Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This is M'Kett from my men vs orcs universe.  As this is just a cave test while I work on adapting and polishing The Cold Wrestling War, I haven't decided what's going on in this one.  I'll leave it for you guys to imagine!


  1. He was just capture and must pay for his crimes he must wrestle two muscle hunks and win but he losses and now face his punishment.

  2. i loved Battle for the Gods conan vs ogre amazing ! how long time lucky I think I missed a lot of things
    fuck i want to see M'Kett rimming ass of a orc please!

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    horny monsters muscle men for fun

  3. Beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm tempted to say he's actually been captured by men - a cabal from a secret society. Their oracle has warned of the coming of the Orc king. They found this man while looking for a human champion to fight for them. He is being beaten, trained and hardened against physical and sexual attacks to save them from the prophesy.

    How does that sound?

    1. Thank you!

      That sounds awesome, man. I love the idea of a cabal of men trying to stop the orcs on their own and using unsavory means to attempt their goal.

  4. I just realised I haven't said how awesome this piece is.

    A struggling barbarian in chains. definite love. Haha.