Thursday, January 2, 2014

Boys on the Beach

Okay, so this is really, really early in the year for something this summery, but a friend wanted to see the header's full version, and I figured it might help counteract some of the crazy snowstorms affecting some of you guys.  Well... maybe not that second part, but I can hope!

Four of my studs -- Tuskar, Kugo, Hercules, and Gorg -- are standing around on the beach and enjoying the warm rays of sun baking their backsides.  I think when these big boys get done showing off their bodies for each other, they'll pair off and wrestle around on the beach before settling down for some fun under the sun.


  1. Replies
    1. When virtual reality lets us visit islands like this appearing as studs like these, I think civilization will finally crumble. :D

  2. I call dibs on rubbing oil on Gorg!

    1. I think I saw Hercules with the bottle. You may have to wrassle him to do that!

    2. For Gorg, I'll gladly wrestle all the gods! : D