Monday, January 6, 2014

Rematch: Tarzan vs Jabari

Rematch: Tarzan vs Jabari takes place on a beach on the outskirts of the jungle.  Before I started work on this, I wanted to have a great location for these two studs to battle in.  It didn't take too long before inspiration hit.  My friend Art (Wildjuba/Cacentcst) has done some incredibly-hot Tarzan series that he shared over time on his old Yahoo groups.  The idea for this wrestling ring comes from his Tarzan Vs. Mandla set and the surrounding environment from a mix of his other sets: Hercules Vs. Nguna and the latter half of Tarzan Vs. Rhino.

In this direct sequel to The New Jungle King, Tarzan has been defeated and loses his title as jungle lord.  He's taken back to Mogu to face a dethroning ceremony by the native tribesmen.  Jabari, the new king of the jungle, takes pity on the white man and casts him out of Mogu.  Naked and ass aching, Tarzan flees into the quiet jungle to heal his wounds in peace.

But Tarzan soon learns that he isn't content with the way things turned out.  He wants a rematch to redeem himself and gain back his crown as king!  Tarzan challenges his greatest opponent to another fight in the ring!  Can Tarzan put the pieces of his shattered ego back together and somehow defeat the only man to ever conquer him?

Nearly two moons had passed since Jabari of the Mogu tribe confronted Tarzan with charges of theft and betrayal and defeated him in battle.  Having conquered Tarzan both physically and sexually, Jabari took his place as the new king of the jungle, inheriting Tarzan's title and shaming the white man immensely.

The men who Tarzan stole from (Njau, Kondo, and Zuberi) were witnesses to his defeat and were treated to fucking his well-used hole after Jabari had finished with him.  The Mogu natives enjoyed working their frustrations into the ape man.  Thoroughly drained from Jabari's superior fighting skills and the victory sex that came just after, Tarzan could only cling to each of the men as they held him to their muscular bodies and thrust themselves deep inside.

With his soft, pink hole leaking the cum of four virile studs, Tarzan's arms and legs were tied to a pole and his body lifted from the ground with ease.  Jabari and Kondo led the way as Njau and Zuberi carried the ape man triumphantly back to Mogu, the village located near the M'waku River.

Jabari, with a limp Tarzan draped over his shoulder, raised the white man's loincloth high in the air.  In a loud, commanding voice, he told his people that Tarzan had been bested and that he, Jabari, was the new jungle king.  Cheers and hoots of joy rang out among the younger Mogu tribesmen.  The older Mogu, those who traditionally obeyed Tarzan's rule, were perplexed at first.  Tarzan was... Tarzan!  He was the king of the jungle and always emerged victorious no matter how dangerous his challengers!  But there he was, laying submissively over the shoulder of their son, Jabari.  Little by little, the elder Mogu tribesmen came around to the excitement of Jabari's ascension to jungle lord!

For the next three days and nights, Mogu was alive with song and dance as they celebrated Jabari's victory over the ape man.  Tarzan's mouth and backside provided the aggressive younger bucks much pleasure.  To fuck the once-mighty Tarzan gave them a huge boost to their confidence as men.

At daybreak of the fourth morning, Tarzan was cast out of Mogu by Jabari himself.  The black champion beat his massive pecs and roared, causing the vine-swinger to scurry away and into the forest to lick his wounds in peace.  This act was seen as one of mercy by the tribesmen and showed great strength from the new jungle lord.

Word of Tarzan's defeat spread like wildfire among the other tribes of the jungle.  Those who refused to believe it called out for Tarzan's help, only to find Jabari answering their plea instead.  The jaw-dropping titan of muscle silenced their doubts as to who now ruled the jungle.  Jabari carried Tarzan's loincloth with him as proof of his victory, and even allowed the nay-sayers (and others who wanted to) to sniff at the animal pelt to verify the scent as belonging to the hairless ape.  There was no longer any doubt: the era of Tarzan's authority was finally over and Jabari was king.

For the first week, Tarzan aimlessly wandered the jungle naked, contemplating all that had happened to him.  His hole was finally feeling a bit better.  It began to tighten up after the marathon of hard pounding it had received by the Mogu.  Though his body was healing and his muscles were feeling less sore, his ego had taken a serious beating and wouldn't mend so quickly.

He remembered the sting of shame in his gut when one Mogu elder approached as he was taking a tribesmen's cock in his ass.  The old man (erect and aroused by the mating) stared at him in silence, watching as his bubble butt shook with each impact.  Out of respect for the white man's recent title of jungle king, the elder chose to spare him the shame of having to suck one more cock and walked away to take care of his desires in private.

The second week of his freedom was when Tarzan got to work covering his nudity.  The jungle stud crafted together a loincloth from animal skins of much lesser quality than his old covering.  Tarzan slipped the fabric over his hips and grunted.  He reached down and rubbed himself through the skins, feeling a small sense of comfort in the new clothing.

Tarzan hunted and ate to keep his strength up, but it became clear to the ape man that the destruction of his confidence had also rattled his survival skills.  Even the greater animals that once obeyed his command were now ignoring him -- or even choosing to attack him to assert their own dominance over the fallen stud.  The gorillas who'd previously tolerated Tarzan's rule were especially harsh.  The silverback males could smell the scent of powerlessness on the once-fearsome human and roared ferociously at him, daring him to come closer.  His instincts winning out, he fled.

As the days passed, Tarzan struggled to piece together his new life.  It didn't take Tarzan long to realize that he would never be content as anything but the jungle king.  And so he began to build his body and train hard.  He would challenge Jabari to a rematch and get his kingdom back!

The ape man chose to announce the rematch in the very village that had humiliated him with a three day celebration of his downfall.

"Me want fight Jabari!  Tarzan strong!  Jabari cheat in fight!  Me win!" the white man grunted, beating his pecs as threateningly as he could.  All around him, the tribesmen were rubbing their pouches and licking their lips at the sight of Tarzan's ass exposed under his flimsy loincloth.  Unfortunately, Tarzan hadn't come back to kneel before them.

Jabari laughed at Tarzan's idle threats.  He considered striking down Tarzan right then and there, but relished the idea of bringing the arrogant white ape down a second time.  He accepted.  He would meet Tarzan tomorrow, alone, when he sounded the call to fight.

Much like the word of Tarzan's defeat, news of his challenge to Jabari's reign spread quickly throughout the jungle.  The people were curious to see who would win.  If it were Tarzan, they would turn their obedience back to him.  If it were Jabari, they would continue to worship the jungle's native son as their hero.

The next day...

Tarzan stood on the beach on the outskirts of the forest.  He paced around the wrestling ring that he'd composed of jungle vines and stone posts.  The ape man pumped his arms up and down while grunting, psyching himself up for the big rematch.

"Me Tarzan!  Me king of jungle!" he grunted, reminding himself of what was at stake.  He had to win this time and redeem himself as a man and the leader of the jungle!

The smell of saltwater wafted across the area with every push of the tide upon the beach.  The warm sun shined down upon Tarzan as he took in the beautiful African scenery.  Palm trees and tall bushes towered over everything else, and large boulders provided some privacy for the titanic battle that was to come.

It wasn't as though Tarzan was afraid of someone watching him wrestle his way back to victory.  He was worried, however, of any lingering memories of his defeat being triggered by any distractions.

Tarzan brought his hands to the sides of his mouth and sounded his famous cry, calling Jabari to the area!  In little time, the jungle king had raced to the location of Tarzan's call.  The black titan entered the ring and stood opposite his greatest rival.  Jabari was wearing a necklace with the tooth of a big cat dangling on the end.  Around his hips was a loincloth of snow leopard fur, skins that Tarzan had only ever heard spoken of.  Surely with such exquisite attire, Jabari seemed like a king to the people of the jungles.

"Tarzan call Jabari to battle!  Want be fucked again?!" Jabari asked bluntly, bouncing his big pecs with a slight smirk upon his handsome, war-painted face.

Tarzan growled, baring his teeth at the brazen question.  His stomach began to flutter as thoughts of Jabari's fat, throbbing cock entering him for the first time came back to him.  He remembered how deep that heavy, black cock plunged deep inside his body, causing him to quiver... causing him to cry out in heat...  He shook his head and forced that memory away.

"Tarzan true jungle king!" the ape man proclaimed, beating his own pecs a few times and standing proudly in the face of his dominator.  "Jabari not!  Me king!  Tarzan!"

"Me let Tarzan go two moons ago.  Me pity white man!  Now Tarzan come back to Jabari!" the jungle's new protector laughed heartily, giving his pecs a rapid bounce.  "Tarzan want be bitch of Mogu again?"

Tarzan growled as he slid his loincloth off and kicked it out of the ring, leaving himself as nude for the first time since his time as a slave of the Mogu tribesmen.  The jungle king smirked and removed his own loincloth and his necklace, joining the ape man in his nakedness.

The two men began to circle one another in the wrestling ring.  Tarzan took the opportunity to look Jabari over.  The black warrior seemed even bigger he had during than their previous encounter.  Tarzan wondered how many people and beasts Jabari had saved during his time as jungle lord.  That should be his duty!  His!

Jabari leapt forward and delivered a hard blow to Tarzan's jaw!  KRAK!  The impact sent his enemy reeling back and into the ropes!  Jabari advanced, hoping to capitalize on the first attack, but Tarzan, using the ropes as support, raised his feet and pushed Jabari back and to the ground!

Tarzan grabbed hold of his fearsome rival's ankle and moved to twist the Mogu hero's leg up and back!  Jabari shouted in pain as his leg twisted awkwardly, held firmly by the ape man's muscular arms!  Jabari wouldn't allow the man he'd bested to maintain so easy an advantage.  He summoned his great strength and kicked the vine-swinger away.

"People of Africa want Jabari king," the black man growled as he stood, quickly locking up in a grapple with Tarzan.  "Tarzan obey Jabari!"

Tarzan's legs buckled under the pressure of his opponent's overwhelming muscle and he soon found himself on bended knee, unable to hold off Jabari any longer!  The jungle lord broke off the successful grapple and sent fist after fist flying into Tarzan's handsome face, dizzying him in no time!  Jabari grabbed Tarzan by the hair and drove his knee against the dethroned stud's head -- BAM! -- sending him to the ground groaning.

Jabari grabbed hold of the middle vine rope and held on as he lowered his muscular ass to Tarzan's face, grinding his hips down to punish this stubborn fool for his insolence.  Still seeing a flurry of stars in his eyes (in the darkness between Jabari's ample, black globes), Tarzan could do nothing but moan between those cheeks and take the humiliation as it came.

Jabari grunted and kept himself seated upon Tarzan's face for a few moments longer, wondering with a smirk if the former jungle lord would submit to his rule then and there and lick his hole.  When that didn't come, he moved to deliver a hard stomp to Tarzan's gut.  The breath was knocked from his body as he lay there and took the blow.  Jabari stomped his unprotected gut three more times before reaching down to pull him upright.

Tarzan, still reeling from the blitz to his face and abs wobbled helplessly around the makeshift wrestling ring.  He struggled to make the world around him come back into focus, but his opponent wouldn't let that happen.  Tarzan felt Jabari's strong hands grab hold of his wrists, and he was thrown against the ropes!  The vines held firm, and he ran back, only to have his throat make contact Jabari's beefy bicep!  Tarzan choked and collapsed to the sandy beach once again!

"Unnh..." Tarzan moaned in a whirlwind of pain and confusion.  For the second time in their rematch, the black bull chose to exert his dominance and humiliate his foe.  He squatted low and spread his legs, pressing himself down to drag his heavy balls and fat cock across Tarzan's face.

Groaning as the scent of his greatest enemy overwhelmed his senses, Tarzan wondered how on earth was this happening to him.  He'd trained so hard during those last few days in hiding.  Perhaps he was too hasty in his challenge?  Had Jabari trained harder than he?  Was this the will of the gods?  Or was he simply no match for this ebony titan of muscle power?

"White man weak!  Not belong in jungle!" Jabari grunted, seemingly reading his thoughts and answering his contemplations with the brutal truth.  Jabari lifted him up by his wrist and brought him to his feet to continue the rematch to the very end.

Beads of sweat glistened and poured from the bodies of the two most powerful men in Africa as they wrestled to assume the mantle of king of its people and beasts.  Tarzan held his head and groaned as Jabari paced around him, shouting words of shame and lewd remarks his way.  What little confidence that the ape man had pieced together throughout his weeks of seclusion and training was fracturing rapidly with his beatdown.

Jabari grabbed and threw Tarzan into one of the posts, slamming the challenger's muscular back into the hard rock with a thud.  Tarzan grunted and leaned back against the post, his arms slung over the ropes, supporting his massive weight.  The black stud casually walked over and began working on Tarzan's chest and abs, paying special attention to the ape man's big pecs.  Grunts and moans escaped the white man's open lips as Jabari took full advantage of his free reign to demolish his upper body.  Over and over again, the champion to the crown slugged Tarzan's gut, chest, and face, wearing him down and teaching him his place.

Then something happened that surprised both men.  Tarzan's cock had grown to full erection!  The native son of Africa laughed his amusement as his enemy reacted lustfully to his own destruction.  Jabari grabbed a firm handful of Tarzan's brown hair and brought his grinning face close to the vine-swinger's.

"Tarzan enjoy being bitch?" Jabari asked, gently rubbing the fat breeding rod of the light-skinned savage with his fingertips.  Tarzan moaned hotly as his foe's manly hand grabbed his cock and began a rough stroking, fully igniting the heat that had been building in his loins.  Tarzan's excitement was made even more evident by the heavy flow of precum that leaked in beads and threads from his bulbous, pink cockhead.

"Uuu... uuwaaah..." the ape man's moans came more frequently as he was sexually dominated by the only man to ever conquer him.  Jabari soon let go and grabbed Tarzan in a firm hug, pulling him away from the corner and to the center of the ring.  Tarzan screamed in pain as the new jungle king's embrace turned into a bearhug, constricting his tender sides and compressing his body of beaten-down muscle!

The white man pushed hard against Jabari's shoulders, struggling to release himself from the devastating hug, but his efforts proved to be futile.  For all of Tarzan's training those weeks leading up to the challenge, Jabari's body had been built even better than it was before.  Tarzan felt as though he were trapped within the mighty jaws of a ravenous crocodile, slowly being crushed.  His erect cock mashed against the ebony warrior's sweaty body, causing him to experience great pleasure among the pains in his torso.

Finally growing bored with the hold, Jabari released Tarzan and allowed him to fall to the ground.  Groans of agony escaped the white stud's mouth as he writhed near the feet of the man whose title he'd longed to take back.

Tarzan's legs shook with desire to rest as he summoned the strength to get up on his knees.  Jabari grabbed hold of the ape man's neck and "helped" him up partway.  He walked his opponent around the ring in a display of dominance before he jumped into the air and brought Tarzan down with him!  CRUNCH!

Jabari sat upon Tarzan's aching back and grabbed hold of the white man's thigh.  With little effort, he lifted that meaty leg up and held it to his chest, wrenching his foe's body awkwardly and placing strain on his lower back.  Tarzan cried out and clawed the ground for release!

"Tarzan give up?!" Jabari roared over Tarzan's agonized grunts and howls.  "Tarzan submit to master?!"  But Tarzan refused to submit.  Jabari let his leg go, content with taking his time in proving his superiority over the ape man.

Every limb in Tarzan's body ached.  He realized how foolish he was to have challenged Jabari's authority.  But to surrender to the jungle lord again in so short a time... it would destroy his pride as a man even more than his time as a slave to the Mogu tribe.

Jabari leapt into the air and brought his leg down upon Tarzan's sore back, eliciting a grunt of shock from him.  Jabari took a moment to breathe and laugh over his good fortune.  It came as a surprise to him when Tarzan dared to not only show his face again in Mogu, but to challenge the man who had defeated him to a rematch.  The black champion knew that he would enjoy the battle, for he was blessed by the gods of Africa to rule and protect the jungles from men like the arrogant Tarzan.  He would see to it that the hairless ape's time as leader of these lands was truly over.

"Tarzan rise," the black stud grunted, grabbing the white man by his long, brown hair and forcing him up.  Jabari led Tarzan to the nearest post and threw him chest-first into the stone buried deep underground.  Tarzan uttered little more than a groan as he was easily manhandled by the jungle lord.  The ape man's arms hung still over the ropes as Jabari worked on his back.  The Mogu hero slammed his fists into Tarzan's traps and lats, breaking down those bulging muscles without much resistance.

Satisfied with his job at thoroughly-destroying the only challenge to his newfound kinghood, the ebony conqueror grabbed his opponent by the hair slammed his head into the post before he threw him back to the ground near the middle of the ring.

Jabari stomped over to where Tarzan lay panting, sweat pouring from his beaten body.  The jungle lord pounded his massive pecs, sending beads of salt spraying from his chest, daring Tarzan to get up and keep fighting.

"Jabari king of jungle!" the black man roared at his exhausted opponent.  He breathed deeply and pushed his chest out, waiting for the inevitable words to come from Tarzan's mouth.

"Me surrender..." Tarzan finally groaned, holding up a hand for mercy.  He collapsed back to the ground and admitted, "...Jabari king."

The winner of the rematch clasped his hands over his mouth and roared his own call of victory, similar to that which was once yelled by Tarzan.  Every human and beast in the jungle heard Jabari's call and knew in an instant that Tarzan had been defeated once again.

Jabari raised his fists to the sky and soaked in the rays of the sun.  He felt the favor of the African gods -- they were pleased with his undeniable victory.

Tarzan's chest heaved breath into his lungs as he stared up at the blue sky and white clouds.  It was then that he knew that Jabari had earned the right to be the protector of the jungles.  The people and beasts of these lands would be better protected by Jabari.  He would have to find his new place in the world now.  Little did he know, however, Jabari had already decided that for him.

Jabari stood over Tarzan, legs on either side of the white man's supine and defenseless body.  He squatted down low, his erect, leaking shaft dripping strands of precum onto Tarzan's chest.  Jabari grabbed his bitch's hair in his hands and guided Tarzan's head to the head of his fat cock.  Without a word, Tarzan opened wide and accepted his master's manhood past his lips.

The black stud began a quick and steady thrusting, sending his sweat-soaked cock deep into Tarzan's mouth.  The white savage choked at first, but soon relaxed and accepted Jabari's member, allowing it to drive as deep as it wanted to go.  A broad smile spread across Jabari's handsome face as it became clear to him that Tarzan had finally learned where he belonged.

For several minutes, Jabari fed Tarzan a hearty meal of cock, allowing him to relearn its flavor and texture.  He wanted Tarzan to remember the last time he tasted that shaft.  All the while, the ape man's own manhood remained fully erect and leaking as sign of his submission.

"Tarzan worship Jabari spear," the black titan grunted, pulling out of Tarzan's lips with a loud pop and placing the wet cockhead before his slave's mouth.  Without hesitation, Tarzan bathed the bulbous, purple head of that cock with kisses and licks.  Jabari's husky laughter filled Tarzan's ears, yet he was unashamed of his obedience.

Jabari turned around and thrust back his ass to Tarzan's face.  With a simple grunt for a command, the white slave buried his face between his master's sweaty buns and sought out his virgin hole for licking.  The powerful African warrior sighed in pleasure as Tarzan's tongue willingly cleaned the sweat from his muscular butt.  The dethroned jungle lord licked and lapped at that hot hole until Jabari's deep-brown buns finally pulled away.

"Tarzan stand against vines!  White man now get fuck!" Jabari commanded, giving his new bitch a firm slap across the face.  Obediently, the light-skinned savage scurried over to the far end of the wrestling ring and grabbed hold of the vine ropes for support.  His body quivered at what was to come.

The white stud's second taming by this black beast of a man sent thunderjolts of excitement throughout his frame.  Tarzan couldn't understand exactly why he felt such pleasure at being dominated by the Mogu warrior.  For so very long, he had been king.  He had been the alpha male of the jungle.  And now he was aroused beyond belief at the idea of surrendering his pink hole for Jabari's heavy, black cock.  Tarzan pushed his sweaty ass out for breeding and trembled in anticipation.

Jabari smiled as he strutted casually over to his bitch.  He ran his big, strong hands over the very muscles he'd taken pride in beating down only a short while ago.  His cock throbbed uncontrollably as he enjoyed his second domination over the once-mighty white ape man of the jungle.  Tarzan, who was said to have been unconquerable, met his downfall at the hands of Jabari of the Mogu.  He ran those black hands across Tarzan's meaty form, admiring his new slave like the finest trophy.

"Unnwaah," Tarzan groaned at the caresses of his master.

"Tarzan want be Jabari's?" the true king asked, massaging his white slave's shivering, muscular body.

"Me slave... you Master," the excited ape man moaned his confession.  "Tarzan slave... slave to Mogu..."

"No," Jabari corrected him with a firm slap to his ass, "Tarzan slave to ALL of Africa.  If white man live in jungle, must obey ALL in jungle!"

"Me slave to ALL of jungle!" Tarzan shouted his correction, eager to please his master.

"YES!!" the Mogu warrior roared as he gained entry inside his greatest enemy.  With one powerful thrust, he slid himself past Tarzan's quivering defenses and invaded the tight depths of his hole!  Heat and tightness met Jabari's battering ram of a cock as he slid deeper and deeper into the white man's backside.

Tarzan's howls of surprise soon became whines of lust, begging for every inch of his master's manhood to spread him wide open.  Jabari, only happy to oblige, pushed his cock all the way inside that pink hole.

"Tarzan remember?  Remember Tarzan take black cock?" he asked huskily as he began a slow, firm fucking, pulling himself out to the head and back in again with strength that only a conqueror of men would possess.

The white stud lay his entire weight against the ropes.  His legs buckled and shook as the more powerful man took his prize from him.  Tarzan's inner muscles squeezed tightly around Jabari's shaft, paying greater tribute to the black champion for his victory.

"Good... me feel good..." Tarzan groaned truthfully as Jabari picked up speed.  That massive cock rubbed quickly against the hidden gland inside Tarzan's backside, causing him to grunt and moan with its every stimulation.

The dethroned king was taken back to his first fight with Jabari in the jungle valley.  He closed his eyes and remembered himself surrendering to the black warrior's unbreakable headlock.  He remembered the three Mogu men who witnessed his defeat and the humiliation he felt when they remained to watch the victory fuck.

With a loud, leonine roar, Tarzan's toes curled into the beach sand and he climaxed!  The once-mighty, fallen protector ground his ass back against Jabari's advances as he shot hearty ropes of cum onto the ground below.  Without touching himself, Tarzan emptied his balls and wasted his seed onto the sand.  Jabari slapped Tarzan's hips twice and held them steady as he continued to breed the white man's spasming hole.

Jabari slammed into Tarzan with increased fervor, so much so that the vines that Tarzan were leaning on snapped, sending the two muscle studs falling to the earth!  But the jungle king was unfazed by such a thing and continued to pound away at Tarzan's backside!

The black titan held his bitch down as he fucked faster and harder, thrusting every inch of his rock-hard maleness into the conquered stud's hole.  Tarzan's grunts came louder and more frequent as his prostate was stabbed by his master's unrelenting spear.

In all of his days as the jungle's protector and the countless holes he'd filled with his own cock, he'd never felt so incredible.  His first defeat by Jabari had been muddled by an array of distractions and confusion, he had little chance to absorb his time as a slave to another man.  But now, now that many weeks had passed and he had time to think, Tarzan had to admit to himself that this was right.

Tarzan shuddered under Jabari's sweat-soaked body as he had his second orgasm that day, cumming into the sand under him.  His body rattled and a long moan of heat came from his open lips as another few rounds of his essence spurt into the sand, impregnating it with his seed.

Jabari laughed at his excited slave's retightened inner muscles.  "This what Tarzan want!" he concluded through a series of deep, masculine grunts.  His thrusts never stopped and never slowed.  "Tarzan fate be bitch of jungle!  Tarzan weak, Jabari strong!"

The black warrior turned his slave onto his back and lifted his legs as he continued the fuck full-force.  Finally, moments later, the true jungle king raised his flexed biceps and orgasmed!  Slamming himself all the way inside, Jabari's cock bounced and spurt rope after rope of hot, potent cum deep into the white man!  Tarzan, arms laying straight out, looked up at his master and moaned contentedly as he was filled.  Jabari growled lustfully as he stared back into the previous jungle lord's eyes and established a new and permanent pecking order.

"Tarzan obey Jabari from now on.  Me king!  Me rule jungle!  Me own Tarzan!"

"Tarzan obey..." the white savage sighed through heavy breaths.  "Tarzan obey new jungle king..."

Jabari pulled himself from Tarzan's well-used hole with a loud squelch.  The black stud's semen spurt from his backside in globs as Tarzan rolled onto his side with a moan.  Drizzles of sweat poured from his tired and beaten body.

The Mogu champion shouted his call of victory once again to all of the jungle's creatures.  It was the last thing that Tarzan heard before he drifted into a deep slumber.  Jabari grabbed the white man by his neck and groin and raised his powerful body overhead in a display of strength for the gods.  He thrust his big pecs out and held Tarzan up high.  He believed in his heart that he had rid his people of an arrogant tyrant bent on keeping the tribes from fulfilling their true potential.  With the taming of the fearsome white ape, he would usher into the jungles a new era.

An hour later...

Tarzan awoke to the familiar sounds of whooping and singing.  All around him, Mogu tribesmen were dancing and celebrating the second victory of Jabari over Tarzan.  A little dizzy, Tarzan ran his hand across his sore body and noticed that he was kept naked when he was dropped unconscious in the middle of the village.

"Tarzan awaken!" one of the Mogu yelled for the others to notice.  At that, their dancing ceased and the song and cheers died down.  All that could be heard were the birds and the gentle rustle of the trees above them.

"Slave come to master!" a familiar voice called.  Tarzan saw Jabari standing at the other end of the village clad in his prized snow leopard skins.  All eyes were on the nude white man as he remained on the ground, crawling toward the winner of the fight.

The Mogu watched with delight as their arrogant former protector crawled obediently to their new hero.  Jabari had told them that this time would be different.  Tarzan would no longer be free.  The white ape's new place was at his side and under the heel of all who dwelled in the jungles.  Tarzan's cock hardened slowly but surely to full erection as he made his way to the black champion.  His hands and knees left imprints in the soft earth with every step closer.

Tarzan prostrated himself before the jungle lord, his unclothed muscle butt raised in a sign of surrender.  Jabari placed his foot atop Tarzan's back and raised his powerful arms up high.

"JA-BA-RI!  JA-BA-RI!  JA-BA-RI!" the tribesmen chanted over and over quickly, raising their fists up in honor of his victory.

The jungle lord placed his foot under Tarzan's collar and pushed him onto his back.  The white man lay on his back, legs spread and raised, assuming the position for his first public fuck in weeks.  Jabari dropped his loincloth to the ground and knelt down to his bitch, running his hands across Tarzan's quivering inner thighs.

"Tarzan make good fuck for Jabari, repay debt to jungle," the black stud grunted as he placed his erect manhood at Tarzan's pink entrance and thrust himself inside.

Jabari gestured for one of the village elders to come forward.  Maintaining a hard fucking of that  backside, Jabari encouraged the older wise man to sit upon Tarzan's face and humiliate the white ape to help him repent for his arrogance.  Eager to please the jungle's new protector, the elder seated himself upon Tarzan's handsome face and allowed the vine-swinging savage to lick at his hole.

The ebony titan allowed everyone in the village to enjoy the jungle's new slave however they wished.  Many of them followed the action of the first elder and had Tarzan lick their most private of places.  Others chose to twist, pull, and chew on his plump, pink nipples.  The rest placed their cocks to Tarzan's wide-open mouth and enjoyed his enthusiastic sucking of their excited shafts.

It wasn't until everyone had had their fill of Tarzan's downfall and Jabari had bred him a second time that day that the former jungle king was allowed to orgasm.  There, on his back, before the entire Mogu people, Tarzan spread his legs and ejaculated as Jabari pounded at his cock, forcibly milking him.  Rope after rope of hot seed shot high into the air and came down upon his body in a cascade of male essence.  The Mogu cheered as the ape man orgasmed, his seed wasted.  Jabari's firm grip slowed as the spurts did, and he rose to accept his people's adoration.

Tarzan's new place in the world was finally cemented in his mind.  Jabari, strongest man among them, was the new defender of Africa.  He, the white musclestud once called Lord of the Jungle, would be a willing slave to all he once protected and commanded.

Jabari mounted Tarzan's torso and raised his arms high in victory.  The tribesmen began to dance around the two, singing and whooping with elation.  Representatives from several tribes throughout the jungle began to stream into the village, eager to witness for themselves the white man on his back and under their new hero.  Jabari welcomed the other tribesmen into Mogu.  Still atop Tarzan's panting body, the black champion recounted his fight that day.  Soon after, all of the jungle would learn every detail (as spoken by Jabari) of how Tarzan had fallen.  It would become one of the greatest stories the African lorekeepers would ever record, preserving the tale for future generations to come.

The last thing that Tarzan thought as he drifted into a well-earned sleep was that he had found where he truly belonged.  He was content.

The End


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