Friday, January 31, 2014

Gym Bunny Posedown

I had purchased this locker room model not too long ago and had been itching to do something with it since then.  I have a fondness for airheaded gym boys flexing and calling each other 'bro' and 'dude', so that's the first thing I went for.  Here's Gym Bunny Posedown: a short, sweet muscle love image story for you guys!

When Skylar (in yellow) came into the gym one hot summer day, Jacob (in pink) fell head-over-heels in love.

Skylar, a prolific porn star, had just moved to Muscle City and was eager to find work as a model while he pursued his new career in professional bodybuilding.  Jacob, normally not shy around newcomers, was suddenly struck with a pair of weak knees as he fled from contact with the straight stud.  He was terrified that he'd scare the beautiful bodybuilder away from the gym with his gawking.

Two weeks (and several wet dreams) later, Jacob finally got up the nerve to introduce himself to Skylar.  Hatching up a scheme to ease his nerves, the muscleboy waited until Skylar had entered the locker room to pounce.

Jacob burst into the locker room only to find Skylar standing there in his tight yellow posers, flexing at the mirror.  Jacob, his bulging pink strap bouncing with his every step, knew that this was how he would start the lines of communication.  The power of posing would solve his dilemma!

Jacob soon finds out that Skylar had been staring at him for some time, too...


  1. *nosebleeds* Oh wow...darn darn darn hot!

  2. This brings back memories! I used to work out with a personal trainer, and at each workout station, he would flex and admire himself in the mirror as I did my reps. To this day I regret not feeling him up just to see what his reaction would have been!

    1. Aw, yeah. I imagine there are a lot of guys out there who have that same feeling. I would think that he'd enjoy the admiration at the very least -- I know I would -- but you never really know how someone will react.

      Ah well... Thank goodness for fantasies, eh? :D