Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hercules vs Sergios: Panel 38

Hercules came to his senses just as Sergios turned him onto his belly and yanked his legs back!

"TELL ME!!" Sergios shouted again and again with every press down!  The intensity of the hold was amplified by the incredible strength Ares had given the human.

Hercules screamed in pain, but refused to tell his foe of his immortality!

Finally, Sergios let go.  In his frustration, he drove his foot into Hercules' side.

The godling took the blow with a grunt and a groan.  His legs felt as though they'd just been crushed under a pillar of the Parthenon!


  1. IDK, It must be Sergios' relative-extremely muscular- commonality (certainly the legs & lats)... I'm all #TeamSergios. There's something about that face too. I hope he'll be used to battle some of the other studs in your line up once he humiliates this wimp. Oooh, will he drain Herc & make up the size deficit... Dying to see.

  2. make herc beg for mercy

  3. Love the big balls of Herc laying on the ground... It´s a pity you did miss the opportunity to punch the cum out of his balls