Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rematch: Status Update + Title Screen

2015-04-20 Update: I've completed all of the pages (total of 149; breakdown of them coming soon) a few hours ago and have begun the process of converting them to PDF.  This always takes me hours to finish and quality check before release, but I should be done sometime today.  Keep a lookout for it!

Hey there, guys.  I just wanted to make a quick note about Rematch's progress.  I've completed the canon ending from start to finish tonight and am beginning work on updating the alternate ending and adding in some extras shortly after that.

I'm hoping to have it done by Sunday night, but I'm not sure exactly when it'll be up for sale.  Also, I'm looking to offer this one up for a small $5 USD, so that should be nice!

Here's the finished title screen (of the widescreen version) for you in the meantime.  Stay tuned for more!

If you're interested in the origins of this story arc, it begins with Alexi battling Ryan in The Cold Wrestling War.  Rematch: Alexi vs Gorilla is the direct sequel to Olympian Knockout.  You can get a copy of both of these tales of muscle in my Selz Store and in my Lulu Spotlight!  Thanks as always for your support!


  1. Looks magnicent! Also the ref is hooooot...

    1. Thanks so much. :) If you guys like Axel (the ref) a lot, I'll have to think of something to do with him.

  2. Awesome. A must-buy for me. At $5, it's an incredible value, considering I pay $3.99 for 20-page comic books that are like 1/3 or 1/6 of a story arc.

    I haven't re-visited the story, because I knew this was coming, but I remember having a lot of trouble deciding between the endings. Excited to see how it works out this time!

    1. Thanks so much for your support, man! I'm happy that you like my stuff. :)

      I've tweaked quite a few things in the battle, and added in some all new illustrations here and there where there were gaps. It's interesting you mention about the endings. Back when I first made this, I had intended on what's now the alternate ending being the true ending. But I switched back some time during writing. I like doing these when I'm able for those who may want the other guy to win.

      Can't wait to release it for you guys!