Monday, February 10, 2014

Battle for the Gods

Battle for the Gods is the full story version of my short story Conan vs Ogre King from a couple of months ago.  This is my second full Conan the Barbarian piece, the first being his fight against my pint-sized orc named Little Zug.

Conan, ready for a few nights of pleasure in Shadizar, finds himself lost in a dark, mysterious cave.  On the other side, he meets Thul'rog, the Ogre King, and must prepare himself quickly for the greatest fight of his life.  The hulking ogre, whose low intellect caused him to misunderstand Conan, lunges at the barbarian, ready to battle the little human and teach him the many reasons he is the king of the ogres!

Only one male can win in this battle upon a strange and ominous stone arena, and the one who wins will find that his reward is the fulfillment of his greatest desires... in more ways than one.

Here's Battle for the Gods!

"Crom...  What is this place?" Conan the Cimmerian asked himself as he stepped through the dark cavern and into the sunlight.  The titanic, muscular warrior breathed fresh air into his lungs -- a far cry from the stale air that permeated the strange cave he'd finally escaped...

It was a normal, strangely-uneventful day for the barbarian as his journey led him to Shadizar, the wicked capital city of Zamora.  Conan's coin purse was fat, and he was eager to spend his gold on drinks and women.  The barbarian absentmindedly palmed at his semi-erect manhood through his loinclothing of beast pelt, envisioning all of the erotic pleasures he would experience once again in two days' time.

Conan eyed the dark cave as he walked the trail, his sword swinging with the momentum of his powerful legs' every movement.  A life fraught with peril, Conan maintained a constant lookout for any sign of trouble.

Suddenly, a piercing scream sounded from the cave!  The feminine screams quickly grew faint and disappeared entirely.  "A woman!" Conan grunted, grabbing the hilt of his sword and drawing the deadly blade as he raced toward the dark, earthen opening.  With a growl, the barbarian rushed inside.

Conan moved deeper and deeper inside the cavern, the light behind him fading to nothing.  Keeping a firm grasp on his sword, the loincloth-clad warrior realized that it could be his only savior against whatever foes lurked in the darkness.  His boots scuffling against the cave's floor, his own ragged grunts, and his pounding heart were the only sounds he could make out.

Where had the woman been taken, he wondered.  Was this a trick?  No, it seemed too real to be a trap...  Perhaps it was a wizard attempting some unnatural ceremony.  By then, Conan had rescued far too many maidens from magic-users for him to discount the theory.

Soon, a small sparkle of light appeared in the far distance...  Conan rushed toward the source of the light, sure that it would lead him to the maiden in distress!

"NGHAAAUU!!" the barbarian cried as he ran into a protruding stalagmite, falling upon the hard floor and dropping his sword.  "No!" he groaned as the weapon slid across the cave's length and out of his grasp.  Conan struggled to adjust to the light just in time to see his sword become lost to the earth forever.   The blade made no sound as it plunged into a massive bottomless pit mere steps away from where he had landed.

Conan grunted as he stood once again and felt around for a way to the light.  "Ah!" the warrior grunted with relief, discovering a bridge of rope and wood leading across the pit.  Conan bravely set foot upon the rickety boards, holding his breath as he slowly, carefully traversed its length...

As if he were cursed with bad luck that day, the knot that held Conan's coin purse to his loincloth loosened and fell to hang upside down, feeding every piece of gold to the earth's hungry maw.  The barbarian muttered expletives under his breath, yet remained otherwise composed.  His life was worth far more than a small bag of gold.

Finally, he stepped off the bridge.  With his loincloth still thankfully intact, the Cimmerian savage stepped toward the light and out of the cave...

With just a quick glance, Conan could see that he now stood seaside upon some sort of fighting arena.  The stone architecture was ancient and ravaged by time and sweat.  Out in the distance lay a massive body of water -- ocean or otherwise, Conan couldn't yet identify.  Massive rock formations and an island protruded from the water and a thick layer of mist hung eerily on the horizon.  There was something odd about this place, Conan realized.  His instincts immediately warned him to be careful.

It was then that he noticed him.  There, standing at the edge of the arena was a towering mass of rugged, olive-skinned muscle.  The giant brute seemed to be waiting for something.  The creature was wearing a crown of protruding spikes on his head and two brass bands around his wrists.  Around his waist was a dirty loincloth somehow managing to hang upon the tops of his muscular glutes and hips.

The wind blowing gently in his direction, Conan sniffed the air, catching the scent of the brute.  "Ogre..." he grunted lowly, clenching his fists.  He'd battled many ogres throughout his life, destroying them all and freeing the slaves they'd taken.  But this ogre was like none he'd ever encountered before.  This one was far bigger and more muscular than any of the others.

Conan glanced once again at his surroundings.  Other than the cave that brought him here, there was no escape.  Conan, scowling at the beast, strode carefully down the stone steps toward the ogre.  The barbarian's nipples hardened with the chill that hung ominously in the air.  Whether by magic or by nature, this place was unsettling.

"Beast!" Conan roared, standing in the center of the crumbling arena.  "Where are we?!"

The massive ogre glided his wet tongue across his teeth and tusks.  He squeezed the studded leather handle of his spiked club and turned to face his opponent.  The powerful, massively-muscular ogre spread his arms wide and grinned at the smaller human.  He bounced his olive-colored pectorals in an effort to intimidate the black-haired barbarian.

But Conan wasn't impressed.  He snarled up at the brute and, as if by survival instinct, brought his own arms up in a double bicep pose, his own broad chest coming to life with a rapid flex.

"Men funny; make Thul'rog laugh," the ogre said through a broad smile.  In his experience with the human race, Thul'rog learned that their bodies were pretty and posed well, but when it came to using those bulging biceps for real, ogres were the ones gamblers placed their wagers on.  "King of Ogres hear moan of female to breed; me enter cave to find and claim as slave!  Me not see in dark; then come out here!"

"The king of the ogres," Conan repeated silently.  That explained his massive size and the quality of the ogre's attire -- no regular ogre in his experience wore such fancy things, filthy as they were.  But he believed the ogre's tale.  His recounting of the cave behind them was strangely similar to his own.  This couldn't be mere coincidence.  Perhaps he could forge a temporary truce with the beastly male in order to figure out a way out of this place...

"I am Conan of Cimmeria, ogre.  There was no female in that cave when I journeyed through--"

"Human come to claim female?!" Thul'rog interrupted angrily, mistaking Conan's words and brandishing his massive spiked club.  Conan took a cautious step back from the weapon.  Without his sword, that club could cause him serious damage.  "THUL'ROG CRUSH BARBARIAN!!" he then roared, taking a swing of the club and narrowly missing his opponent!

Conan rushed the Ogre King, grabbing the large stud by his torso and pushing him with all of his might.  The barbarian pressed his head and shoulders against the brute's beefy abdominals.  Thul'rog quickly stabilized his footing, preventing Conan from toppling him.  The powerful behemoth struck Conan's back with the butt of his club, eliciting a grunt from the human.  Over and over he struck, until Conan's efforts weakened enough for Thul'rog to send his knee into the barbarian's chest, breaking up the two males.

Thul'rog swung his spiked club once again, missing Conan as he leapt back.  The hulking mass on this brute fooled Conan to his true speed.  This one was nimbler than most of the ogres he'd faced in the past.  Conan suddenly understood how Thul'rog came to be king among his kind.

The ogre pulled back and brought his weapon down again!  Conan brought his hands up to catch the spiked club before the giant nail sticking through the thick wood pierced his body and tasted his blood!  Conan grunted and struggled against Thul'rog's might, holding the club at bay!  Closer and closer, the nail neared his massive chest.  Just a little further and his adventures would finally end...!!

The fear of his own demise pushing him, Conan grabbed the club from the ogre and threw the mighty weapon far away from their battleground.  The spiked club tumbled over the stone edge of the wrestling arena and into the ocean below.

Thul'rog turned angrily back at Conan, only to receive a flying kick to his monstrous face!  The Ogre King howled in pain, bringing his big hand to his jaw to soothe the pains that spread like wildfire across his skull.

The big stud snarled at Conan, his red eyes burning with rage.  He never expected the little human to be capable of such an attack.  Why hadn't Conan knelt before him and begged for mercy like all of the other men he'd encountered on his rise to kinghood?  There wasn't something different about this one -- something infuriating.  He would enjoy mauling this Conan of Cimmeria!!

"Conan steal female AND weapon!  BARBARIAN PAY!!" Thul'rog roared, startling the smaller male as he tackled him to the ground!  The ogre straddled Conan's body, pinning his arms to the ground, helpless.  He brought his fists back and slammed one down toward the human's face!  Conan moved his head just in time, narrowly avoiding the crushing blow.  Twice more, Thul'rog moved to strike, but missed his target.

KRAK!! came the fourth blow, the Ogre King finally pummeling his enemy in the head with his massive fist!  Conan opened his mouth to shout his pain, yet all that would come out was pitiful grunts and moans.  His head felt as though it were a melon that had fallen from the highest tower dedicated to Set.  Conan remained upon the ground as the massive ogre lifted his weight from his body.  The barbarian instantly turned onto his side and groaned, the world around him a blurry, starry haze.

Thul'rog grabbed a firm handful of Conan's loincloth and divesting the skimpy fur from the human's hips.  With a mighty roar of dominance, the royal brute stretched the dirty cloth between his fists, tearing it in two!  Thul'rog flung his arms wide, allowing the two pieces of fabric to be taken away by the winds, never to be seen again.

"Barbarian make Thul'rog angry!" he growled, grabbing Conan by his booted ankle and lifting his powerful, muscular body with little more than a grunt.  "Ogre King punish puny human!" he promised, tossing the naked warrior into the stone steps once used by spectators.

"Augh!" the Cimmerian cried, thunderjolts of pain shooting from his lower back to his shoulders.  He could feel the booming thuds of Thul'rog's stomps toward him and hear the ragged grunts that escaped the bigger stud's grinning mouth.  He had to act quickly or be flattened.

Conan struggled to his feet and sent his fist into the ogre's gut with enough force to stagger his steps.  He wound back with his other fist and struck Thul'rog's side, forcing a loud roar of agony from the big brute.

The barbarian leapt toward the Ogre King, knocking him to the ground.  His shaking hands made their way straight for the brute's thick, meaty throat and squeezed hard!  "GRUH!!" Thul'rog growled, grabbing a hold of Conan's long, ebony locks and yanking them hard to the side.  The human screamed out but didn't let go of his foe's neck!


The Ogre King's fist crashed into his smaller opponent's side until, finally, Conan could hold on no longer and let Thul'rog's throat go!  Maintaining his firm grip on Conan's hair, Thul'rog growled and moved the barbarian into position...

Conan groaned as he knelt helplessly on the old weathered stone of the wrestling arena.  He barely registered it when the towering ogre slammed his knee against his head!

By his hair alone, Thul'rog held Conan high off the ground and laughed slowly at the sight of the weary human.  "Conan weak," he declared with an amused snort.  Angered by the smaller male's lack of much sport, Thul'rog's amusement turned to contempt.  With a casual toss, the ogre threw the pale man behind him.

"By Crom..." Conan moaned, the pains of battle shooting across every inch of his powerful, muscular frame.  He'd been overconfident, he understood, stealing a glance at the ogre who now stood at the edge of the arena.  He would have to bring this giant down somehow...  Confident that the brute's neck was his weak point, he mustered the courage to get up and fight again.

Thul'rog peered over the stone edge and to the raging water below.  He could see his spiked club down there among the rocks!  The thick-headed ogre knelt down and reached foolishly for the weapon's handle.  "Club, club," he happily grunted.  But it was way too far for him to possibly reach.  He didn't quite realize it yet, but he would have to go down to get it.  With a dopish grunt and a greater effort, he continued to reach for the club.

"YOU ARE MINE, OGRE!!" a roar came from behind him and in an instant, Conan was on his back!  Thul'rog snarled and stepped back from the edge of the arena.  In the brute's confusion, Conan was able to gain a firm headlock on the ogre, his arm squeezing Thul'rog's throat without mercy!

"GRAAAWWWGHH!!" Thul'rog roared, swinging his body wildly in an effort to dislodge the nude barbarian.  But nothing he did worked to undo his predicament!  He could feel Conan's hot breath against the skin of his ear, the grunts coming from the Cimmerian human masculine and savage.

Then, the ogre did something that confused Conan.  Thul'rog grabbed hold of Conan's booted ankles and held them steady.  Conan could make out the evil smirk that had seized the ogre's ugly face before the two went flying into the air!  The barbarian bellowed in fear as they came crashing back down to the ground, Conan trapped under the hundreds of pounds of muscle that made up the brutish king!


The impact of the blow echoed across the area.  A low grumble of satisfaction came from Thul'rog's throat as he slowly rolled off of the barbarian.  Conan's arms and legs were spread wide, moving only to test their usefulness.  Miraculously, nothing had been broken, and the only injury he sustained was shooting pain across his entire body.  His vision was somewhat blurry as he stared up at the clouds, seemingly suspended in time.

His mind immediately returned to the mysterious dark cave and why he had been brought here.  That cry for help he'd heard... the moans the ogre said he discovered...  Were they real?  It must have been a trap...  But by whom?  For a blissful moment, his mind was distracted, taking his thoughts away from the searing pains in his back.  But before long, a familiar hulking object entered his peripheral vision.

Thul'rog gave the barbarian only a moment to recover as he slid his tattered, dirty loincloth from his hips, making himself nude like his opponent.  The ogre brought his hand down to those dangling genitals and gave them a rough stroke, a happy chuckle spouting from his smirking mouth.

Figuring that he'd given his foe all the time in the world to rest, Thul'rog then leapt into the air and brought his massive, tree-trunk thigh down upon Conan's chest and abs.  The human roared in pain as his sculpted torso was flattened by the ogre's overwhelming weight.

It was then of little matter for the Ogre King to bend down and lift Conan once again by his proud, ebony locks.  The smaller male could only groan whatever defiance the warrior within him still maintained as he was lifted up and brought against the ogre's powerful chest.  He could feel the heart of this magnificent brute beat steadily, powerfully as his chest was pressed tightly to those gargantuan pectorals.

"No...  Crom... no..." Conan moaned huskily as he felt the warm embrace of Thul'rog's titanic arms as they slowly wrapped around his aching back, clamping down around his torso.  All too quickly, however, the ogre's hug turned crushing and attempted to squeeze the life from the Cimmerian!

"THUL'ROG DESTROY LITTLE HUMAN!!" the brute roared his promise, adding a new layer of pressure to his bearhug.  Conan screamed out to the sky, greatly delighting his attacker.  He summoned what little strength he had left to kick and punch at the towering ogre, but all he could muster angered Thul'rog into packing on even more pressure.

Minutes passed like hours for the barbarian trapped in the devastating bearhug.  He looked into the grinning face of the ogre; Conan's own expression turned to one of agony as he was squeezed, unmercifully yet again.  Thul'rog snorted warm breath upon Conan and relaxed his arms, allowing the human's beefy body to slip from his grasp and fall to the ground.

Conan flinched and held his quivering hands up as the Ogre King pulled back for another blow!  Fearing yet another onslaught from the unwavering ogre, Conan's rock-solid ego finally crumbled!  "No... no more...!!  I..." he grimaced at the word, "I submit!!"

The Cimmerian collapsed on his back, breathing deeply.  He couldn't comprehend his defeat in this strange place.  And although there were no witnesses to his humiliation, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched -- that he'd been watched the entire time.

Conan's view of the sky soon became obstructed by the long, fat, throbbing cock of the bigger male.  That massive ogrehood leaked generously upon his hard chest and down to his abs, coating every inch in Thul'rog's natural lubricants.

The Ogre King was aroused by the sight of the naked human on his back, defeated and utterly at his mercy.  And although the holes of females to breed were preferred by the hulking brute, his cock had risen to full erection in a sign of his power over the barbarian.

"Conan kneel before Thul'rog!" the big stud grunted, grabbing the barbarian by his arm and lifting him off the ground, only to drop him again.  Conan's shins folded under his beefy legs as he sat before his new master.  With that long ogrehood jutting out toward him, the muscular brute seemed even more menacing than before.

"BARBARIAN SUCK!!" its owner demanded, pushing his cock against Conan's face, insistently poking his mouth several times with the tip.  Conan, a hesitant look upon his rugged face, parted his lips and began to lick at the ogre's fat, leaking cockhead.  He tasted the salty, slightly sweet taste of the male who bested him.  Thul'rog, pleased by this humble act of submission, decided to allow the human the honor of servicing his mighty breeding sword.  A long, low grunt of pleasure rumbled from his throat as he watched the puny little human take greater licks at his cock.

Although Thul'rog was the king of the ogres, that didn't make him any less patient with his slaves.  He shoved the head of his meat past Conan's expression of surprise, shooting a round of sweet precum down the barbarian's throat.  Conan drank from the shaft as it leaked generous amounts of ogre pre, and he began to offer his tongue and lips to the first few inches as they thrust into his mouth.

As one of the few men that Conan had serviced orally in his life, none could hope to compare with the mammoth size of this male.  Nor could any of them compete with his raw muscle and the power that he wielded with them.  Conan found himself growing aroused by this burly king.  His cock stiffened quickly to full size, and he brought his hands to the Ogre King's thighs, worshiping at the muscles that, not even an hour ago, had crushed his body with their weight.

"Conan surprise Thul'rog," the ogre grunted deeply through a hearty laugh.  He'd noticed the thing that stuck out like a sausage from the human's groin.  "Conan like suck king cock!"

"Hmmf," was all that Conan said in response as he bobbed his head up and down the only bit of the ogre's cock that he could handle.  The brute's ogrehood was so fat, he felt as though his jaw would soon burst.  In a slight delirium, his mind wandered back to the time when he'd fought the anaconda deep in the jungle temple's pit.  The serpent could open his mouth far wider than Conan could.  Lucky creature, the barbarian thought jealously to himself.

Wet, sloshing noises were all the two studs heard for a time as Conan worshiped at the cockhead of the gargantuan stud.  Thul'rog finally pulled away from the human's greedy, clumsy sucking.  He shook his hips, slapping Conan's face with his throbbing length, laughing dully as he did so.  He grunted and kicked the Cimmerian in the chest, sending him back to the ground.  Conan watched as the mighty giant's shadow fell over him and that olive-skinned ass came down upon his face...

The barbarian moaned between Thul'rog's cheeks and hoped that this was merely a display of dominance.  But the ogre had other ideas in mind...  He barked at Conan to lick his hole, and lick Conan did.  He stuck his tongue out and pressed it at that kingly entrance, dragging his wet, quivering appendage across Thul'rog's salty backside.  As frightening as the action seemed, Conan soon realized that it wasn't nearly as bad as he'd thought.  The humiliation of the deed crushed him far greater than anything else about it.

Thul'rog was pleased with himself.  He brought his arms up in a double bicep pose and grunted as the human licked him.  These arms caused that to happen, he realized in a moment of simple self-appreciation.  His power brought him great pleasure, but the best was yet to come.  With a flex of his glutes, the victor stood once again.  He gave a sharp growl at Conan, wordlessly making his desires known.

Understanding what his master wanted, the Cimmerian turned around and raised his muscular cheeks to the sky, presenting the ogre with his near-virgin hole.  Unaccustomed to the human foreplay of breaking in one like Conan, the ogre squatted down, mashed his wet cockhead to the defeated stud's hole and pushed himself inside!

"UWWAAAAGHH!!" Conan roared as he was invaded by that pulsating shaft!  The ogre spread his quivering ring wide open and dilated his tunnels like he'd never experienced before.  Conan then clenched his teeth and forced himself silent.  He wouldn't let this brute have the satisfaction of hearing him whine like a bitch in heat.

Every inch of that ogrehood rubbed firmly against Conan's prostate, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his muscular body.  Slowly but surely, that rough-skinned member entered him, causing his legs to flex and relax again and again until Thul'rog had completely speared his enemy with his ogrehood. 

Thul'rog leaned over the body of his fallen adversary and grabbed hold of Conan's meaty torso, holding him tightly as he began a hard and steady fucking.  The ogre greatly enjoyed the tightness that his opponent's body provided -- even more so than he thought he would.  Conan's ass clamped down tightly around the massive male appendage, inadvertently milking it of its lubricating fluids to aid the action.  Thul'rog was only happy to ram himself inside such tight confines.  Though he didn't realize it, the muscle monster took vengeance on Conan for all of the ogres the barbarian had ever defeated.  They would be proud of their king, legs spread wide, driving his massive sword into Conan the barbarian over and over again.

A change soon came over Conan.  The Cimmerian relaxed his fists and scratched gently at the stone floor with his fingertips as his body began to feel fully the pleasures of the Ogre King's cock.  Low, masculine sighs of bliss shot from his parted lips with every thrust of Thul'rog's powerful ogrehood inside him.  Slippery sounds of flesh came from his thoroughly-wet hole, the ogre's precum overflowing from the edges of his widely-stretched ring.

"Conan make Thul'rog feel good!" he declared gleefully as he pounded the human's backside harder and faster.  Still, Conan said nothing to comment on the humiliating outcome of the fight.  Aroused beyond comprehension by then, Conan's dreams of having sex with the beautiful women of Shadizar seemed to fade to nothing as he became one with this incredible male.  "Holes of men have place in world," Thul'rog grunted his revelation through a slow chuckle as he bred Conan full of ogre cock.

An hour passed as male mated male, and Conan lay on his back, legs up and spread wide, held in place by his conqueror's beefy biceps.  The ogre had stamina unlike Conan had ever seen.  The speed and strength behind Thul'rog's every thrust would likely have tired even he by now!  But ogres were champions at rutting, as the barbarian now knew, and he would have to endure until his master was sated.

Conan could soon hold back his cries no longer.  He screamed his pleasure and pain to the skies as Thul'rog slammed into him.  The barbarian's every cry of lust fueled the bigger brute's advances.  His balls, heavy with potent seed, slapped Conan's repeatedly, adding a new instrument to their symphony of ogre-on-man sex.

"Conan like ogre cock?" the king grunted with pride for his power of persuasion over the defiant human.  "Conan hole make good home for ogre cock!"

Conan only moaned in response.  With his aching legs, he began to push back against his opponent-turned-lover, pressing his muscular ass against Thul'rog's groin and accepting every centimeter of cock inside him.

Thul'rog held the barbarian close to his torso, possessively; once again, he thrust his hips up to skewer Conan's hole.  The smaller male rested his head against the ogre's massive chest, draping his arms over Thul'rog's shoulders as he was taken still.

It was only when Thul'rog could sense that his dominance over Conan was absolute and complete did he orgasm, shooting his thick, goopy seed deep inside the human's hole.  Conan moaned sharply and came with his master, spurting his wasted semen between their bodies.  On and on they came, their male essences spurting from their excited cocks.  Man and ogre moaned in unison, their bodies flush with heat and testosterone.  Deep in their cores, both males had enjoyed the struggle and despite his loss and humiliation, Conan felt immense pride in the strength of his hated enemy.  With a sigh of satisfaction that only a king of his great power would understand, Thul'rog pulled himself from Conan's sopping-wet hole and dropped him onto the floor.

"WELL DONE, THUL'ROG OF THE OGRES," came a loud, booming voice somewhere in the sky.  Thul'rog grunted inquisitively and turned away from Conan, who lay panting in a clump.  The titan of muscle turned to see figures of light in the sky before the wrestling arena.

Three gods of muscle had shown themselves to two of the strongest creatures in the lands.  Their heads radiated light, obscuring their faces from the two mortals.


Thul'rog knelt to strip Conan of his wristbands, necklace, and boots.  He would enjoy these treasures and the memories they brought as he added them to his pile of conquered heroes' loot.  The ogre grabbed Conan's face and moved the barbarian's head to look at his master one more time.  He grabbed Conan by his neck and ass and lifted him high overhead.  The kingly stud grinned greedily as he walked toward the edge of the stone arena and threw the bellowing barbarian over and into the raging waters below!

"Thul'rog want big power!" the ogre king then shouted to the shining gods in the sky.  "Me want live always!  Big, big muscle!  Big, big cock!  Many holes to breed!!"

"SO IT SHALL BE," the god in the middle spoke, raising his hand to the Ogre King.  In an instant, Thul'rog grew even bigger.  His muscles and cock swelled, absorbing the power of the man he'd defeated and fucked.  Thul'rog, the Ogre King, became the undisputed, most powerful creature in the world.  He raised his fists high and flexed his incredible body, looking very much like a god himself.

Thul'rog was returned to his tribe, where the other ogres immediately fell upon their knees in reverence.  The royal ogre would always remain king of his kind, always expanding the ogre empire.  He would go on to conquer those who chose to foolishly disobey his will.  It was good to be king!

Conan awakened in a place very, very far from his homeland.  The barbarian found himself surrounded by the three gods -- who he would later discover had sent him and Thul'rog into the dark cave in the beginning.  The gods' cocks were hard and eager to plow the defeated human for a good long time...

The barbarian would someday be returned to Cimmeria, but not before he'd learned submission to three more males and their desires to dominate the one known as Conan the Barbarian.

The End


  1. *Just cleaning up a nosebleed* My word that was HOT! And darn well written too, as always superb!

  2. This is probably my favorite work out of everything you've done. The poses were excellent, the fight exciting and the finish everything I hoped it would be. Well done :D

  3. Oh my god, my sexual sensors went into overload reading this (and the screenshots of Thul'rog were absolutely delicious)! My favorite part was him asking to get even bigger and stronger, and having that wish granted. Muscle growth is one of my absolute favorite kinks.

    1. Glad to hear you liked it! I really like doing stories involving monsters and humanoid creatures, so this was pretty fun to work on. I hope that Conan isn't too pissed at having lost his second fight here. *grins*

    2. I did very much. For me, it's always about bigger and bigger.

      Hopefully he won't hunt you down and do the same to you. Heh. XP

  4. incredible muscle ogre are so sexy!love these beast

  5. That is amazing work. Thank you for redoing the Conan piece. I didn't expect Conan to yield, but I liked the fact that the ending is open for more adventures (when he eventually returns to Cimmeria, haha).

    The orc king looks amazing and I love the way he overpowers Conan. Thank you for this piece

    1. Thank you! I went a little softer for this one than the short story version so I didn't have to go too far with the punishment. I wanted to strike a good balance between the two, so hopefully it comes through well.

      You're welcome! Thanks for your comment!

  6. This was a battle to end all battles of male v Ogre.. Conan was always the alpha male to beat with extraordinary muscularity. But The Cimmerian Barbarian never expected to be defeated both physically and sexually but the gargantuan force of this phenomenal Ogre King. It is unbelievable that after inevitable defeat in fight that Conan could even take such a cock so large inside of him and in excess of an hour. But Conan became his bitch and he enjoyed the penetration by his master. Very erotic stuff Lucky Stallion

    1. Thanks, Mike! I appreciate the comments and I'm glad you enjoyed this one!