Friday, June 14, 2013

Muscle City Night Fight

Requested by Barbaric Brawn reader, theekidchaos, this new series co-stars Butch, the arrogant thug from the Pythons gang.  As per the request, I gave Butch a new goatee, and I have to say, I really like it on him!  In Muscle City Night Fight, Butch goes up against Jamal, a big, black bodybuilding thug from a rival gang known as the Brotherhood.

This tale of macho pride, big muscle thugs, and total domination takes place at night in a quiet alley owned by the Brotherhood.

There is an alternate ending to this story.  But unlike Crush the Dwarves! I didn't wait until after the series was posted to create it.  The alternate ending is already done and written and will be posted later tonight.

Enjoy, you guys!  Here's Muscle City Night Fight...

Deep in the heart of Muscle City, a metropolis whose politics and people were controlled by an ever-growing number of thugs, existed the Pythons, the most prevalent and successful of all of the city's criminal organizations.  Ranking high on the Python's roster of members was Butch, a smooth-headed muscle monster with a lust for wrestling, domination, and sex with anyone unlucky enough to be walking alone down the same dark road as him.

Butch was a proud man and proud of his accomplishments within the Pythons, so whenever he heard anyone disrespect his gang, he would become enraged and strike them down without mercy.  Lately, Butch was hearing whispers about a rival gang, the Brotherhood.  He heard that one of its punks, a black muscleman named Jamal, was badmouthing the Pythons and its men.

Butch growled and clenched his fists in anger.  He'd make Jamal sorry he ever opened his mouth!  That very night, Butch tracked down Jamal and confronted him in a quiet alley near the outskirts of the Brotherhood's turf.

The black stud flashed Butch a cocky smile and casually strolled over to him.  "You got some nerve, bitch, comin' into my territory.  You lookin' to get your pretty, little ass stomped into the ground?"

"Been hearin' word that you were talkin' shit about the Pythons," Butch accused, pressing his big chest into Jamal's.  His fists were balled tightly, ready to strike the moment this fool confirmed the story.

"Damn right," Jamal answered, pushing back against the white thug.  Their big nipples rubbed firmly together as the two proud men stood their ground, neither backing down.  "You little fuckers ain't NOTHIN' against the Brotherhood!"

That was all that Butch needed to hear.  He pulled his fist back and sent it against Jamal's sneering face!  KRAK!  The black stud reeled and stumbled back with a loud grunt.

"Gonna make you eat them words -- Python style!" Butch promised through a growl.  He sent his fist flying into Jamal's exposed abs, causing spittle to fly from his opponent's groaning lips.

Jamal felt as though a sledgehammer had just assaulted his gut.  He bent forward slightly, holding his stomach in an attempt to quickly recover.  Butch grabbed hold of Jamal's crotch and clutched it tightly, lifting his body up into the air!

The Brotherhood thug groaned and held onto Butch's shoulder as he was held sideways.  The Python sneered nastily at him, groping his butt through his cargo shorts.

In one fluid motion, Butch raised the muscleman high up and brought his back down onto his bended knee!  Jamal's back cracked and popped in the attack and a loud scream of pain was forced from him.

"FEEL THAT?!" Butch snarled, pressing him down even further.  "FUCK YEAH!!"

Butch shoved Jamal to the ground with a grunt.  The rival gang member groaned and rolled away, into the middle of the street, narrowly avoiding a vicious stomp from Butch's sneakered foot.

"Fuck...  Aw fuck..." Jamal moaned, spread eagle on the cold road.  Both his back and belly ached, but he knew that he couldn't turn tail and run.  He had to defend the honor of the Brotherhood!

But as he was lost in thought, he never noticed Butch leap into the air!  Butch stretched his elbow out and brought his triceps down upon Jamal's neck!  The blow shocked the black stud and caused him to choke!

"You still think you're hot shit, Brotherhood Bitch?" Butch mocked, getting up and delivering a series of stomps directly onto Jamal's shoulder.  With every hit, the white thug felt proud to be a Python.  His every attack would teach the other gangs in the city who actually rules.

"Get these fuckin' pants off," he then growled, yanking Jamal's shorts clean off his hips and throwing them to the curb!  He laughed out loud as the cobalt blue bodybuilder trunks the black stud was wearing came into view.  Jamal's face burned with humiliation.

"You wanna see a real man?" Butch grunted, unsnapping his belt and dropping his pants to reveal his own emerald green trunks.  He struck a most muscular pose for the Brotherhood member.  "This is real muscle, baby."

Grabbing hold of Jamal's throat, the Python forced him to his knees.  He then grabbed hold of the black stud's shaved head and growled, "Get the fuck up!  I ain't done beatin' some sense into your punk ass!"

Jamal slipped out of Butch's grasp and rolled away.  Coughing roughly, he stood again and moved quickly to grab at his foe's throat in return.  With a growl, he clenched his fist and shouted, "Time to knock you the fuck out!"

BAM!!  The black thug struck a perfect uppercut, nailing a shocked Butch under the jaw and sending him flying back and to the ground!

Butch looked up to see a double vision of Jamal, both blurry and spinning.  The rival gang member grunted and stomped his white opponent's hard gut, knocking the breath from him.  He then delivered three quick stomps to Butch's shoulder as payback.  The cleats on Jamal's boots dug into the Python's skin, causing him even greater pain.

"On your belly, bitch!" Jamal grunted, kicking Butch in the side and forcing him to roll over.  The ebony muscleman squatted down near his foe's head and grabbed hold of his wrists.  He hooked his left leg over Butch's right shoulder and pulled his arms back mercilessly, forcing the white thug to endure an agonizing shoulder stretch!

"YEAH!!" Jamal roared as his opponent fought the urge to scream!  Butch's struggles proved futile as Jamal held him in place, pulling his arms up and back!

Eventually growing bored with the hold, Jamal let the Python fool's limbs fall to the road.  He grabbed his bulging blue pouch and squeezed it.  He was feeling pretty hot working over this arrogant alpha male.  He grabbed hold of the back of Butch's trunks and began to slowly peel them down, exposing his muscle butt.

"Sweet ass, Python bitch," he snickered, tugging the green fabric down and yanking them all the way off.  Butch groaned as he felt the night air kiss his fair, Irish-ancestral butt cheeks.

Butch groaned and sat upright.  His first instinct was to find his clothes and cover his throbbing cock.  "Shit..." he thought to himself, unable to see where they were.  "Where'd he throw my fuckin' trunks?"

But Jamal wouldn't give him time to sit around.  He placed his arms akimbo and barked, "Get that pale ass up and fight me, white boy!"

Jamal bounced his pecs and grunted at the sorry sight of the nude thug down on his knees.  The fight going his way got his cock throbbing and bulging.  The added bonus of seeing that Python's hot ass only made it sweeter.

"The Pythons ain't shit," he mocked his opponent.  "Just a bunch of punks.  When I get through kickin' your ass, I'm gonna fuck it!"  He bounced his pecs again and shouted, "THE BROTHERHOOD OWNS THIS DAMN CITY!"

Butch was pissed.  He snarled and stood ready to fight, his naked cock swaying with his every movement.  The two men locked eyes as their muscles tensed and flexed.  This was it, they realized.  The battle would soon be decided...

The Python moved quickly, sending his black sneakered foot into the Brotherhood member's chest!  The kick was so forceful, the impact sent him flying!  Jamal landed near the curb with a thud, returning him to the intense pains he felt before.

"F...fuck..." he groaned as the nude white muscleman came to kneel over his chest!  Butch snarled like a wild dog and raised his fists high overhead!  Fear filled Jamal as his opponent readied an attack!

"HRGH!!" Butch roared, bringing his fists down hard upon Jamal's big pecs!  Over and over, he attacked, slamming his fists into those pecs.  He worked to break them down with every blow, softening them into jelly.

Finally, Jamal could take no more!  He raised his hand and groaned into Butch's hot groin, "I... give..."

Butch halted his attacks and sat upright, flexing his big arms and bouncing his pecs.  The submission came as no surprise to the stud.  Right after the boss, he was the best around!  No man could beat his muscle and might!  He dipped his heavy orbs into Jamal's open and gasping mouth and grunted, "Yeah...  Get suckin' on Big Butch's big ol' balls."

He leaned over and grabbed hold of his foe's nylon-lycra-covered cock and balls.  He fondled and groped the fat package through the shiny material and grunted.  "You're just one more bitch who wants to take a ride on this python-size thug cock."

The white stud brought his hand to his left pectoral and rubbed the muscle he spent years to perfect.  He thumbed and pinched the big nipple that adorned the meaty flesh, pulling it as far as he could before letting go.

Satisfied that the loser had submitted in earnest, Butch stood and commanded Jamal to kneel before him.  He raised his arms in a double bicep pose and declared, "See this muscle?  This is what makes me a Python.  You Brotherhood Bitches will never beat all this beef!"

With his every flex and pose, his hard cock throbbed and began leaking thick strands of precum onto the ground below.

"I can't believe how big and hot this fucker is..." Jamal thought in awe.  Butch really was incredible as he knelt there, looking up at a true muscle thug.  He felt a twinge of envy for the man.  His power and status were everything Jamal strived to achieve.  He wanted it to be him standing there, towering menacingly over a groveling Butch.  But that was not to be tonight.

"Now wrap those sweet, black lips around my cock and get a taste of a real man!"

With no choice but comply, Jamal rested his hands on Butch's meaty thighs and got to work, engulfing the fat cock of his new master.  Inch after inch sank past his lips as he worshiped the rod of the better man.

Butch's flavorful pre dominated his mouth as gushes of the thin lubricant was pumped onto his tongue and down his throat.  His own manhood bounced and drooled precum as he bobbed his head up and down the Python's cock.

"Aw fuck yeah..." Butch hissed, pressing Jamal's head down.  "Use your tongue.  Get that fat cock all wet."

Butch placed his hands behind his head and sighed.  He loved winning fights and sticking his cock into every hole the loser had to offer.  He could feel Jamal's tongue glide over his slit, stimulating the tender flesh just inside.  He chuckled to himself.  This bitch knew how to suck cock pretty damn well.  In Muscle City, the weak quickly learned to be very proficient cocksuckers.

The Python thug pushed his latest slave onto his back.  He towered over the quivering loser and squatted down to grab his legs.  Jamal knew what was about to happen.  Yet, despite his fear of being fucked by this muscle monster, his cock continued to flow a steady stream of pre.

"YEEEEAAH!!" Butch roared, shoving his sopping-wet cock into Jamal's hole!  The black thug screamed out as his ass was pierced and stuffed full of his enemy's fat cock!

Butch was in heaven as he made quick work of thrusting himself balls-deep into the Brotherhood member's tight butt.  Those muscles clamped down around him, massaging the conquering invader and sending him to greater levels of pleasure.

"You like Big Butch's cock plowin' your hot, black ass?!" Butch mockingly asked as he fucked hard and deep, drilling himself in time and again.  His thrusts intensified by the heat of victory sex and the sounds of submission being given by the humiliated and devastated Jamal.

Knowing that he was in Brotherhood territory, Butch had to strike a balance between speed and the lesson he was currently teaching.  He figured that Jamal wouldn't call out for his bros, even if he saw them passing in the distance.  If they saw him this way, there's no way he'd ever live it down.  But still, Butch knew he couldn't take a chance that they'd come around on a whim and find them mid-fuck.

Butch forced Jamal up onto his feet and bent the loser forward.  He slammed himself back inside and fucked fast and hard, enjoying the thrill of screwing a defeated rival thug.

"Who're the top dogs in this city, bitch?!  TELL ME!"

"THE PYTHONS!!" Jamal cried out, working his butt back against Butch's insistent fucking.

Happy with that, the white stud could finally cum!  He threw his arms up in a double bicep pose and bellowed, "FUCK YEAH!!" as he unloaded his balls'-worth of seed into Jamal's well-fucked ass!

"OH FUCK!!" Jamal, too, shouted, thrust over the edge into the most intense orgasm of his life.  Without even touching it, his big, black shaft bounced and spurt seven loads of cum onto the road!  He could feel Butch's own semen flooding his hole, filling his belly full.

Butch shoved Jamal to the ground and kicked him to roll onto his back.  Jamal moaned, but complied.  Butch took his well-earned seat atop Jamal's face, humiliating the black thug one last time before he would gather up his and his new bitch's clothes and make his way back to the Python's lair.

"Fuck yeah..." he grunted, enjoying Jamal's soft licks at his unfucked hole.  "Pythons rule."

The End

▪ Be sure to check out the Alternate Ending of this story! ▪

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  1. YEah! Good! Some ballbusting moves at last... They make the fight hotter and sexier! But I still looking for a scene like a hot man getting his cum punched out in a misture of despair and pleasure! ;o)

    1. Thanks! I think you'll like the alternate ending I'll be posting in a little while. Quite a bit of ballbusting in it.

  2. Oh man, that last image . . . >:D~~~~

    PYTHONS RULE, indeed!

    1. *grin!* Yeah, when I was writing this, I wondered how I should end it. Something about a guy beating his opponent down and sitting down on his face really gets me. In the pants.

      It gets me... in the pants, man!

  3. All I can say is.... WOW!!!! Hot, HOT, HOT!!! Dude! that's what i'm talking about! I may be a bit bias, but this is definitely one of my favorite short stories... of all time! The very idea of this undergroud alley muscle fight series is insanely hot & you've more than done justice to my fantasy (minus some offensive language. lol). You are the Man!

    1. BTW, though very brief, I love the monologue with Butch degradingly comparing Jamal’s physique to his own superior body; I’d love to see how creative you can get with verbal exchanges like this between the big studs; comparing physiques while insulting their opponent’s. & the pec to pec face-off in the beginning... Awesome. MORE! Four quick ideas; reading Corky's 'David's Dream' several themes are consistent 1. this idea of cock strength tests at some point in a fight; where the combatants usually start slit to slit with a kind of reverse tug-of-war motion-to see who gives or cums first-& end up with one guy trying to grind the cum from the other & with it his strength 2. The idea of a man's strength residing in his spunk & causing him to shoot temporarily weakening him & his power being inherited if suck from his cock 3. Not sure what your thoughts are, but I find the idea of extreme pleasure & ultimate humiliation through causing another stud to succumb to projectile lactation by pec/nipple abuse (punching, squeezing, etc.) insanely hot. 4. I’ve seen ‘Texas bull rope’ matches; how about connecting two combatants by chains through cock rings? I’m really not trying to b obnoxious! Love your work, man!

    2. I'm glad to hear you like it! I wondered if I was going overboard with the language, but... well, they're thugs! I figured that since I won't let them use dangerous weapons or actually kill each other, I had to use another method of making the story grittier.

      Yeah, I'm usually a little lighter in terms of story and dialogue, unless I have some extra hours to write more for it (like in the alternate ending). These posts are mostly about the panels first with the story pieces complementing and enhancing them.

      And I like all of those ideas, actually. They're quite hot! I'm not sure when I'll get around to using any of them, but I'm definitely not adverse to it.

      Thanks for your comments and compliments!

  4. This was fantastic

  5. ...just.....WOW! Been on the site all day after reading this post and damn! If this was an interactive video game...let me tell you, WWE '13 and Fight Night Champion would become obsolete ;) You're amazingly perceptive to ALL that the makes hard as a rock and incredibly talented. Thanks for sharing.

    You newest #1Fan

    1. Hi, JJ! Thanks for that, man, it's very nice of you to say.

      You know, I've had fantasies of making an erotic pro wrestling game with my men as the lineup. There'd be different sex scenes for the men who wrestled and a unique ending for each one who won the tournament. It's a nice dream, at least. *grin*

      Thanks again, man. Happy to have you here!

    2. Sounds hot! I know you'd do it justice too. You play either of those games I mentioned? I know you're into the classics...loved your Guile and Gunloc piece!

    3. I'm not too big a boxing fan, although I do enjoy erotic videos and art of it -- and some of the guys on Nintendo's Punch-Out!! series are quite hot.

      I used to play a lot of wrestling games back when they were more plentiful, but I haven't lately. I've been randomly buying some of the older WWE and Fire Pro Wrestling games and playing with those. I'd like to pick up WWE All Stars when I finally get a PS3, though. The muscles on those guys are huge -- pretty close to the ones I render!

      Thanks, man. I appreciate the comments!

  6. First time I wacked was to Super Punch Out! ;) Over share?? haha
    The remake on the Wii brought some of the characters back to life in a major way! Loved it. I own all the boxing games for SNES and PS3 and keep up with all the WWE games... I thought of WWE All-Stars the first time I saw your art for sure. I didn't like the bulging muscles in the game as I prefer more realistic images. I thought it looked ridiculous, but you have changed my mind on that front. Might have to go out and get WWE All-Stars... until you come out with your own game ;)

    1. *laughs* No, you're among friends here. I don't know how many times I've jerked off to Super Macho Man strutting around and flexing after he's knocked Little Mac down. I've been meaning to get the new one for the Wii sometime. It's on my list!

      Yeah, big muscle isn't for everyone and I'm sure it does look a bit ridiculous, but I can't help but love it. I think the special effects and slow-motion attacks probably help it feel more like a superhero wrestling game, where big muscles would look like they belonged. Thinking of it like that might help.