deity who would listen that his camera was supported by a sturdy mount on wheels.

    Johnny smirked and ran his strong hand along the cameraman's shoulder and neck.  With a wink and a double pat, he continued down the aisle, strutting all the way to the ring.

    He climbed up to the outside of the ropes and tugged, bending his knees and pushing his ass out to that side of the arena.  The crowd gave a masculine roar of approval as the stud lewdly put his prized rear on display.

    With an acrobatic jump, the champion leapt into the ring and strutted toward the blue corner.  Johnny unsnapped his title belt, kissed the face of the flexing stud embossed in the metal, and gave it to a league worker for safekeeping.

    "THE MAIN EVENT for tonight will be a title defense bout!" the ref announced.  "Do you have anything to say before the fight, Johnny?"

    "Yeah, I got something to say to this mystery challenger!" the blond stud confidently spoke.  He pointed toward one of the cameras and scowled.  "After I destroy your dreams of heavyweight stardom, I'm gonna mount your ass and ride you ‘til dawn!  I'm gonna make you regret going against Johnny Hawk!"

    The champion performed his signature pose, pumping up his fans even more.

    "Alright, then!  Please welcome the challenger to the ring!  This studly former wrestler of 39 has a chest of iron and abs of steel."  The ref's voice grew louder and more excited.  "He packs 297 lbs of pure, Grade-A beef and has come out of retirement to give our champ the challenge of his career!  Give it up for the legend himself... TERRY... HAAAAAAWK!!"

    Johnny's stunned face was immortalized by the league's cameras.  It couldn't be!  He watched with amazement as the challenger marched up the aisle to the ring.

    Terry Hawk was the human embodiment of a tank, a stud rippling with muscle and power.  He flexed and showed off his awesome body with every arrogant strut toward the ring.  His skin was tanned from the many years he'd spent as an outdoorsman, and his dirty blond hair was cut in a military flattop.

    Fans screamed their cheers at the sight of the manly wrestler clad only in a tiny, yellow thong.

    It'd been years since Terry last wrestled professionally.  The stud had gone into retirement after a healthy 10 year dominance of the circuits, but never gave up his loves of bodybuilding and wrestling.  He was ready to come back to the ring and prove he was still the best of the best.

    "No way..." Johnny grunted to himself.  "No fuckin' way, man!"

    Terry leapt up to the turnbuckle and shot a snarky grin to his opponent.  He slid in between the taut ropes of red, white, and blue that enclosed the two wrestlers and the referee.

    "Dad?!" Johnny yelled to his challenger.  "What the fuck is this?!"

    "That's right, boy!" Terry spoke into the ref's mic.  He displayed his teeth in a huge grin at the sight of his son's shocked face.  "Your daddy's come out of retirement to rassle you for the belt!  C'mon; let's find out if you really ARE the seed of my balls!"

    After one final pose -- Terry's favorite double bicep pose -- the stud moved to the red corner.

    "One fall by submission or three-count pin.  No ring out," the ref explained.  "Winner becomes or remains Thunderstud Heavyweight Champion!  LET'S WRESTLE!!"

    DING DING DING!  The bell was rung for the wrestlers to begin!

    Johnny and Terry circled the middle of the ring for a time, each scowling at the other.

    "Why the fuck're you here, old man?  You don't belong in the ring anymore!"

    The two studs locked up in a grapple, firmly grasping each other's shoulders and pushing with all their might to gain the upper hand.

    "I'm here because I'm top dog of the family!  Your pretty ass has gotten too cozy with that title."  Terry grunted and pushed hard against his son's bulk.  "And when I win, you'll bow down to daddy like a good boy!"

    Terry slipped behind his son and pressed his ample pouch against the champion's butt.  His manly hands firmly gripped Johnny's hot hips and squeezed them tightly.

    Before Johnny could react, Terry wrapped his arms around his waist and executed a German suplex, sending his son back and crashing to the mat!

    Johnny groaned on the mat, legs spread wide and back arched.

    Terry wasn't about to let the opportunity to bully his son get away.  He strutted over and casually dropped his knee into the champ's chest.

    "Unh!!  F...Fuck..." Johnny moaned.  He knew that his dad was a tough wrestler, but...

    "You ain't up against some no-talent-punk anymore, baby!" Terry laughed, pulling his son to his feet by his long hair.  "You're up against the MAN!"

    Johnny tried not to scream as his dad lifted him by his hair.  The musclestud struggled to his feet, only to arch his torso as Terry cruelly yanked back his golden locks.

    "I always said you looked like a pussy with this mop.  Maybe you should'a wore a pink thong instead!  You gonna be my pussy bitch after we're done here, hah?"

    "F... fuck you, old man!" Johnny grunted.  He tried to grab Terry's wrist from behind, but couldn't reach!

    Terry grunted and stomped his foot into the mat, pulling his boy's hair even harder.  Every scream that came from Johnny's studly, anguished face was caught on camera for the world to see.

    "No, baby.  I'm gonna be fuckin' YOU!" the challenger yelled, letting go of his son's hair.

    Johnny reached back and held his head.  His scalp stung badly from his dad's cheap shot.

    Terry sent punch after punch to Johnny's huge pecs.  His meaty fists repeatedly pounded those puffy mountains of flesh and forced the champ back with each blow.

    "Ugh!  Unh!  Ngh!" Johnny moaned with every hit.

    Terry grinned wickedly as he scooped his son into his arms.  He grunted and lifted the heavyweight champion up to apply a powerful bearhug!

    "No!  Ngh...  AAUUUUUGHHH!!" Johnny screamed as his waist was crushed against his dad's hard abs.

    Terry chuckled and mashed his son's heavy package to his stomach again and again, feeling it stir with every press.

    Johnny tried to get his hands in between his dad's grip, but the constriction was far too strong to budge!

    "Nuh-uh, Johnny," Terry grunted through gritted teeth.  He squeezed once more, sending a wave of pain throughout his son's body.

    Johnny arched back and allowed his arms to fly outward as he yelled in anguish.  The perfectly-executed bearhug dazzled Johnny's fans and converted more than a few of them over to the father's side.

    "Crush him!" some of them said.  "Destroy that stud!" others cheered.

    Still, Johnny did have quite a few supporters left in his corner.  They yelled for their hero to break out of the hug and seek revenge.  They watched with bated breath as Terry dropped him from the hold.

    "Unh..." the superstud champion moaned as he fell to the mat with a thud, legs spread open.

    Terry flexed his bicep for the cameramen and lewdly grabbed his bulging pouch.

    "Fuck yeah," he gloated, hitting one power pose after another.  He stood proudly over his downed son and struck one pose more before squatting down low.  "That's what rasslin' is all about, baby."

    He reached over and grasped the thin, green fabric that clung to his son's hips.

    "No, Daddy!  Please!"

    "Daddy?" Terry chuckled.  "Yeah, call me daddy.  Back when you KNEW who was the man of the house!"

    The challenger pulled the straps and yanked Johnny's thong clean from his body!

    The all-male arena burst into cheers as their champion lay butt naked on the mat before his cocky father.  Terry held the tiny strap up high.  He then brought it down to his body and used it to wipe up his sweat.

    Johnny became furious.  Ignoring the fact that his cock was erect and standing proud like a flag pole, he got to his feet and tackled his dad to the mat!

    Father and son rolled around the wrestling ring, grappling and pressing against each other's body.  Johnny pressed his dad's wrists to the mat and struggled to keep him pinned.

    Terry grunted and pushed with all of his strength.  His efforts eventually paid off.  He shoved his son away and stood up.

    Terry spotted an opportunity as Johnny rose; he went for a low blow to grab his boy's balls, but was caught before he could make contact!  Johnny grabbed his dad's wrist and twisted it behind his back!

    "Agh!!" the challenger screamed in pain.

    With his free hand, Johnny slipped his manly fingers into the back strap of his dad's yellow thong.  Terry squirmed and groaned in lust as his son's meaty paw snaked its way down the crack of his butt.

    "Is this what you were gonna do?!" Johnny yelled, grabbing his dad's balls in his bare hand.

    Terry shouted in rage and stamped his feet as his son led him around the ring by the balls.  Johnny never let go of his viselike grip, and every second that passed, he felt his dad become weaker and more docile.

    The fans that had converted to Terry's side soon waffled.  They couldn't decide whether to root for the challenger, or go back to being ‘Johnny Boys'.  Most of them, however, already had their pants off and were stroking their malenesses to the sight.

    "Down on your knees!" the champ commanded.  He cruelly pulled Terry's hefty orbs down, encouraging the threat to his belt to obey.

    "FUCK!" the older wrestler swore, but complied with his son's demands.  He groaned and sank to the mat.  With his hands against the canvas, he hiked his ass out and played along in the hopes that his son would let go.

    "Yeah, you're not so tough are you, old man?  Now that your boy's got you by the nuts!  Feel good, Dad?" Johnny asked as he massaged the big set of orbs.  His free hand went straight to his own cock, stroking the massive erection that stood hard over the thrill of the fight.

    "Fuck, he's really got me by the balls," Terry moaned in arousal.

    Ball play was one of his weaknesses, and he wondered how Johnny knew that.  Terry had no idea that Johnny had seen him in the shower, squeezing and rubbing his hefty testicles.  He didn't know that Johnny had been peeking through the crack of his bedroom door night after night, watching him massage his balls for hours on end.

    He felt his cock harden to full length and slip out the top of his thong.  His face contorted in a mixture of pleasure and humiliation.

    Terry, still in a stupor of bliss, didn't feel it when Johnny let go of his manly essence.  He sat there on his hands and knees, cock hopelessly leaking precum to the mat.

    Johnny grabbed his dad by his meaty hips and mounted his butt.  "YEEEEEEHAAAW!!" he shouted like a cowboy as he ground his erection against the cheeks of his father's perfect ass.

    Before he realized what was happening, Johnny grabbed his arm and, with a mighty heave, threw him into the blue corner!

    "I always wanted to get the chance to take your sorry ass down in the ring!" Johnny spat.  He stroked his thick cock and smirked.  "And when I do, I'm gonna show you how it feels to LOSE to Johnny Hawk!"

    He marched over and slugged his father once in the gut.  Spittle flew from Terry's mouth.  Johnny delivered six more, one for each hard abdominal muscle that his dad had spent years perfecting.

    "You," he grunted in between blows, "are... gonna... be... my... BITCH!"

    The heavyweight champ delivered a hard uppercut to the challenger's chin!  Terry sank to the mat with a groan.

    Johnny stood before his dad and bounced his perfect pecs for his fans.  The crowd screamed in approval as their hero grabbed hold of his erect cock and stroked it several times.  Facing the camera, he licked his lips and nodded.

    Without further tease, he leaned over and grabbed the yellow thong that clung to Terry's muscular, tanned hips and pulled it off!

    "Aw fuck!!" Terry grunted as his erect dick flopped out, exposed to all in the arena.

    "Yeah, Daddy.  You wanted this, so I'm gonna give it to ya!  C'mon, get up!" Johnny grunted as he hauled his dad up by his arms.

    Terry groaned and sauntered in place, still stunned by his boy's assault.  Johnny pushed the challenger back, where he hit the turnbuckle.

    "You like my body, Dad?" Johnny quietly asked.  He pressed his ripped torso and groin against his father's.

    Terry, of course, didn't need to answer.  His cock, hard as steel, spoke for him and ground together with his boy's.

    Johnny rubbed his chest and abs against his dad's and slowly ground their cocks together.

    Thee challenger leaned back against the turnbuckle and moaned erotically.  He'd always loved man-on-man sex, but with his own son was something even more incredible.

    Terry heard the sounds of running on the mat, but by the time he looked to see what it was, Johnny had landed a dropkick on him!

    Johnny grabbed him before he fell and hoisted his naked body up and over his broad, tanned shoulders.  Terry struggled to free himself, but failed!

    Johnny yelled with the sudden surge of adrenaline!  His muscles tensed and his stance hardened as he held firm to his dad's neck and leg.  Johnny's cock jutted straight out and dripped a thin strand of pre to the mat.  His perfect butt cheeks tensed and flexed as he held the full bulk of his muscular father.

    Before the challenger could recover and get down, he grunted and rocked his dad's body up and down over his shoulders, bouncing him in his human torture rack!

    "Auuuuughhhhh!!" Terry screamed in pain.  His semi-hard cock flopped and bounced as his body was put through his own son's submission hold.

    "Give up?!" the ref asked the challenger.

    Terry refused to submit.  Through gritted teeth and clenched-shut eyes, he yelled at the ref to back off.  He held out and suppressed the pain as best he could.

    "Haa... haa..." Johnny groaned.  His dad's body was unbelievably heavy, and even he couldn't hold such a weight forever.

    Terry lifted his hips as high as he could and drove them down into his son's broad shoulders.  The champion grunted and his knees buckled, but he held strong.  Again, the challenger drove his torso down onto the sweat-laced shoulders of his flesh and blood.

    "Gyah!" Johnny yelled.  His knees finally gave way, and he collapsed to the mat with his dad.

    Both studs lay still for a while.  Their powerful chests heaved with air; their tired limbs recuperated as quickly as they could.  Terry, being closest to the edge, used the ropes to help himself up.  He gained the cheers of the spectators when he, before the champion, rose proudly to his feet.

    Terry licked his lips as he looked down at the fallen frame of his son.  Johnny was a stud, he could see.  He stroked his cock to full erection.

    The challenger ran, jumping over the body of his boy and threw himself into the ropes!  Coming back, he jumped!  With both legs out, he came down and struck the champ in the abs and pecs!

    "Unh!" Johnny grunted from the blow.

    "Yeah...  Fuck yeah," Terry gloated, striking a quick double bicep pose for the cameras.  Sweat dripped from his powerful frame onto his son's body.

    "Get up, boy.  Ain't quite finished with you yet," the challenger said, pulling Johnny up by his long, golden hair.

    Johnny obediently rose, groaning in the dull pain of the hair pull.  He wobbled slightly and struggled to put on a tough face.

    "Lemme give you a rasslin' lesson when this is all over, baby," Terry growled as he lifted his son high into the air!  Without hesitation, the challenger bodyslammed the champ hard to the mat!

    "Yeah!" Terry grunted, raising his arms high.  He flexed both guns and used them to scoop his son into his arms.  Hoisting the huge muscleman upside-down, he assumed the position for one final, devastating move!

    Johnny groaned and grunted in pain.  He felt cool air around his exposed hole and the erect cock of his dad was pressed against his face.

    As soon as he tried to escape the move, his dad jumped!

    "Nooooooo!!" Johnny futilely yelled into his dad's meaty cock.

    Terry drove the champion's head to the mat in a mighty piledriver, instantly draining every last ounce of fight that the stud had left.

    Johnny lay with his arms and legs splayed out on the mat.  He groaned, but couldn't summon the strength to move.

    Sensing that he was finally ready to be finished off, Terry dropped to the mat and lifted his son's leg close to his chest.

    "Don't worry, baby.  I'll treat you real nice after this is all over -- you are my boy, after all.  Just lay back and let the ref count your pretty ass out.  Your daddy is king here."

    "1...!" the ref yelled, his strong hand slamming the mat by Johnny's head.

    "2...!"  The champion cringed, but couldn't even make an effort to get up!

    "3!!" the ref finished, sealing the younger muscleman's fate.

    DING DING DING DING DING DING the bell rang!  The title defense match was over!

    "JOHNNY HAWK IS DEFEATED!!  JOHNNY HAWK IS DEFEATED!!" the referee roared over the thunderous cheers of the all-male arena.  "LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE WINNER AND YOUR NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: TERRY ... HAAAAWK!!"

    Johnny lay still on the mat, his left leg up and spread away from the other.  He watched his dad strut proudly around the ring.

    His daddy had beaten him...  ‘Daddy.'  That's what he'd be calling him again soon -- probably forever.

    He never could beat his daddy in their past private matches, and now, humiliated in front of his (former) fans and on worldwide television, the 24-year-old finally lost all hope of ever surpassing the stud's superstardom.

    Johnny rolled over on his side and clenched his teeth.  He weakly pounded the mat with his fist.

    Terry grabbed the ref's mic and laughed cockily.

    "Yeah, that's right, big boy.  YOU LOSE!  And now the whole fuckin' world knows it.  There's only room for ONE stud in the Hawk family," he gloated, pointing his thumbs at himself.  "And you're gonna be seein' a LOT more of him from now on!"

    The new champ stood tall over his son.  He eagerly stroked his hard, leaking cock while erotically bouncing his pecs.

    Nearly every fan in the arena had their hands around their cocks, stroking and squeezing themselves fervently at the sight.

    "Get up, Johnny.  Get up and suck my dick!  Suck your daddy's champion dick!" Terry taunted, waggling his cock in front of his son's face.

    The mushroom head of that monster shaft seemed even bigger to the ex-champion; it flared and reddened as it leaked precum in a thin strand to the mat below.

    "Open your mouth!" the new champ barked, slapping his son's cheeks with his rigid manhood.  "Open that fuckin' pretty mouth, baby, and service your master."

    Johnny looked up into his dad's handsome, manly face.  He couldn't deny it any longer: he was now, without a doubt, his daddy's muscle bitch.

    "Yeeeeahhh," Terry sighed in pleasure as he felt the tongue of his only son touch the tip of his throbbing cock.  "Suck it, baby.  Suck daddy's cock.  Oooh... yeeeeah..." he cooed sensually, slipping inch after inch of meat past those soft lips.

    Terry's strong hands gently gripped his boy's head and massaged his scalp, rewarding him for his obedience.

    "You've got real pretty hair, son.  Suits a muscle pussy real nice.  Mmh...  Suck it, baby."

    The Thunderstud Arena's talented cameramen got the best close-up shots they could snag.  The camera that focused on Terry's butt gave the audience a nice view of the champ's cheeks and how they flexed with every movement of his hips.  Their high-definition lenses captured every bead of sweat that rolled off those oiled-up curves.

    Terry saw his own perfect ass displayed prominently on the monitor high above, and he chuckled as he squatted down low and spread his legs apart.  The cameraman instantly zoomed in to catch sight of his tight hole.  The arena worker heard a loud, collective moan behind him as many in the audience came from just the sight!

    Terry bit his lower lip and kept his powerful legs spread wide.  He held Johnny's head still as he took command over the blowjob.  His hips slowly gyrated, pushing inch after inch of his hot, throbbing cock in between his son's willing lips.

    The referee stripped himself of his striped thong and tossed it out of the ring.  Leaning against one of the neutral corners, the muscleman masturbated to the domination of one man over another.

    He remembered watching Johnny Hawk destroy stud after stud in that very ring, and he remembered how the cocky wrestler would mercilessly destroy his victims' asses until they cried his name.

    "How the mighty have fallen," he whispered through a sneer.

    Terry pulled his cock out and rubbed the tip across Johnny's lips.  "It's time.  Let's do this thing."

    Johnny hobbled over to the blue corner and held his hands out for an arena assistant to give him the belt.  Johnny crawled on his hands and knees to his dad and lowered his head as he raised the belt up high, surrendering it to the man who created him.

    "No can do, boy.  You do this right," Terry grunted, grabbing his son's long hair and forcing his face up.  He grabbed the mic from the ref and placed it to Johnny's lips.

    "Y-Yes, Daddy," the wrestling fans throughout the arena could hear him quiver in his father's grasp.  "You are the better man, the better wrestler.  I surrender my belt, my title, and my body to you.  I am yours as you see fit."

    The arena burst into roars of approval as Johnny sat up and snapped the heavyweight championship belt around the muscular waist of his own father.

    "Fuck yeah!" Terry roared, lifting his fists up high and grunting his dominance.  "Fuckin' yeah!!"

    Johnny looked up into his dad's smug face and knew what time it was.

    "Turn around," Terry grunted, spinning a finger at his son.  "We're doin' this my way.  I want those cameras to see you bawl your pretty little eyes out while I claim you."

    The champ gripped his boy's thick, muscular thighs as he mounted him.  He gave them rough squeezes and mumbled to himself, "Yeah.  This is mine.  I made it and now I'm takin' it."

    Johnny screamed in agony when the head of Terry's fat, wet cock pushed its way past his anal defenses.  His tight, pink ring seemed to have a mind of its own.  It sucked hard at the throbbing, erect meat and pulled the invader deeper inside.

    The former champion clawed at the mat in a vain attempt to lessen the pain.  He lowered his head and tried to hide his face from the high-def cameras that had locked onto his every grimace.

    "The fuck you doin'?!" Terry roared, pulling his son's hair to bring his face back up again.  "Yeah.  Look at that lens while I slide deeeeep inside, baby."

    The new champion moaned in pleasure as he slid his manhood all the way inside his new bitch.

    Terry struck a series of bodybuilder poses as his fat manhood remained lodged deep inside his own son's butt.  The crowd went wild at his charisma and cockiness.  They were ready to accept this new champ as their own!

    Johnny whimpered helplessly and pounded the mat with his fists.  His cock was rock-hard and leaked a small puddle of precum below him.

    "Whassa matter, baby?" Terry cooed by Johnny's ear.  "You want me to start fuckin'?  I can feel your muscles working my dick."

    "Yes!" Johnny hissed back.  "Get it over with!"

    "‘Yes' what, baby?"

    "Yes... Daddy..."

    "That's my son."

    Over the course of an hour, Terry fucked Johnny in the wrestling ring.  Johnny could see himself being used on the monitors throughout the arena.  He burned in shame.

    But soon, the pain subsided and his father's cock began to feel good inside his tunnel.  Jolts of pleasure shot throughout his quivering, muscular body.

    "Take that cock!" Terry grunted.  "Now you're really feelin' it, aren't ya?  Feel your daddy's dick breeding you deep in there!"

    He gave the all-male audience a double bicep pose and rapidly bounced his pecs.  All the while, Johnny pushed back lewdly against his dad's manhood.  Whenever his skin would brush against the metal of the heavyweight championship belt, he'd shiver, and his cock would throb a little more.

    Terry grasped Johnny's hips and began a hard and steady fuck.  His huge, manly cock drilled Johnny's relaxed defenses and pumped globs of precum into him.

    Johnny moaned sweetly as his dad's cock brushed against his prostate, massaging it and sending him to a level of pleasure he'd never really known before.  The new champ's cock filled him up and made him feel full with every thrust inside.

    "Dad... ungh..." he moaned.

    "Yeah, baby?" Terry grunted as he continued to plow.

    "Feels... feels so... hot...  Feels good..."

    "You gonna be Daddy's bitch?  You gonna learn your place from now on?"

    "Yes, Daddy!  Yes!!"

    "AUUUUUGHHHH YEAAAAH!!" Terry roared as his semen finally blasted into his son!  He spread his arms wide, revealing his awesome, sweat-soaked chest and abs for the cameras.  "I AM THE MAN!!"

    It was a sight that would become one of the most memorable in the league's history.  Johnny Hawk threw his head back and shouted as his manhood erupted onto the mat.  Terry Hawk's incredible biceps bulged in his most muscular pose.

    A league cameraman snapped a picture of the father and son wrestlers, forever immortalizing that moment of their lives.

    Terry raised his arms to the sky and placed his foot upon the back of his collapsed son.  The glow of victory and domination over his boy still remained as strong as ever.

    "I could get used to this again," he chuckled as he posed for his fans.

    Exhausted and humiliated, Johnny was grateful that sleep overtook him and he slept through most of the post-match interview and audience reaction.  Terry, though, forced him later to watch a copy of it on their high-def TV.


    After Johnny’s devastating defeat at the hands of his dad, the stud’s every subsequent match ended in a loss.  Men he had once easily defeated and fucked unmercifully ended up pinning him to the mat and forcing their aching cocks into his butt for revenge.

    What Johnny didn’t know what that his dad had personally trained these men and set them up on matches with his son.  He watched from the side of the ring as they dismantled, dominated, and subsequently bred the former champion.

    Johnny Hawk eventually (and gratefully) left professional wrestling to become his father’s towel boy.  He sat on the sidelines and watched as his dad won match after match, fucking hundreds of muscle studs along the way, to become the world heavyweight champion for the second time.

     The Thunderstud Wrestling League became a pioneer in erotic pro wrestling.  Other leagues around the world, wanting to copy its success, quickly instituted skimpier outfits, a male-only focus, and sex after each match.  Surprisingly, very few of the wrestlers had any problems with the new rules.  Not surprisingly, the other leagues found an instant surge in ratings and sales.

    Terry Hawk only grew stronger since the defeat of his studly son.  His manhood found its way into the butt of his boy nightly, and despite all of the fame and attention of the outside world, the thing he loved to do most was to spar with Johnny in nude skirmishes in the privacy of their home.

The End


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      I mostly write erotic stories when I have the spare time and have a hot idea that comes to me. It might happen again sometime, but I don't want to promise anything.

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