Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sick in April? Ugh...

Hey there, all.  I guess the rhinovirus (cold) had to get me again at some point.  I never imagined it'd be in April, though.  A couple of nights ago, my throat started feeling dry -- not really indicative of anything, just a desire for water.  Then came morning and the hardness in the back of my throat near the tonsils.


I've yet to embark on the magical journey that is the neverending runny nose, but I am beginning to sneeze randomly and my throat hurts quite a bit when I don't soothe it with some liquids.  I'll keep work up on my projects whenever I'm feeling up for it, but this is causing me a bit of a delay for sure.

Take good care, everyone.


  1. Sorry to hear this! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. A friend of mine suffered from all of that and more for a whole week. Hope you feel better soon, man.

  3. I'm sorry to heard that. I hope that you feel better soon. Take care of yourself, my friend.

  4. Thanks, you guys, I really appreciate the well-wishes. :)

    Had a terrible runny nose and an awful lot of sneezing yesterday, but it's mostly behaving today. Shouldn't be too long to get over, thankfully.