Sunday, June 23, 2013

Love Bites

Don't mind me.  I've been watching The Lair lately and I was just in a bit of a vampire mood tonight... *cough cough*

-Lucky Stallion

Derek was a simple-minded guy who didn't believe in the supernatural.  Whenever he went out to watch scary movies, he generally enjoyed the audience reaction much more than the flick itself.  So when he heard about Bite My Traps, the hot new vampire horror starring some of the most famous bodybuilders in the world, he jumped at the chance to see how the silly viewers would react to the typical jump scares that the genre had become so infested with.

But as he settled into his seat and began to munch on his salty, extra-buttery popcorn and guzzle down a giant jug of sports drink, Derek soon realized that the movie was far more engrossing than he had previously anticipated.  Chills ran up his spine and prickly goosebumps shot across his arms as the mega-muscular bloodsuckers feasted on the thick muscles of their manly victims.

By the time it was over, Derek was mesmerized.  While everyone else had already left the theater, Derek sat there thinking of the most powerful scenes of the movie as the big screen slowly dimmed and became silver once more.

"Good movie, ya?" suddenly came a voice in a thick eastern European accent.  Derek turned to see a handsome man around his age looming over his shoulder.  "I hear the director staked his entire reputation on this one," the strange man spoke through a low cackle.

Derek grabbed his school jacket and quickly left the dark theater behind.  During the walk home, he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him.  He stole a nonchalant glance in every direction, but could see nothing among the shadows.  He even looked upward to make sure that there weren't any vampires in bat form flying overhead.  He hated himself for getting so riled up over a stupid movie.  He didn't believe in dumb kid stuff!

The rising football star scrambled inside his house and locked the door.  After a quick shower and cleaning, Derek slipped into bed naked and struggled to go to sleep, eager to put the movie and the theater creep out of his mind.

That night, he dreamed of walking in the starry sky, the bright full moon behind him.  He was completely nude and totally alone.  The 19-year-old stud looked down, finding it somewhat amusing to see the entire neighborhood under his feet.

Everything was dead quiet.  Not even the wind against his bare flesh made a sound.  All he could hear was the gentle beating of his own heart.

But the stillness was instantly broken by the touch of another's cold hands upon his big pectorals.  The strong hands got to work, massaging the big, sturdy muscles and tugging insistently on the large, jutting nipples that adorned them.  Derek groaned softly at the erotic sensations.  He could tell that the hands belonged to another guy, yet he felt at ease by it.  Even though the athletic stud had already slept with the entire cheerleader squad -- twice -- there was a profound part of him that yearned for the touch of another male.

Derek never looked back to see the face of the man who broke down his barriers.  He turned his stare away from the one who allowed him these pleasures.  He closed his eyes as the man's hands traveled south, caressing his rock-hard abs.  Down the man's fingers trailed until, at last, they reached his throbbing shaft and heavy, seed-filled balls.

"Yes... there..." Derek groaned, eyes lightly shut, laying his head back to rest against the man's shoulder.  It was cold to the touch, but, like his hands, not unpleasant.

Back and forth, the stranger's hand masturbated Derek's erect cock as he massaged and groped the big balls hanging underneath.  The fat mushroom head leaked a river of precum down onto the street below, showering it with his sweet lubrication.  The jock cried out as he was stroked in a way he'd never experienced before.  The feel of another man electrified his body in pleasure.  He felt regret that he'd never acted on his feelings before.

"Ahn... unnhh!" came the telltale yelps that always preceded his orgasms.  Somehow the stranger knew this and slowed his ministrations to a stop.  Derek whimpered and squirmed in the man's grasp, wanting nothing more than to blow his load right then and there.

But the man let Derek's maleness go and never touched it again.  Derek could feel the man's hands roam back up to his shoulders, where they rested for the remainder of their time together.

"Please..." the stud sighed, craving release.  "Please..."

The one behind him smiled and chuckled softly.  His eyes flashed a pale blue and he opened his mouth wide to reveal a set of razor-sharp fangs!  The man, hissing voraciously, quickly brought his hungry lips down upon the young human's exposed throat!

Derek opened his eyes as his cock bounced and spurt the largest load of his life in between the covers and himself!  The football stud cried out in sheer pleasure as his erection burst one final round of hot seed before allowing him to relax.  Panting wildly, Derek looked all around to verify that he was awake and in the safety of his own bedroom.

His hand quickly slapped against his neck, checking for bite marks.  But his flesh was smooth and untouched.  With a sigh and a laugh at his own stupidity, Derek hobbled out of bed to clean the cum from his body.

As he walked past the bathroom mirror, however, he failed to notice that his muscular form didn't cast a reflection anymore...

The End


  1. tarzan vs conan fight with two alternate endings = epic

  2. HOT! Darn, now what will you do for Halloween? hehe. The second panel is extremely erotic to me & the nipples on the first... Yum. Love these renders! Maybe these effigies will return in some form?

    1. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so this time (unlike last year *grumblegrumble*) I'm gonna plan something great in advance. :D

      Thank you! I actually made the second render first and decided I wanted just Derek by himself. With just him in the shot, I could zoom it out a bit to show off those plump nipples.

      Random bit of trivia: While the vampire is completely new, Derek is actually my new, updated model of Sergios, just with different hair.

      I don't have any plans for anything more regarding this story, but I've learned never to say never!

  3. I love the fantasy stories! If you ever do a werewolf one I will be ready!

  4. I don't suppose you'd be willing to make a Vampire Diaries muscle fight with Damon Salvatore and Stephen Salvatore?

    Just wonder what you'd be able to do with them...

    1. I haven't seen that series, myself, but I took a look and they'd look pretty great bulked up and musclebound.

      I'll make a note of it for a possible future project. :)

    2. Just as long as Big Bro Damon is the cruel dominant one, I'm all for it!