Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quick Note: Brr...

Last night at about 10:00, the power went out here and stayed out until today (around 11:00 AM).  There was (still is?) a wintry storm going on in the southeast US and it's extremely cold out -- for Florida, anyhow.

It's been a long time since I've seen blankets of frost and rows of icicles around here.  Brr.

I spent some of last night scratching down notes and paragraphs (on paper by lantern light!) for the Conan vs Thul'rog story, so the downtime didn't set me back too much.

I don't know how you northern dudes do it every year.  I really don't!


  1. im from the tropical philippines and im used to sweltering heat. would love to see mounds of snow and rows of icicles for a change!

    and such a dedicated artist! i can imagine your lustful thoughts brightening your candle even further hehehe

    1. That sounds beautiful. Hopefully things are well/progressing well after Haiyan hit last year.

      I've only ever been around a big amount of snow once in my life, when I traveled to the northeast in the US. It was very, very cold. But I think the locals were mostly okay with it!