Saturday, April 4, 2015

The New Belt

Like a lot of this remaster for Rematch: Alexi vs Gorilla, I've given the championship belt owned by Alexi a drastic makeover.  It now has a gold finish and is bejeweled in sapphires and diamonds with a winged crown in the center plate.  Definitely fit now for the king of the ring!

Seen here holding it up is the new remodeled referee, now with the name Axel Boomer.  Also seen is the new arena in the background.  It's been revamped to be bigger and better from the arena I made for Halloween Night Monster Fight.

And then there's Gorilla eying that belt like a hungry wolf.


  1. Now you're just teasing me! ;)

    Looks great. Love the belt. The ref is hot and amazing. And giving a hot ref a name like Axel Boomer? Can I infer that there are bigger plans for Mr. Boomer? Please?

    1. *grin* I really don't mean to.

      Thanks, man! Glad to hear you like him. I could certainly do something more with Axel at some point. I definitely won't rule it out. :)