Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tarzan Trades by Unknown Wolf

The super talented Unknown Wolf did these two awesome Tarzan pieces for me as a trade and I'd love to share them with you guys. :D  The first one I actually had sitting on my computer for a couple of months, the second was finished tonight.

Many thanks to him for these and giving permission to share 'em!  The first is Tarzan subduing a couple of poachers in Africa.  The second is Tarzan giving the beat down to the Cimmerian, Conan, who's sporting a huge erection.  I'd say he's enjoying his time bonding with the big jungle stud!


  1. Darn nice pics! Tarzan's pounding the strength out of Conan in the 2nd one.

    1. And that's not all he'll be pounding out of him after. *grin*