Friday, January 24, 2014

The Last Battle: Krypton vs Apokolips

It's done!  My first fully-fleshed-out Superman story.  Some of you might recognize the title of this one as belonging to my orcs vs men story.  When I remake that in the future, I'll likely give it the same name with a new subtitle.

I spent a bit more time on this one, teaching myself how to mimic the bubbles used in modern comics.  Either I have no idea how to search for it or there is a total lack of info about how to recreate the look!  I think I did a pretty alright job with that in the end.

I took another couple of hours rendering an animation (in Shockwave Flash format) of a rotation of the last panel.  It's a bit of a big file, but by the time you reach the end of the story, it should be loaded and playing.

Here's The Last Battle: Krypton vs Apokolips!

Long ago, quite some time before the hero known as Superman was born on planet Krypton, the tyrannical god of Apokolips known as Darkseid received a curious message.  Through an ancient mirror he'd seized as spoils a raid on a planet not far from his own, the invulnerable ruler was told that his fate was to engage with a man of great masculine beauty and superpowerful abilities.  The mysterious soothsayer, veiled in shadow, told Darkseid that this man was destined to be his slave for as long as he saw fit.  But only one of the two men could be dominant over the other.

"What you say is utter folly," Darkseid grunted, grabbing ahold of his ample package and giving it a firm squeeze.  "I am a god.  There is no other who can hope to stand against me, let alone defeat me."

"I see this man as not only able to defeat you, God of Evil, but quite capable of being your master for all time."

"ENOUGH!!" the Apokoliptian roared, sending his fist through the mirror and shattering it instantly.  Hundreds of glass fragments fell to the ground at his feet.

"When the two red planets align with the blue planet, your great enemy will be compelled to come to you for your final battle together," was the last thing the soothsayer spoke before he dissolved from the mirror, leaving Darkseid alone with his thoughts.

"A man of great masculine beauty," the tyrant repeated through a grunt, taking a seat upon his throne.  He ran his hand across his incredible body, stopping at his groin to massage his bulging groin.  "I will take great pleasure in making you mine... forever."

Many, many Earth years later...

Clark Kent, a very average man with a very unique secret, fell upon his normal bed in his average, inconspicuous apartment.  The mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet let out a long moan of exhaustion.  His boss had been riding him harder than usual lately and, though he was actually Superman underneath those plain reporter's clothes, the weariness of it all was finally getting to him.

Something was wrong.  He was getting anxious and he couldn't understand why.  He had a meeting with the other Justice League members in two hours, and he couldn't seem to muster the strength to feel anything but apathy.  He just wanted to sleep.

Throughout his nap, the Kryptonian hero moaned and stirred in his bed.  Sweat poured from his incredible body as he tossed and turned.  Images of Darkseid, his great enemy from the planet Apokolips, flashed in his mind, disturbing his rest.  Superman's cock hardened under his sheets, tenting them skyward as he dreamed of the evil tyrant.

"Oooh...  unnh..." the hero of Metropolis moaned, sexually aroused by Darkseid's big, hard muscles and rock-hard ass.  In his dreams, he bent the god over and drove his cock between those beefy buns, fucking his frustrations into the supervillain.

But even in his mind, the one place where he could control the outcome of a deadly encounter, Darkseid laughed as he pushed Superman away and turned to face his powerful adversary.  Darkseid lunged for the Kryptonian and began to wrestle with him.  No words were spoken between the two studs as they struggled for supremacy, both men knowing that this was to be their final battle together.

Far away in the cosmos, between the dimensions that separated them, the planets of Mars and Apokolips formed a perfect line with Earth, just as the soothsayer spoke to the cruel ruler.  Superman snapped awake from his dreams.  His bed was soaking wet with his sweat, and his cock was hard as steel and jutting out from his magnificent body.

Kal-El grabbed hold of his throbbing manhood and stroked it to climax, the epic battle against Darkseid still fresh in his mind.  Superman bit into his hand as he came, stifling his roars as his semen shot from his slit and soared toward the ceiling.

Superman, arms and legs spread eagle, breathed deeply as he felt a mixture of fear and excitement surge throughout his body like poison.  He had never felt such a raw attraction toward someone so evil as Darkseid.  It scared him, but he had to find out more...

Later that day at the Hall of Justice...

Superman left his meeting with The Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman early.  His mind knew to focus on his friends' updates from crime the world over, yet his heart wasn't in it that day.  All he could think about was his dream earlier that evening and the incredible orgasm it had given him.

"What's the matter with you?" Batman asked his fellow crimefighter, seemingly appearing out of nowhere to confront him.  "You're not with us today."

"It's nothing..." Superman lied unconvincingly, arousing Batman's suspicion.  "Just... work getting to me is all."

"Maybe you should go home and get some rest," the Dark Knight suggested as he moved to grab one of the tracking devices from his utility belt.  But before he could affix the small tracker on Superman's belt, the Man of Steel pulled away and soared into the air.

Stopping in mid-air, he said, "Thanks, Bruce.  I'll go right home and take the night to clear my head," before flying from the Hall of Justice and out of sight.

Batman watched as his close friend disappear.  He placed the tracking device back inside his belt compartment and hoped that it truly was nothing to worry over.

Superman flew past the apartment of Clark Kent and rocketed straight up into the sky.  Faster and faster, he soon left Earth's atmosphere entirely and soared into the blackness of space.  The Man of Steel stopped, hovering hundreds of miles away from the blue planet he'd spent his life protecting.

"Darkseid," Superman grunted, his nipples becoming erect at the memory of his dream.  He knew in his heart that he would never be free of this demon haunting him... not until he confronted the evil god of Apokolips and conquered him once and for all.  He held a small, strange box in his hand and looked out into starry space with a look of grim determination on his handsome face.

On the fiery planet Apokolips...

Superman was on Darkseid's mind for most of that day.  While hatred for the hero of Earth had long festered in the tyrant's cold heart, today was especially severe.  Darkseid, like most supervillains of the universe, enjoyed sexually dominating his defeated opponents, but Superman was one that always evaded such a fate.  How he would enjoy tearing the Kryptonian's proud costume from his muscular body.  He would enjoy slapping his cock against Kal-El's beautiful, masculine face...

"...A man of great masculine beauty and superpowerful abilities," Darkseid repeated the mysterious soothsayer's prediction.  It was predetermined that he and such a man would do battle.  This battle would be for the right to claim the loser as slave for as long as the winner wished it.  "Hngh... could it be...?  Superman...?"

"Darkseid!" a familiar voice bellowed from afar.  "Where are you?!  Show yourself!"

"Ha ha ha!  It is you after all...  I AM HERE!" Darkseid shouted back, attracting Superman to his location.

"DARKSEID!!" the All-American hero roared, descending gracefully upon the observation room, his left leg raised and his red cape fluttering behind him.  His chest big and out, showing off the proud 'S' printed over his massive pectorals, stood as a symbol of his many, many acts of heroism and triumphs over criminals foreign and domestic.

Both powerful males stared at one another in silence -- a scowl on Superman's face, a sinister smile on Darkseid's.

"Have you been thinking about me, boy?" Darkseid sneered as he and Superman moved slowly in a circle around the room, never taking their eyes off one another.  "Apokolips will be your grave, Superman, and I will be your executioner."

"I am here to stop you, Darkseid.  I know you've done something to me.  Something I have yet to identify.  I will destroy you here and now, Darkseid!  I will put an end to your reign of terror and free Apokolips and Earth from your tyranny!"

The titanic studs uttered a grunt and leapt toward each other, exchanging blows one after another, their fists crashing into each other's faces, chests, and abs.

Superman grabbed Darkseid by the helmet and drove his thick knee into the evil god's head, causing Darkseid to grunt in pain.  Superman leapt into the air and drove his booted foot into Darkseid's chest, toppling him to the ground in a colossal thud!

The Man of Steel strode proudly over to Darkseid and stood arms akimbo over his powerful enemy.  Superman opened his mouth to ask if he was ready to give in when Darkseid's leg came up and struck the All-American hero in the balls!

Superman howled in pain and stumbled back and to the floor, clutching his groin!  Darkseid's leg hit so hard, the invulnerable stud felt it as though his balls had just been crushed by the weight of the world.  As Superman cried out his agony, completely immobilized, Darkseid rose to his feet and moved toward his old foe.

"All of creation will learn of our battle, boy.  They will know of how I broke every bone in your body and finally crushed your spirit with my own two hands.  Even the weak Earth men will rejoice as they read the story of how I destroyed you."

"You're mad, Darkseid," Superman groaned, struggling to get up again.  He groaned again at the waves of pain that washed through his groin and snarled up at Darkseid for his low blow.  "The people of Earth would never enjoy learning of my defeat."

"Don't be so sure, worm," Darkseid chuckled knowingly as he bent down and grabbed a handful of Superman's chest costume.  Pulling it out from his body, he distorted the 'S' symbol.  Caught off guard by the tactic, Superman took three punches to the face before the god's incredible strength overcame the fabric and tore the front of his costume from his body!  Darkseid clutched the hero's famous symbol within his hand, crushing the cloth before throwing it from his sight.

"Heh," Darkseid chuckled at the sight of the Kryptonian's bare nipples, sticking out in evidence of his arousal of the fight.  He would enjoy making Superman cry as he 'played with' those peaks for eons on end.

"We were predestined to battle for ultimate dominance, Superman," Darkseid growled, face to face as he grappled against his great enemy.  "The power of a god against a weakling of Krypton.  Surrender is the ONLY end for you.  You will be mine for all time, Kal-El!"

Superman felt an intense heat in his loins as he struggled against Darkseid's incredible power.  His cock stirred as he pushed back in the grapple, his muscles straining to attain the upper hand.  Just like in his dream, he felt a rush of pleasure locked in the struggle with this evil entity.

"I will crush you for good this time, Darkseid," the Man of Steel grunted as he managed to press his opponent back a bit.  This fight felt differently to Kal-El.  He felt more exhilaration now than for as long as he could remember.  "If it is a fight of dominance you wish... I will oblige!"

Darkseid overwhelmed Superman and slugged him in the gut, flooring the superstud again with one blow.  The evil god drove his booted foot down into Superman's bare chest again and again, stomping him into the ground.

Superman grabbed hold of Darkseid's ankle just before it made contact with his flesh and hurled his opponent away!  Darkseid recovered gracefully in the middle of the room, crouching low and ready.  Superman sat up on his knees and clenched his fists, growling angrily.

Superman and Darkseid fired their optical rays at one another, colliding in an incredible display of crimson energy.  Darkseid's Omega Beams struggled against Superman's heat vision.  Both males snarled at one another as their concentration focused solely on overwhelming their opponent.  Soon, the evil god of Apokolips gained the upper hand.  His powerful Omega Beams inched closer and closer to the Last Son of Krypton...

"No... no... NO!!" Kal-El cried, a frightened expression on his handsome face as Darkseid's energy beam finally made contact with his head.  Superman's optical ray dispersed and he groaned, holding his drooping head in his quivering hands.  Darkseid stomped forward and delivered a crushing uppercut, throwing Superman clear off the battlefield and into the lava below!

A soft groan escaped Superman's lips as he was hurled through the air, his cape fluttering under him as he was propelled down into the searing-hot lava.  Watching with pleasure high above, Darkseid stood, arms akimbo, as Superman splashed into the scorching depths.  Knowing that the heat would do little to affect the superhero, Darkseid leapt from the observation room and onto the rocks below.

He casually strode to where Superman had been submerged, giving his groin a quick squeeze before coming to a stop.  The Man of Steel's head emerged from the fiery substance, eyes closed and mouth agape.  As the evil god suspected: Superman yet lived.

Darkseid grabbed hold of Superman's hair and dragged his body out.  The hero's bright red and blue costume remained intact, despite being submerged in the heat of Apokolips.  Darkseid grunted.  He hated the ridiculous notion that the invulnerability that Superman enjoyed somehow extended to his clothing.  He would take care of that here and now.  Darkseid unleashed his Omega Beams upon Superman's skin-tight costume, teleporting it clean from the Kryptonian's magnificent body and away, into his sanctuary for safekeeping.  Only the hero's boots remained.

Darkseid smirked at the shameful sight of the noble hero's nakedness.  Superman coughed as he roused from the devastating blow.  He clawed at the ground to move away from Darkseid and regain his senses.  But the dark god wouldn't allow it.  He raised his foot and drove a hard stomp into the small of Superman's back, sending the stud into the ground with tremendous force.

"Auunnngh..." Superman moaned again and again as Darkseid stomped his back in rapid succession.

"Stay down, insect," Darkseid ordered as he began to remove his clothing.  One after another, except for his boots and helmet, he removed his articles of attire until only his bulging trunks remained.  And he finally slid those down, too.  Using his Omega Beams a second time, he teleported his clothes from the area.  They rematerialized upon Superman's, covering the brilliantly-colored heroic garb with his dark, sinister costume.

Darkseid flexed his newly-uninhibited muscles and grunted, "Surely you have also seen the visions, boy?  The delicious sights of our nude bodies in the throes of close combat?  You are special, Superman.  I chose to fight you myself.  Had it been anyone else, I would have them eradicated by the para-demons.  But you are special, worm.  Now rise.  Rise and wrestle a god!"

Superman rose to his feet and leapt forward, delivering a hard blow to Darkseid's jaw.  The tyrant grunted with the punch and stumbled back.  Superman kept on the offensive, sending hit after hit to his opponent's muscular body.  His blows landed Darkseid on his back and vulnerable for more.

The naked Kryptonian jumped into the air and delivered a butt stomp on Darkseid's bare gut.  Darkseid bellowed with the pains of thousands of tons of force upon his torso.  Superman's cock rose to full erection as he reenacted his dream of dominating Darkseid, his costume gone and his skin against his hated foe.

Superman grabbed Darkseid by his underarms and lifting the stud's massive weight until he stood once more.  The naked crimefighter, arms trembling with excitement, pulled back and sent his fist into Darkseid's rugged face.

"NNGH!!" the god of Apokolips bellowed with the impact.  Once more, Superman aimed for his enemy's head.  He sent his fist flying when suddenly, Darkseid's hand flew out to catch the Man of Steel's!  Darkseid smiled coldly at the Kryptonian before bending his fist back and causing Earth's mightiest hero to scream and kneel before him.

Darkseid released Kal-El's hand, allowing the superhero to moan pitifully at the dull pains in his wrist.  Darkseid hated such weakness.  He punished Superman with a firm slap with the back of his hand.  Superman lowered his hand and looked up at Darkseid incredulously.  Several times more, Darkseid smacked the hero's beautiful face in an effort to instill a sense of authority in him.

When Superman finally quit his pathetic moaning, the dark god grabbed his foe's head in his strong hands and drove his knee into the Kryptonian's face, downing him in an instant.  Darkseid stomped on Superman's side, kicking the stud until he rolled onto his belly.

Moaning and aching all over, Kal-El remained still as he felt Darkseid's rough skin on his.  The tyrant sat on the hero's back, feet planted on the ground and his legs spread wide.  A low rumble of satisfaction sounded from the Apokoliptian's throat.  But he couldn't enjoy this moment for long -- he had work yet to do.

Darkseid grabbed Superman's wrist and pulled his arm back, forcing the magnificent chest of Earth's protector up and toward him.  Darkseid slammed his free fist into Superman's meaty traps, causing him to roar out in pain.  Again and again, Darkseid slammed into those muscles, tenderizing Superman's awesome body.

But the Man of Steel refused to submit.  Darkseid snorted and let go.  He admired this powerful being's resolve, but realized that would be the first thing that needed to go.  Superman groaned weakly as Darkseid stood and forcibly pulled him upright.

Superman wobbled slightly, supported only by the evil god's strong arm.  Darkseid looked his bitter enemy over, snorting once again at this insect's poor performance this day.  Had Superman come to him with the intention of being destroyed?  His hand trailed slowly across Superman's chest, coming to a stop at his nipple.  He ran his thumb in circles around the peaked flesh.

"Unnh... hah..." Kal-El moaned erotically, his hard cock pressed against Darkseid's.  He never imagined the rough touches of such a cruel creature could feel so good.  Darkseid played with his nipples for a time, stroking, pulling, pinching, and twisting them just to hear the Man of Steel's shameful mewling.  Superman's moans of arousal were cut short when Darkseid's fist crashed into his jaw.

So aroused by the nipple play, the All-American superstud could only lay in Darkseid's arm as the fists came quickly, pummeling his handsome features without mercy.

Darkseid's immovable arms held Superman's muscular body to his own, giving it a firm squeeze to let the hero know who was in control of this fight.  Superman screamed with the squeeze, but his loud protests soon turned to dull moans as he was flipped upside down and turned away from his opponent.  With those arms around Superman's torso, Darkseid began a slow and methodical constriction of the famed crimefighter's mighty waist.

"Nng... NNGAAAAWWWW!!" the Kryptonian screamed as he was crushed slowly but surely by Darkseid's unrelenting bearhug.

"Hngh... HNGH!!" the Apokoliptian god grunted as his powerful arms overwhelmed Superman's natural invulnerability and compressed him like a wrung sponge.  He held on as Superman thrashed violently for escape, withstanding Kal-El's every attempt to kick at his head for release.  "HRNGH!!" Darkseid grunted again, his arms constricting Superman further still.

Like a mighty gorilla on Earth, Darkseid shook Superman's agonized body, jarring the Man of Steel's senses greater.  Superman ceased his struggles and became tame in the arms of the conqueror of worlds.

"Please..." Superman finally moaned, fearing the cruel god would break his body in two.  "Please..."

"PLEASE WHAT, WORM?!" Darkseid roared, giving Superman his greatest constriction yet.


A smirk of supreme victory flashed across Darkseid's cold face as he gave Superman one last bone-crushing squeeze and let him fall to the ground like a busted sack of grain.  Kal-El hit the ground and uttered a long, low moan...  He'd finally been defeated.

Darkseid drove his booted foot down upon Superman's aching back and raised his fists high in pride for himself.  It took a god to do it, but Superman had finally fallen.  Darkseid brought the arms that vanquished the Man of Steel down in a double bicep pose.  He grunted and bounced his massive pecs as he ground his heel down upon Superman's back.

The tyrant of Apokolips felt an incredible rush as he basked in the glory of his win over the forces of good.  With this one at his feet, it would be one he would relish for centuries to come.  With this mighty hero at his mercy, Earth would be that much easier to conquer.

Darkseid grabbed Superman by the hair and lifted him high off the ground.  A dark smile crept across the ancient god's hardened face, and from those lips came a rumbling laugh.  "It all makes sense now, Kryptonian: this was your destiny from birth.  I claim you, my great adversary, as my own.  And now, I will consummate our 'marriage' here; here where you cried out your UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER TO ME!!"

Superman's blurry vision only allowed him to make out Darkseid's glowing red eyes and the fires of Apokolips before he was dropped, nude, to the ground.  He instinctively curled up as he groaned through the pains of battle.

"On your knees, worm," Darkseid commanded, grabbing those ebony locks and once again lifting him to his knees.  The tyrant laughed cruelly as he mashed the Kryptonian's face against his erection.  Darkseid's thick, throbbing shaft pulsated hotly against Superman's quivering lips.

"Suck me, worm.  Do what your ancestors were born for," Darkseid growled, pushing his cock into the Man of Steel's open mouth.  The god of Apokolips groaned in ecstasy as he invaded the perfect mouth of his great enemy.

Superman moaned as the salty cock of the victorious villain filled his senses.  His tongue slid across the powerful breeding spear of Darkseid's loins.  He looked up and locked eyes with his new master, whose grip on his ebony hair tightened as he guided his head back and forth over his cock.

"Mmf... mmh... mrf..." Kal-El moaned softly from around Darkseid's massive shaft.  The fat head of that cock spilled a steady stream of precum down his throat.

"The great hero Superman, on his knees like a common whore, sucking the one he despises..." Darkseid grunted, thrusting himself deeper into Superman's sucking mouth.  One look at the Man of Steel's hard cock caused him to burst into laughter.  "Or perhaps this bitch likes what he has become."

For several minutes, all that could be heard among the crackling fires in the distance were the sounds of Superman suckling at the godhood of Darkseid.  The cruel male's sweet and salty flavors embedded themselves in Superman's mind.  His master's taste was one he'd never forget -- not that Darkseid would ever let him, of course.  Superman ceased his head bobbing and remained at the tip of the brutal stud's cock; he drank freely the precum that his dark master graciously provided for him.

"You have made me proud, Superman," Darkseid spoke with a hint of amusement in his voice as he watched the Man of Steel fellate him.  The Apokoliptian grabbed Superman by the head and pulled him away from his cock.  With his other hand he grabbed his shaft and slapped Kal-El across the face with it.  "There will be plenty of time for you to suck your master.  In fact, I will demand it.  But now... it's time to fuck."

Having never been defeated by someone who proceeded to sexually conquer him, Superman could only stare up in bewilderment at his new master.  Excitement and dread coursed through his veins, and his cock remained hard and leaking.  This really was his destiny, he decided.  Darkseid could have killed him, and yet he still lives.  The dark god had given him mercy when he could have easily chosen to end him.

Almost as thanks for sparing him, Superman turned and raised his ass up high, offering it as spoils to the winner of their final battle together.  Darkseid grinned at the sight of the Kryptonian surrendering his hole for breeding.  The soothsayer hadn't predicted this, Darkseid mused, though there really couldn't have been any other outcome.  Not even Superman could stand alone against a god and emerge victorious.  There couldn't have been any other outcome.

Darkseid dropped to his knees behind the prostrated Man of Steel and grabbed his meaty buns firmly.  He spread those cheeks wide apart, revealing the pink, virgin hole nestled between.  Darkseid never knew how many men in all wanted to destroy that hole, though he did consider himself fortunate to be among the few who had the strength to penetrate Superman's invulnerable ass.

The ruler of Apokolips grabbed Superman's meaty legs and lifted him up a bit.  He lowered his mouth to his hero's backside and began to lick at the quivering entrance.  Superman gasped and moaned as Darkseid's rough tongue scratched at his untouched hole.  Darkseid grumbled, pleased with himself.  He lapped steadily at Superman's most secret of places and learned of his sweet, heroic taste.

"What do you say, worm?" Darkseid growled, pulling away from Kal-El's ass and giving it two hard smacks with the backs of his hands.  "Show your appreciation for the god of Apokolips!"

"Th-thank you..." Superman huffed, thoroughly humiliated with his treatment, yet excited at what was to come.  "Thank you... Darkseid..."

Darkseid immediately mounted Superman and placed the tip of his well-sucked cock at the Kryptonian's puckering, wanting hole.  "Hngh..." he sighed with pleasure at the sight below him.  With one hard thrust, the fat head of his battering ram cock broke through Superman's final defenses and he invaded the body of one of his greatest adversaries.  He invaded the body of Earth's strongest man.

Superman raised his handsome face to the sky and screamed out in shock!  Darkseid laughed boisterously as he fed a roaring Superman inch after inch of his breeding tool, until finally, he was all the way inside.  Darkseid grunted at the feel of Superman's ass.  The hero's inner muscles squeezed down around him -- either to try and force him out or to reward him for his victory, Darkseid didn't really care which.

The Last Son of Krypton soon quieted himself to mere moans and grunts of discomfort as his incredible body (much more quickly than most Earth men) became accustomed to the foreign appendage that invaded his butt.  Kal-El's ass soon gave up trying to expel the godly cock of Darkseid and it, too, surrendered.

Darkseid's mercy would only extend so far as to allow Superman's hole to accept him as master.  The Apokoliptian would not begin his fuck slow.  Holding on to Superman's ebony head of hair, the cruel tyrant began a hard and fast plowing, filling the hero full with every thrust.

Superman gritted his teeth and moaned through them as he was taken by his studly, evil conqueror.  Darkseid's throbbing meat pushed deep, deep inside his body, electrifying him with jolts of pain and pleasure.  Superman's teeth parted and his moans of ecstasy came forth, unstoppable as Darkseid pounded his hole, utterly pummeling him into sexual submission.

"Now you are mine, Superman," Darkseid snarled, maintaining his grip on the Man of Steel's hair as his hips continued to gyrate at a fast and steady pace.  "Your days of endless servitude to the glory of Darkseid have only just begun!"

For the next five Earth hours, Darkseid continued to fuck the defeated superhero, reminding him with each thrust inside who was supreme.  Superman, by that point, had orgasmed countless times, watering the lifeless ground of Apokolips with his essence.  He'd begun pushing back against Darkseid's powerful thrusts, eager to get every inch of the evil god's cock inside his now-burning hole.  The two males' muscular flesh slapped lewdly together as they became one.

"Darkseid... M-Master...  I never imagined this could feel so... so good..." Superman moaned deliriously.  The Apokoliptian's stamina was unimaginable -- perhaps even greater than his own.  Darkseid's thrusting never slowed, never stopped.  Even as he forced Superman into a new position, the cold-hearted stud's fuck was never interrupted.  On his back, arms spread wide and legs upright, Superman was able to look up into the glowing red eyes of his new master.

"Any of the times we've met, insect, you could have knelt before me and surrendered yourself to the inevitable.  But do not worry yourself over such things.  We will make up for lost time, my slave...  I am yet to be sated," he grunted, continuing to plow Superman's still-tight ass with a profound hunger for more.

Several times more, Superman orgasmed as his butt was pulverized by the powerful tyrant of Apokolips.  Sensing that even this superpowered fool would soon be unable to handle much more, Darkseid turned Superman back onto his hands and knees and grabbed hold of the hero's trap muscles.  With six more thrusts, Darkseid unloaded his cum with a champion's roar.  His cock bounced and spurt round after round after round of his hot semen into the deepest depths of Superman's backside.  The Kryptonian shuddered and climaxed one last time as he was filled by his master.

Darkseid's balls continued to produce fresh seed even as his heavy orbs emptied themselves into Kal-El.  Unable to contain any more of the dark god's cum, Superman's hole began to spurt it out around Darkseid's massive cock, flooding the ground with the excess.  On and on, Darkseid came inside Superman, marking him as his own.

"HRRAGH!!" Darkseid bellowed, pulling himself roughly from the Man of Steel's semen-soaked ass.  The seed that created Kalibak, Orion, and Grayven flowed from Superman's backside, like a dam that could no longer contain the pressure behind it.

"Are you saddened that you cannot bear me a son, Superman?" Darkseid laughed cruelly as he drank in the sight of the defiled hero.  He kicked Kal-El in the side, forcing him onto his magnificently-muscular back.  Darkseid stood, boots on either side of Superman's chest, and allowed his still-spurting cock to dribble his thick, potent seed upon the face of one of Earth's mightiest.

Darkseid placed his foot atop Superman's heaving chest and performed the pose the Earthmen called the front lat spread.  The evil god's powerful chest pushed outward, proudly, as he, the winner of the fight, took his rightful place as master -- dominant over Superman.

Superman looked up at his conqueror through barely-focused vision.  The sight of Darkseid posing, flexing his muscles masculinely at an unseen audience caused the Kryptonian to become erect once more.  Not only had Darkseid conquered him physically, but the tyrant had mastered him sexually.  He was ready to be taken again.

With Superman out of his way, the remaining members of the Justice League of America would be far easier to bring down.  He wondered how long it would take Batman to orgasm with his cock deep inside the Dark Knight.  Perhaps Superman would be eager to help make this a reality...

Darkseid would finally have his revenge upon Earth.

The End


  1. That is amazing :)
    Really well rendered environments and the flash was incredible, plus Batman got a cameo.
    Thank you for this, love your work.

    1. Thanks, man! Glad to hear it. :D

      The idea to do a rotation animation came to me at the very end of finishing work on the renders. I used to dabble in Flash animation a long time ago, so putting it together as a shockwave file didn't take too much time out of the schedule.

    2. I'm glad you mentioned the Flash. I don't see it on my iPad, so I didn't know what I was missing until I went to my computer. Just amazing. I could watch it spin all day!

    3. Aw, thanks, Alex! And thanks for letting me know about that, I'd forgotten that the i devices don't use Flash.

    4. Great story and pics!!

  2. Really great. Now please think about a He-Man, Skeletor, Faker and Bomani sequel. I would love to see such a story! Thx, man for your great art and commitment to the cause of brawn and muscle.

    1. Thanks, and you're welcome!

      I haven't done much at all with He-Man, mostly because of a lack of his special gear. I have the ability to make props, so as I get better at that, I'm more likely to return to the Eternian stud.

  3. Utterly fantastic man, loved it. You know, Darkseid looks an awful lot like Seth from Street Fighter 4 without anything on at all. <3

    1. Thank you! Ah yeah, he does, doesn't he? *grins*

    2. You're welcome! Indeed, and I love the fact Seth goes around without anything on at all and still looks like such a boss in his fancy suit. : D

    3. *grins* Yeah, it made my match with him as Zangief a lot more fun.

  4. Wow, this is awesome. I haven't finished it yet (yes, it was THAT good!), but I had to rush and comment. Amazing story and work. Love Superman and especially love the battle.

    1. Hey, thanks, man. I'm happy to hear that! I really like how this one turned out, but I kept hesitating on posting it for a time, going back and adding more things to make sure it was good enough.

  5. With every new work, the evolution of your art and storytelling means I have to try and come up with new superlatives! Extraordinary! But most importantly, I offer you a heartfelt "thank you" for continuing to engage and arouse.

    1. Aw, thanks. You're welcome! I love sharing my work, but to hear what you guys think of these tales makes it even better.

  6. Thanks for this story. I love Superman being defeated so completely. Everything is perfectly executed and your style is perfect for Superman and Darkseid.

    And I agree on the flash animation - great. Don't know how much work is involved, but it'd be great as a regular feature. There are holds where a 360 view would be perfect, like torture rack backbreakers or full nelsons.

    1. Thanks, man. I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it!

      It actually didn't take too much time to do it. I accidentally rendered it at a bit to high a width (for my blog's theme), so it took a couple of hours and then a bit longer resizing all 300+ frames before I put it into Flash. I'd definitely be open to doing this for torture racks and the like for you guys.

  7. The story is so amazing,Thank you for you hard and great job!

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    1. Thank you. :D I'd love to do more superhero and supervillain fights in the future when I get a better hang of my craft. Definitely something I'm interested in doing.

  9. Crimney! This was such a fantastic conquering of Superman in every way possible -mind, body and soul- story ever. Add in the meltingly erotic artwork and we have a home run, bases loaded, 100% bonified killer combo going here. Many thanks for 'cumming' up with such a great treat for we fans. You rock, dude! ;)

    1. Thank you so much. :) I was really proud of how this one turned out, despite some of the troubles I had going through it. Superman is one of my favorites and I think he makes for a great hero to bring down like this, so it was a treat to do.

    2. I agree quite heartily with you about Superman. My top three Superheroes to be seen taken down and "put in their place" are Superman, Batman and Captain America, with honorable mention to Cyclops. I totally prefer the 'classic' versions of said heroes (comic verse), when they wear the tights and sexy 'speedo-like' outer breifs. Now that they keep 'modernizing' these heroes uniforms, sans briefs in comics, etc., it takes away from the complete 'homo erotic' feel for me. I've always been attracted to the heroes in 'panties' (something a good pal said to me *heh-heh-heh*), and even as a kid pre-I-love-men-realizations, I've always been drawn to these characters images, thus I'm thrilled that your cunningly erotic creations have these Superhero studs thus clad. Again, many thanks and kudos to you for giving we fans such eye-candy delights. Ciao! :) ☺

    3. Very nice. Cyclops is actually one of my favorite X-Men, going way back to my youth. :) He filled out that blue and yellow skintight costume quite nicely.

      And yeah, I don't really care for the new versions of the costumes (Superman's especially) that are coming out now. His New 52 style costume just looks like a wall of blue without the briefs and that thin red belt doesn't do enough to break it up.

      But ah well. That's why fan art exists, I suppose! Thanks very much for the kind words and all the comments. :)

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    Thanks and happy writing and rendering.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked this one.

      I don't have any current plans to do more with Darkseid, but that can definitely change at some point.

  11. Make animations in another format such as mp4 does not work on my pc.

    1. Ah, yeah, this was back in 2014 when I made the bonus as a Flash animation. I'm unlikely to redo this into another format, but it was just a simple camera spin around the characters. Nothing too exciting.